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Young Justice Batmom: Part 10

Prompt: How the YJ Universe would be different if batmom there.

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“Have I ever mentioned that I hate magic?”

    “More than once Ms. Y/N. And to be honest, I can’t say I blame you.”

    “They took my kids Alfred, I’ll kill whoever’s behind this.”

    Alfred simply smiles, “The mother bear has come to retrieve her children.” You smile at the butler, and he smiles back. You’ve noticed that he’s been doing that more lately. Smiling, and laughing. You attribute it to all the children staying at the Manor. The press had had a field day with all the different announcements and reasons for the adoptions.

    Personally, you loved having all the kids there. The Manor was alive with laughter. There was the occasional bickering, but more often than not it was just plain fun. Dick had adjusted well to the presence of more children in the house, although he did get jealous occasionally. You made sure to set aside time for him.

    But now, the Manor was quiet, and you didn’t like it one bit. You entered through the zeta tube. You found Bruce dressed and ready to go. His face was serious, but as you approached, he simply opened his arms and hugged you to him. Leaning in close he whispered, “We’ll get them back. Captain Marvel has given us a lead.”

    The news that Captain Marvel is really an eight year old boy does not sit well with you. Of course Dick had started young, but you and Bruce had been there to supervise. You listen to the go between with a forced neutrality. You push all your feelings aside and focus on the mission. That’s what is going to get your kids back.

    When it comes time to go, you stick close to Bruce and Giovani. You can tell that the magician has something up his sleeve, and you’re also certain that you won’t like it. You’d never cared for magic, even when you were little. Your father had invited the world’s best sorcerers to the compound, in an effort to extend his power. Some small part of you had always considered it cheating. Even now, as you fought against it, you hated it. Hated it with a passion.

    You dodge the spells with the precision your father had drilled into you as a child. You do your best to provide a distraction, anything that will let Giovani end this. Right up until Captain Marvel comes barreling through the earth with the stone. When the world flickers back to normal, your eyes fly first to Bruce and then your children. You’re quick to take inventory of everyone’s cuts and bruises, before delivering a series of bone crushing hugs. That’s when you see her.

    As you listen to Nabu refuse to give up Zatanna, your hatred of magic grows. You pull M’Gann, and Artemis to you, and glare at Nabu. And when Giovani turns to face you, you know what he’s about to say. “Bruce, Y/N, you’ll take care of her, right? Nurture her? Mother her? She’s never had a mother before.”

    Bruce’s arm wraps around your shoulders, as the other wraps around Dick, “We’ll watch over her old friend. Do what you must.”

    You watch the goodbyes with a detached sadness, knowing that if it had been one of yours, you would have done the same. You take a sobbing Zatanna into your arms, and simply hold her. Knowing that no words can help her right now. As you meet Bruce’s eyes, and he gives a small nod, she becomes one of yours.


Rare Egyptian Rock Crystal Sphinx Ring, New Kingdom, Rammesside Period, 19th-20th Dynasty, 1295-1069 BC

To date, there are virtually no examples of rings with three-dimensional representations of sphinxes on their bezels.

It is likely that this was believed to possess protective qualities, given that the ancient Egyptian sphinx was quintessentially one of the most powerful, protective creatures in the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

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Benefits of Having a Househusband: Chapter 4 - If they’re military men, you know you’ll reap the benefits of military precision

aka, 10 times Jay being a househusband worked in Erin’s favour

Also on and A03

Once again, huge thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her beta'ing help and idea bouncing! Hope you guys enjoy! Please let me know what you think :)

Jay stumbled into Erin’s bathroom still half-asleep. He had had a later night than her, having had more paperwork to deal with, so she had courteously gotten up first. It was a rare feat, but he appreciated the extra 30 minutes in bed.

Rubbing his eyes as he bit back a yawn, he blindly fumbled around the counter by the sink for the cup which contained their toothbrushes and toothpaste. Instead, he found himself yelping in pain when his palm came into contact with the hot plates of Erin’s hair straightener.

“Dammit!” he cursed, suddenly very awake and immediately running his hand under some cold water.

