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A/N: Request from anon. I love the thought of vampire!Kylo so much, seriously. So… there we go. The darker the better, right? ;-)

6th October: My possession. 👤 | feat. Kylo Ren

Words: 2459
Warnings: vampire!Kylo, abduction, mentions of violence, blood play, smut, non-con

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Title: An experiment gone right

Pairing: Phan                                                                  

Rating/Warning: NC-17; messy, hilarious, hot sex plus feels in every sense of the word                                                            

Word Count: 10,500                                                      

Summary: At a party, Phil suggests an experiment to test if he and Dan really are 100 percent platonic. What, after all, would happen if they kissed? 

A/N: Sequel “The Morning After" here 


“Phil!” Dan dragged the word into two syllables, calling into the expanses of their flat. He was in the process of shimmying into a pair of trousers, his newly straightened fringe threatening dishevelment from the exertion. It wasn’t like Dan was all that large  –  despite his severe allergy to the gym  –  but it seemed that suspiciously purchased foreign jeans always came two sizes smaller than marketed.  Dan let out a triumphant “Ha!” as he finally fastened the top button and pulled the zip. Then, he slumped back onto his comforter and took a deep breath.

“PHIL!” he shouted again, on the exhale, “Have you seen my shirt?”

“Can you be more specific!” Phil’s voice echoed in return.

“The black one! With the things!” 

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Vimes knelt down by Dorfl. The broken clay skull looked as empty as yesterday’s breakfast egg. But there was still a pinpoint of light in each eye socket.
“Usssss,” hissed Dorfl, so faintly that Vimes wasn’t sure he’d heard it.
A finger scratched on the floor.
“Is it trying to write something?” said Angua.
Vimes pulled out his notebook, eased it under Dorfl’s hand, and gently pushed a pencil into the golem’s fingers. They watched the hand as it wrote – a little jerkily but still with the mechanical precision of a golem – eight words.
Then it stopped. The pencil rolled away. The lights in Dorfl’s eyes dwindled and went out.
“Good grief,” breathed Angua. “They don’t need words in their heads…”
“We can rebuild him,” said Carrot hoarsely. “We have the pottery.”
Vimes stared at the words, and then at what remained of Dorfl.
“Mister Vimes?” said Carrot.
“Do it,” said Vimes.
Carrot blinked.
“Right now,” Vimes said. He looked back at the scrawl in his book.


“And when you rebuild him,” he said, “when you rebuild him… give him a voice.”

– Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

anonymous asked:

will you use your powers as mystical shitposting dreamworks infiltration to give lance and hunk the character development they Deserve


*cracks my knuckles* first of all:

  • Lance totally knows what a fucking hypothesis is. What the hell. My eight-year-old little sister knows what that is. “In English” my ass.
  • Hunk is literally… an engineer… How can they not remember this, they only gave Hunk like Three Defining Character Details. MMMMMM.
  • I’m only halfway through episode 7 right now but let me just say: Lance and Hunk would totally explore the space mall together. Because you know what you do when you go to the mall? YOU FUCK AROUND WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND.
  • If any of the Paladins would have an invested interest in learning Altean it would probably be Hunk since he’s the… idk… team engineer and therefore in charge of maintaining the Lions (that’s of course assuming Dreamworks ever gives him the chance lol!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And uuuuuurgh okay sidenote: I’m so mad that Dreamworks kept!!!!! Boosting Pidge’s smartness!! By making my BOYS look like idiots in comparison!!!! Like. Oh my GOD. Yes, I’m so proud of Pidge, and I’m glad that Dreamworks is giving her the genius credit she deserves. But they don’t have to do it at the EXPENSE of their CHARACTERS OF COLOR.