“Jay? You alright, babe?” Erin’s concerned voice travelled from the bedroom.

Gritting his teeth, he shook his head though he knew she couldn’t see it. “Depends. Were you trying to burn your apartment down, or just my hand?”

Appearing in the doorway, she met his eyes via the mirror that covered the wall above the sink. “It’s off,” she stated, pointing at the loose plug dangling off the counter; another hazard Jay chose to roll his eyes at.

“It’s still hot,” he replied irritably and flinging his uninjured hand out in the general direction of where the heat-resistant case sat not three inches behind the straightners. “You have a case for it right here.”

“Yeah, but that takes time,” she brushed off, watching him as he turned off the tap and lightly patted the blistered skin with a towel.

“Does it also take time to throw clothes into the hamper? And throw out your empty bottles?” Jay muttered, shooting her a questioning look as he nodded towards the bathtub. Her clothes were in the corner next to it whilst the back of the tub, the part furthest away from the shower, was littered with toiletries, most which she knew were empty or close to.

“Yes,” she simply replied, stepping into the room and taking his hand in her own. Tossing the towel over the edge of the tub, much to his chagrin, she lifted his palm to her lips and pressed a kiss to the burn. “Jay, I love you, but this? This is me. It’s who I am. You’ve got to accept it or it’ll bug you forever.”

Exhaling deeply at her tender touch and the apologetic look she was offering him, he nodded stiffly and glanced around the bathroom. It definitely wasn’t up to his standards, but his standards of military precision had been drilled into him from the age of 18. It was hard to let go of, though he was starting to realise that sharing a life with this woman in front of him meant he was going to have learn to compromise. At least a bit.

“Why?” Erin’s simple yet incredulous question broke the silence of the apartment he gotten use to, not having heard her arrive home from her weekly breakfast with Voight.

Standing barefoot in the bathtub, Jay glanced at her over his shoulder to see her hovering by the bathroom threshold, unsure how to enter with the many items now covering the floor. He had visited the DIY store right after his morning run, picking up what he needed to neaten up her bathroom. Luckily, she had her own set of tools though he doubted she had used them more often than on an annual occasion.

However, her question wasn’t directed to the mess of her bathroom but towards him and his current task of putting up the chrome organiser in the far corner of the bathtub. It stretched from the edge of the tub to the ceiling with 5 decent sized shelves which Jay had been certain would be enough for her toiletries.

“So I don’t break my neck trying to shower around all these bottles,” he explained before turning back to manually screw in the organiser he was just about managing to hold still.

Erin let out a noncommittal hum, and he could hear her pick up the metal pole he had left leaning against the counter. “And this?” she asked, tapping the railing with her fingers so the hollow sound echoed around the small room.

“It’s going on the door so you can throw your towel on there instead of on the edge of the tub, which inevitably ends up on the floor,” Jay answered gruffly, taking a small step back as much as he could in the tub and eyeing his handiwork critically.

“You’re kinda OCD about this, aren’t you?” she asked when he found one screw looking looser than the rest.

“You mean not dying, injuring or tripping myself over your mess? Pretty much.” Finishing the job at hand, Jay nodded to himself and moved to step out of the tub. He took Erin’s proffered hand to help keep balance as he made sure not to step on anything except the floor tiles.

Erin laughed softly at his words, causing Jay to smile back at her, hand still in hers as she swung it casually. “Okay, that explains why my shoes are always all lined up by the door too, but you know I’ve noticed you’ve basically reorganised my kitchen over the past 5 months, right?”

Shrugging, he tossed the screwdriver in his hand into the toolbox by his feet and snatched the railing out of her hand to get started on it next. “I don’t see you complaining.”

“You use it more than I do,” she commented offhandedly in reference to her kitchen, her grip on his hand tightening in what he assumed was a subconscious move when he jumped effortlessly over the tools and joined her at the doorway.

“Don’t I know it,” he muttered brazenly, earning himself a half hearted glare before he tugged her closer to him.