Like here is an alternative to all of those scenes that I just came up with while my ass is flying out of my seat with a fever:

  • Pidge goes on one of her techy tangents. She uses those big ol’ words that are seven syllables long. There’s a moment of silence as everyone stares at her, sweat-dropping.
  • “Okay, so…” Lance says, staring up at the ceiling as he taps his chin in thought. “Are you saying that you’ve like, made a program that tries to predict how much Galra activity there’ll be in an area based on how many showed up to kick our butts?”
  • Pidge blinks, thinks about it for a second, and then nods. “Yeah, pretty much.”

It’s not. Hard! Do you see how easy it is to tweak a scene so a character ISN’T put down, but instead boosted alongside another? Think about all those Fucky scenes!! Pidge, or Coran, or someone starts going on a technological tangent. Instead of making a pointless quip about food, Hunk adds to the idea! He contributes his own knowledge to the conversation!! 

Maybe for a second, Pidge and Hunk get caught up techno babbling to each other!! They’re having fun!! Shiro steps in, almost a little sheepishly. “Uh, guys,” he says, “what exactly are you saying?” Pidge and Hunk turn to him and try to explain, but they’re so excited that they babble over each other, and their conversation becomes even harder to follow. Shiro and Keith stand there, a little intimidated.

And then Lance steps in to translate. Maybe he doesn’t understand the precise mechanics of what they’re saying, but he can still help. You’d think that, after spending MONTHS with Hunk and Pidge, Lance would pick up a little of SOMETHING. Maybe he can’t recite a Wikipedia page about dark matter, but Lance can translate what his friends are saying into Layman’s terms. 

Do you see how helpful that would be for an audience? They get a complex concept explained to them by a down-to-earth, fan-favorite character who won’t be condescending and who will probably turn that boring scientific idea into something funny and easy to understand!! Plus, you know Lance! He could turn some Big Ass Complicated Probably Fake Invention™ into something that can be summarized in five words or less. “It makes the bad guys go boom” or “Oh, so this’ll stall their engines long enough for us to escape?” or even “So you need us to distract them while you set up some sorta microwave that’ll override their sensors. Got it!”

But instead we get… this. Ugh.

the signs as villains

aries - this villain is all spandex and red, fiery colors, using their speed and high energy to their advantage as they outrun both the government and the hero chasing after them. Being a villain is all fun and games for them

taurus - slow to carry out their menacing plans, but they know patience is a virtue. they’re eyes are always strictly on the prize, and they are merciless

gemini - one minute, they are ruthless and bloodthirsty, and the next, they spare your life because they can’t watch you writhe in pain. With them, only one thing is certain: they can cause a whole lot of trouble even if they themselves aren’t sure why they’re evil

cancer - these are the heroes turned villains, the ones that realized mid-saving the world that it might actually be a more terrifying place than they thought. They work solely from their secret lair, and they often have minions doing the dirty work for them

leo - these villains are actually well liked and are always a crowd pleaser. People may tend to cheer on them more than the hero. Plus, they always look amazing

virgo - super mechanical and precise, all their evil plans to rue the world are mapped out to the smallest details. This can often be one of their weaknesses, because a disruption in their process might set them back

libra - afraid to disrupt their normal life, this villain really does work in secret. They are the masked ones, never leaving a trail, and are among the most manipulative with their words

scorpio - usually the ones with the severely hidden pasts, these villains are never seen, but they aren’t hiding. they closely watch the hero and once they attack, the hero would’ve wished they never got on their bad side, because they are the most ruthless

sagittarius - they always slip on their sunglasses and say “it’s showtime” before they carry out their big plan. These villains always put a special twist to their crimes and are very cunning

capricorn - the villain that actually wins, they aim to achieve world domination and are actually crazy good at the havoc they cause. All their research paid off

aquarius - the most creative and strange with their plans, they are the villains not out to hurt people but to bring down society as a whole and become the new leader, where they would impose laws they see as better and more rational than the world they grew up in

pisces - to these villains, everything is personal. Even if taking out the hero–or the world–seems impossible, they would stop at nothing because the hurt in their heart is too great

Going to the Fair

(This is sort of a combination of a couple different asks that I’ve saved up like a squirrel collecting nuts! Hope you guys enjoy! This will also be posted in two parts: one for the Ipliers and one for the Jackaboys!)

Imagine the Egos going to a carnival that arrives nearby. There are rides and games and, you guessed it, tons of cotton candy. It’s Wilford’s idea, of course, and he quickly convinces Bim and Oliver, who are more than happy to join him in needling the others into going. Dark is oddly willing to go and participate while the introverted Host says quite plainly, “I’d rather throw myself down a flight of stairs.” They end up dragging him along anyway.

Imagine Ed Edgar waltzing up to the shooting booth and blowing everyone away with his sharpshooting skills. He’s got a couple pretty girls eyeing him, to which he tips his hat with a, “Hello, ladies. Pardon me,” before he grabs the giant stuffed animal prize and walks away with it tucked under his arm. It appears the next day in its own chair at the Board Room table. Dark is not amused.

Imagine the Googles being utterly astounded by this raucous display of apparent disregard for personal safety. “These things are deathtraps!” Green shouts, his programming scanning all the many flaws in the cheap rides. “I’d rather go over Niagara Falls in a soup can.” Red loves it. He rides all the rides, even the ones that make Green squirm with concern, and Oliver wants all of the stuffed animals. “You can’t just take them,” Blue tries to explain to an upset Oliver. “You have to actually win the games.” Challenge accepted, Ollie beats every single booth with mechanical precision, accounting for the extra measures taken so that the player should not be able to win. Once he has both arms full of toys, he passes them out to little children that he comes across.

Imagine Dr. Iplier trying to keep Wilford and Walter from stuffing their faces with all the ridiculous fried foods, “THEY’VE GOT ALLIGATOR ON A STICK!” Doc shakes his head and gives up after a few minutes and finds the Host hiding behind the Hall of Mirrors. The two of them share a plate of nachos and talk, and by the time everyone else is ready to leave, they’re deep in a heated discussion about the value of Severus Snape as a character in the Harry Potter series. “He was a dirtbag!” “Yes, but even dirtbags have a place in literature!”

Imagine Silver Shepherd getting hopelessly lost among the throngs of people and wandering around in search of the others. He runs into Yandereplier, who Wilford brought along and who, coincidentally, also got lost. Yandere offers an idea. They could ride to the top of the Ferris wheel and look for the others in the crowd. Silver thinks the idea is perfect until they get to the top, and he stands up to look over the edge only to tip the gondola he and Yan are in so that he ends up hanging out of it. Needless to say, the two are quickly found by a fuming Darkiplier.

Imagine Wilford and Walter running around causing absolute mayhem. They make the arcade games spit out all their tickets, eat enough cotton candy to fill the entirety of the Grand Canyon (or so Wilford claims), and join the clowns in pranking people with squirting flowers. And Walter, apparently, makes a mean balloon animal. They get a little side-tracked from their general chaos when Walter eyes a watermelon stand, and they stay there for a good part of the night wolfing down melons in a melon-eating contest. I don’t think that I have to tell you who won, but Wilford and Walter have to carry the trophy between the two of them because it is a giant melon covered in metallic gold paint. Walter is practically glowing with pride.

Imagine Bim being dazzled by the colorful lights and a tent of acrobats doing mind-boggling feats. He’s so impressed, in fact, that he takes notes and decides that he’ll simply have to teach himself how to do those things. He thinks that with practice and a little magic, he may be able to pull it off. He eventually joins the Googles in riding rides, but gets helplessly sick, effectively putting an end to the night. Bim is quite apologetic about it, but Wilford thinks the distance that Bim blew those chunks was pretty amazing.

Dark managed to talk a few people out of their wallets and watches, practice in his mind, and so he corrals the scattered Egos and takes them home.

PSA: Speech ‘therapy’ is actually really damaging to kids

Okay, so I was in speech therapy from the time I learned to talk (when I was two), until about the time I was 12. And it really fucked me up. During school, I’d be pulled out of lunch, or sometimes even class, and would have a session with my speech therapy that was probably about 15-30 minutes long, during which all the flaws with the way I said things were recorded, played back, and pointed out to me, after which I’d have to say things over and over in an attempt to fix the ‘error.’ Now, this might not seem like all that long to some of you, but to a little kid, it’s a really, really long time.

The worst thing about getting pulled out of my lunch and classes wasn’t that I didn’t get to hang out with the small group of friends I had, or that I missed class activities every now and then. No, it was the fact that just about everyone knew why I was leaving. No one had ever told them, at least, not to my knowledge; they just knew. It was awful, and I got teased about it pretty often. Sometimes they went as far as asking me how my speech lesson was while mimicking my voice.

Now, you might be thinking, “But Wafflecakes, you’d’ve been teased even more if you hadn’t been in speech therapy!” This might be true, but it also might not be. I’ll probably never know for sure. However, what I do know is that even with it, I was teased ruthlessly, and the bullying about the way I talk continued long after my speech lessons had ended, not stopping or even slowing down until I was around 16.

My speech lessons had taught me that there was something ‘wrong’ with my voice. As a result, I became self-conscious about it; I was embarrassed and ashamed of the way I spoke, which caused me to talk less and less. Since I barely talked to people, I never made many friends, so I didn’t really have anybody to talk to when the constant bullying got to me.

Even now, over five years later, I’m still affected by it. I speak precisely, almost mechanically; my best guess is that it’s because I was made to repeat things so often that the natural vocal patterns and inflections most people have gradually vanished. Because my voice is usually flat and monotone, it usually gives people who don’t know me well the impression that I’m uninterested or sad.

Sometimes I’ll mentally replay the recordings that were made back then. When I’m talking, there are times when I try to imagine how what I’m saying sounds to the people I’m talking to. When I do, it literally makes me cringe. I stop talking and leave the conversation as soon as I can. Sometimes I barely talk for the rest of the day after that. Those recordings haunt me so much. There are times when I almost want to record myself talking again, to see if I still sound like that, to see if it’s different. But I can’t. I’m too afraid that it hasn’t changed.

I know that no harm was ever meant by sending me to speech therapy, but it was harmful nonetheless.

I suppose the moral of what I’m trying to say is that you should think long and hard about it if you, or people you know, think a kid might benefit from taking speech lessons. I don’t know if the way they’re done has changed since I stopped taking them, but for me, it caused more harm than good. A lot of little kids don’t speak correctly. They usually grow out of it, though. Maybe wait until the kid’s older and then decide if they still need it. Because speech therapy can seriously fuck a kid up.

Researchers discover new ‘GPS’ neuron

An international research team led by UvA researchers Jeroen Bos, Martin Vinck and Cyriel Pennartz has identified a new type of neuron which might play a vital role in humans’ ability to navigate their environments. The discovery is an important step towards understanding how the brain codes navigation behaviour at larger scales and could potentially open up new treatment strategies for people with impaired topographical orientation like Alzheimer’s patients. The team’s results are published in the latest edition of Nature Communications.

Every day billions of people across the planet successfully navigate their environments, for example when they go to work or head home. Such journeys generally happen with little conscious effort and rest on the brain’s ability to use overall knowledge of an environment to make estimates of where it finds itself. The ability to make fine grained assessments of location is seated in the hippocampus, a seahorse-shaped structure located in the temporal lobe. Research shows that the precise mechanism for navigation includes hippocampal place cells, which increase or decrease in electrical activity depending on one’s location. However, when making their daily commute, people don’t need very detailed representations of which houses they pass in which order. Instead, they can make due with more course information. Left at the museum and somewhere down the road right again at the supermarket, called topographical orientation.

Where to from here?

Building on current research, the researchers investigated how large scale navigational knowledge is coded within the brain and whether this process indeed occurs in different structures within the temporal lobe. They did this by training rats to perform a visually guided task in a figure-8 maze consisting of two loops that overlap in the middle lane. During the experiment, the researchers measured electrical activity in the brain by using a novel instrument which allowed the researchers to simultaneously record groups of neurons from four different areas. They recorded from the perirhinal cortex, hippocampus and two sensory areas. Recordings from the perirhinal cortex revealed sustained activity patterns. The level of electrical activity clearly rose and fell depending on the segment the rats were in and persisted throughout that entire segment.

The neighbourhood cell

‘We found a pronounced difference between the responses in the perirhinal cortex and responses in other areas of the brain’, says Jeroen Bos, lead author and researcher at the UvA’s Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences. ‘Units from the perirhinal cortex had sustained responses throughout the whole loop. By contrast, responses from hippocampal place cells were scattered across the maze and their fields were much smaller than the loops of the maze. We were surprised to see the perirhinal cortex’s responses align so closely with the layout of the maze, primarily because the region is commonly associated with object recognition. This seems to be a new type of neuron, which we have informally dubbed the ‘neighbourhood cell’. This neuron seems to enable the brain to specifically differentiate between distinct segments (“neighbourhoods”) of the environment.’

Potential treatment strategy

The team’s results offer a first glimpse on how the brain is able to code navigation behaviour at larger scales and could be especially relevant for people with an impaired capacity for topographical orientation. The large scale of perirhinal coding contrasts with the finer scale of hippocampal coding. ‘It is known that patients with Alzheimer’s disease or with damage to the temporal lobe have great difficulty finding their way, especially to remote goal locations’, says fellow researcher and professor of Cognitive Systems and Neuroscience Cyriel Pennartz. ‘Albeit new, our findings don’t conflict with previous literature on this phenomenon, for example such as the long-time London cab driver who sustained hippocampal damage. Although the driver could still navigate through the city, he remained highly dependent on main roads and would frequently get lost when using side streets. It might be that he was using the perirhinal cortex for global orientation but could no longer make use of the fine-grained place fields normally found in the hippocampus.’

In addition to offering new insights into brain mechanisms for spatial navigation at different scales, the results may guide patients with Alzheimer’s or other diseases in using other spatial strategies than the ones most severely affected. The findings point to the perirhinal cortex as a target for treatment. Finally, research on neural replacement devices and assistive robots may benefit from this study.

Yo have another thing fam

The short and sweet: Pidge becomes a badass and I’m Seasalt trash

The long version: The team is aboard a Galra ship for a mission, Pidge is doing her usual thing of hacking the main computer and pulling the strings when she’s discovered, she manages to secure the room again but in the process gets shot, like mortally wounded if the team doesn’t get to her soon she’s dead kind of shot. Cue her four big bros freaking the heck out and trying to get to her. She can see the odds are against them, she knows that they’ll either escape without her or get captured with her so she does what she needs to do, leads them away from her and to safety before, with what’s left of her strength, rigging the ship to short out and trigger an explosion that’ll knock out the systems and get the team out. In that final moment before in all goes to hell Lance murmurs “We’re going to need a miracle to get out of this” and Pidge manages to choke out “Then say hallelujah cuz here it is.” Things blow up, hangar doors are flung open and everyone is sucked out into space. Cut to Shiro’s visor and all you see is a reading on Pidge’s armour showing she’s flatlined. No time to get her though, Allura swings in, picks them up and off they go. Once inside the ship it starts to settle in: Pidge just blew herself up to save them. Shiro practically roars amd punches a hole through the wall before sinking to the floor, face in his hands. Keith sits next to him, staring blankly ahead as his eyes grow glassy. Poor Hunk doesn’t have the chance to give way to his own grief as he tries to calm down Lance, who’s having a full blown grief driven panic attack. Allura and Coran arrive and try to console them but it’s no use. The final shot of is of the inside the Green Lion’s cockpit, the lights are all off, everything is dimmer than usual. As the screen fades out we hear a small sniffle and see Lance’s leg poke out from behind the empty pilot’s chair where he’s sitting.

Weeks later, the team has gone numb, Pidge’s loss still heavy in the air. But they have a mission to complete aboard another Galra ship. It’s going well, until they’re attacked by something. It’s cloaked in black, small and moving freakishly fast, darting in and striking before retreating back into the shadows. Shiro manages to grab the robe and pull it off, revealing Pidge. Only it’s not her.

Haggar’s handiwork is instantly recognizable.

Every part of her has some kind of Galra tech now. Her left leg from the knee down, her right from the thigh down, the right arm from the elbow and most of her left hand are all prosthetic as. There are power nodes and panels across her body and her left arm has some kind of control band built in. Even the base of her skull, under what’s left of her hair, is Galra tech now, all of it glowing eerily purple. She stares at them, expression blank and eyes vacant. Her right eye glows purple in the second before she launches forward to attack with enough force to leave dents in the floor. Her attack is mechanically precise, each move carefully calculated and executed, her size and speed used as an advantage as she lands blow after blow. Hunk is the one to save the day here, while the other three fight just to keep her at bay he rips open a wall panel and uses the wiring to short-circuit her. The glow of the tech fades as she falls heavy and limp to the floor, surrounded by her teammates nursing the wounds she gave them.

They get their Pidge back of course. Once Hunk hooks her up to the Green Lion and uses the Lion’s energy to re-boot her she’s back with no recollection of what happened - her brain is half electronic now so the memories were literally deleted. Everyone’s ecstatic, Pidge is ok and has some p cool new abilities including downloading info directly into her brain, hacking things at a finger touch and the increased strength, stamina and resilience that her mostly tech body gives her. (She also loves her new ‘techno undercut’ and the fact that she glows green) Lance jokingly calls her the Miracle Maker but it sticks. He starts affectionately referring to her as ‘Miracle’ and whenever she does something techie and helpful on a mission he’ll say “hallelujah” and it kind of rubs off on the rest of the team and becomes a sort of call-sign for her. One time Lance called her ‘My Miracle’ and didn’t even notice until Hunk told him later “So that’s why she blushed?”

majahawt  asked:

Hey, I don't know if you've covered this before but are there any details on what specifically in marijuana that's harmful for reptiles/what it does? Even without the smoke, just the substances. I've... Got a guy talking about feeding cannabis plants to iguanas

Yeah, the substance itself is actually quite toxic! There’s been a few studies done on marijuana toxicity, but most of them refer to the smoke. There’s a few other citations, but the best comprehensive thing I know of is from this vet textbook called Reptile Medicine and Surgery. The second edition’s fairly recent (within the past decade) and everything that’s come out after typically refers to this book and the stuff cited within. (Side note: This book is an excellent resource and honestly quite worth signing up for the free Scribd trial just to download and have on hand. For most reptile owners, the detailed vet procedure stuff won’t be as useful, but the pictures and stuff about common diseases and how they present is invaluable.)

Here’s what the book’s got to say about marijuana toxicity and what it does to reptiles:

Marijuana continues to be by far the most used illicit drug in the United States. Cannabis sativa has been used for centuries for its hemp fiber, as rope, and for its psychoactive resins. Totally or partially herbivorous captive reptiles may encounter growing marijuana plants or ingest dried stems, leaves, and flowers. The main active ingredient of marijuana is tetrahydrocannibinol (THC). The highest concentration of this psychoactive constituent is found in the leaves and the flowering tops of plants. Hashish is the dried resin of flower tops. The precise mechanism of action of THC is unknown, but the psychoactive effects of this drug are thought to stem from a number of sites within the CNS, including cholinergic dopaminergic, serotonergic, noradrenergic, and GABA receptors. Ingested marijuana shows effects much more slowly than the results of the inhaled smoke; however, the effects of ingested THC last much longer. Clinical signs after ingestion of marijuana include mydriasis, weakness, ataxia, bradycardia, hypothermia, and stupor. The extent of clinical signs after marijuana ingestion is almost totally dose related. Treatment for marijuana ingestion is primarily supportive and symptomatic. Marijuana toxications are rarely fatal because of the wide margin of safety of THC. Activated charcoal administration is recommended to decrease enterohepatic recirculation. Despite its relative safety margin, recovery after ingestion may be prolonged and take up to 3 to 4 days. Fluids and monitoring of body temperature may be beneficial. We have seen two reptiles ingest fairly large amounts of marijuana. A 10-pound Sulcata Tortoise showed no effects after eating four marijuana cigarettes. However, a 6-pound male Green Iguana was stuporous after eating into a “baggie” of marijuana and needed support. Both animals recovered completely. Undoubtedly other “under-the-counter” drugs have been blundered across by reptiles. Various “over-the-counter” drugs kept on nightstands, kitchen counters, or bathroom shelves may be encountered by captive reptiles given free range in the house. For their own safety, captive animals should be confined and all medications kept in their original containers in child-proof and animal-proof cabinets.

So yes, it’s toxic. Do the animals usually die from eating it? Well, no, because the plant itself is relatively safe. Is it a good idea? Absolutely not, why would you put your animal through that??


Cinder: Honestly I think that since so much of what she does is mechanical and precise, she would want a hobby where she can just throw caution to the wind and do whatever. I think it would probably be something like flower arranging, esp with peonies (ahhhh sorrysorrysorrysorry don’t kill meee). Scarlet provides most of her flowers when she can.

Kai: Kai is a guy with a really high and good education in a lot of different subjects. He knows a lot of little trivia bits, and a good portion of them are about Second Era culture. So he finds old crossword puzzles and just does them at every spare second. Cress finds him more when he runs out, and if there’s one Kai can’t answer, her gets help from Torin.

Scarlet: Candlemaking. Grandmere was a big believer in old fashioned farm stuff, so they made candles together. Now Scarlet makes candles to sell and also as gifts for her friends or using around the house. She knows all of the crew’s favorite smells and will make them special individual candles.

Ze’ev: Ahhh I think I saw a headcanon post once about him crocheting and like??yes?? He just makes scarves and blankets for everyone. Whenever other members of the crew go places, they just buy him yarn. One time he made Scarlet a scarf to go with her hoodies. She wears it even when it’s 70 degrees out. 

Cress: Also in that same headcanon post it suggested Cress as a knitter and I like that too. But personally I see her as a scrapbooker. She takes pictures of everything and is really good at arranging them. She also likes to geocache probably? I mean they travel so much delivering antidote it seems like something they would do.

Thorne: Painting. Yes, it’s archaic, but based off of his artistic talent mentioned in the books (the lady on the side of the Rampion that he painted himself), he’s actually really creative and quite good. One year he painted a portrait of Cress for her birthday. The rest of the crew loved it so much he made one for each of them. His portraits of Cinder and Kai are their official portraits and are hanging in the palace.

Winter: We know she embroiders, and she, Cress, and Ze’ev bond over that. However, she also does henna (based on this post) because it’s kind of similar to embroidery, and it’s another way to connect to her mother and her Indian heritage.

Jacin: Cooking. This post talks about how he just steals food from literally everyone. But he seem like a guy who would also give food to everyone, especially Winter when he thinks she isn’t eating enough. When the crew gets together he helps Scarlet in the kitchen. When they’re on the Rampion, he makes almost gourmet meals out of the canned food they have. For his birthday they buy him kitchen supplies every year.

Iko: Iko learned how to code Arduino circuitry. Yeah it’s kind of random, but it’s so she can combine STEM with her love of fashion to make dresses like the Lilypad Arduino wearable fashion thing (look it up, it’s amazing). Iko will fight anyone who says girls who like typically feminine stuff can’t like STEM (wait maybe I’m the one who will fight those people). Thorne made a joke about that once and Iko freaking DECKED him.

I based a lot of these off of other posts so I hope the OPs of those don’t mind! Also instead of using Wolf I’m trying to transition over to using Ze’ev because of this.

Title: Black Noise

Series: Owari no Seraph
Pairing: Hyakuya Mikaela x Hyakuya Yuuichirou
Rating: M (18+)
Summary: Growing up in the same orphanage and having known each other for more than ten years, the last thing Yuuichirou expected to feel towards Mikaela, the man he was utterly in love with, was animalistic hostility when his first rut finally came upon him. It was indeed the most unusual and bizarre of situations they found themselves in—and perhaps—neither of those two words could even begin to describe it.

Enamored with his childhood best friend, but also compelled to feel a tenacious compulsion of antagonism towards him, how does an Alpha-born Yuu find a balance to control his emotions and instincts when Mika is also struggling with the same exact challenge?

PWP // Omega!Verse // Alpha!Mikaela x Alpha!Yuuichirou


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Fic 455: Bon Anniversaire

Spy/Pyro sweetness!

And just a quick note! I’ll be travelling this weekend, so there won’t be any updates, but I’ll try and have something up for you all Sunday or Monday night. Until then, take care!

It was night. The closest 2Fort ever came to being silent. Absent the sounds of gunfire and explosives, death knells and Wilhelm screams, it was peaceful. Now the air hummed with a million little sounds. There was the soft tick-tick-tick of the alarm clock on the nightstand and the rattling of ancient pipes as steam surged through them to power the generator as someone, somewhere flipped a light switch. Outside was the soft patter of raindrops as a rare cold front came through, gently tapping at the windowpane before dripping down to the sash. It was the type of night that Pyro normally loved; quiet and dark, and making the entire world feel small and safe.

They rolled over under the covers, pulling Balloonicorn close. The thick rubber squeaked in their arms, just enough to let them know that it was just a little too tight.


The hands of the clock swung around again, and they watched as it once again neared the Hour. The Secret Hour. The time and date that no one else knew.

Their birthday.

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It’s back to school time! Senior year, and I am pumped!

Just got (mostly) all of my supplies and decided to do a Back To School Haul / What’s In My Backpack post, so here it is!


This year I bought an EASTSPORT backpack at WalMart. It was around $30 dollars, but I’m gonna use it for college too, so I can justify $30. I can’t find it online for some reason so I can’t link it. 


In the top left, I have these Moleskine journals I bought a while ago at Barnes & Noble with some discount or something. Finally decided how I wanted to use them and no that’s working out.

For my classes, I bought a 5 subject Five Star notebook. Gonna use it for now, and then if I need individual notebooks, I’ll get those later. Also, I don’t know why they are so expensive on Amazon, but I got mine for a lot cheaper.

Other stuff I got: Casemate Index Cards and Sticky notes which I also can’t find online.


I ended up getting the same planner that I did last year. It’s the Plan Ahead See It Bigger planner. It is so amazing. It’s definitely my favorite planner I’ve ever had and way easier for me to use than a bullet journal, yet it has enough space for me to customize it and make it pretty.

My folder is a Casemate Expandable folder, which I think is way easier to keep all my classwork and other important papers organized. Also, one that I can’t find on Amazon.

Pencils, Pens & More

For pencils, I got the trusty Dixon Ticonderoga Black Pencils. I also got the Bic Xtra Precision 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencils and then extra 0.5 mm lead, Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers and a small sharpener I already had.

For pens, I got regular Bic Ballpoint Black pens and the Bic Cristal Colored Pens.

Other supplies are Sharpie Highlighters and Crayola Supertips. I also have a TI-83 Plus calculator that isn’t pictured.

Other Essentials

Some other things I always have in my backpack: Headphones. hair ties, deodorant, my inhaler, a book I’m reading and a water bottle!