“Thank you for this. You really didn’t need to,” Erin said earnestly as she peered up at him with a soft smile, truly showing how much she appreciated his attempt of accepting her messiness in his own way. It was a compromise he could live with, even if he was going to always be picking up after her or restocking the shelves, at least there were spaces for it now.

Jay tilted his head slightly and grimaced dramatically. “Not keen on dying, injuring or tripping, remember? I kinda did.”


“The game started rough and didn’t ger easier. Neil tried to follow Kevin’s advice but it was frustrating holding himself in check. How Dan and Allison could stand being dealers and playing middleman all the time was beyond him. Neil like outrunning and outsmating the defense. He liked the rush of a perfect score. He liked the pressure and the triumph. The rest of his life was a frightening mess; Neil needed the power and control of a fierce game.
The only bight point was realizing his lessons with Keving were paying off. Since June Neil spent four nights a week learning the precision drills from Kevin. Passing wasn’t what Neil wanted to do in this game, but he could already see how he was improvingl. His shots were harder and more accurate, and it took him less time to figure out where to throw.
It didn’t take Herrera long to realize Neil wasn’t going to score, but Herrera attributed it to incompetence. He kept making snide remarks about Neil’s inexperience and spinelessness. Neil wanted to shove Herrera to the floor and charge the goal to prove him wrong. If he missed, Herrera would remind him the rest of the game. If he scored, Kevin would take advantage of the reset to scold him. It was a lose-lose situation and the rest of the game wasn’t going much better. The Terrapins were leading three to one until Kevin scored at the twenty-three minute mark.
Wymack used the possession to send out his substitutions.
Neil wasn’t between Kevin and the door, but Kevin detoured past him anyway on his way out.
“Destroy him,” he said.
Neil felt like he’d been waiting for this all his life. “Yeah.”“

all for the game twelve scenes: 2/12


The Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon is a 24-man rifle platoon that performs a unique precision drill exhibition. This highly disciplined platoon exemplifies the professionalism associated with the United States Marine Corps.
The Silent Drill Platoon first performed in the Sunset Parades of 1948 and received such an overwhelming response that it soon became a regular part of the parades at Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.
The Marines execute a series of calculated drill movements and precise handling of their hand-polished, 10-and-one-half pound, M1 Garand rifles with fixed bayonets. The routine concludes with a unique rifle inspection sequence demonstrating elaborate rifle spins and tosses.
Semper Fidelis!


Side tool chest, strictly machining tools.

Drawer 1: height gage w/riser, squareness comparator, dial indicator stand, bench block, V-block, gage blocks, sine bar, cylinder square.

Drawer 2: ER32 collet set, .060″-.250″ gage pins, 1-2-3 blocks, 1″ machinist vise, v-blocks, collet blocks, machinist jack, slitting saw arbor, 3MT dead center, 2MT dead center, 2MT live center, collet chuck, boring head, precision keyless drill chuck.

Drawer 3: .251″-.500″ gage pins, feeler gage set.

Drawer 4: tap & die set (dies are in tray underneath taps)

Drawer 5: reamers, reamers, reamers. (this is a very expensive drawer).

Drawer 6: socket head cap screws.

Rifle and pistol precision drill target using the target shown below, download and print out so it fits on a standard sheet of printer paper.  Drills are written out below.

Rifle drill is fired cold, with the weapon as is.  No resighting, the two + sections are for initial shots to establish a baseline (one round each target).  The shooter uses the initial shots as references, but since any weapon which has been already sighted in should be GTG, no mechanical adjustments are allowed.  If the weapon is off zero, the shooter may use what they feel is the appropriate “Kentucky windage” to engage the targets. Fire one round for each target number, and your score exists as number of hits out of 10.  Rounds must be totally in the numbered square, any round touching or breaking the line doesn’t count.  Rounds hitting outside of the target fired at do not count ( ie shooting for #1, and hitting #2 does not count for a hit on #2).

Distance to target is whatever distance the shooter can identify the numbers.  Magnified optics will be back farther, iron sight shooters will be up closer.  Vary the distance as needed. The purpose of the drill is to know how effective you are with a particular rifle.  While it can be used for drills when already warmed up, it is most effective and honest when shot cold and with a previously sighted in weapon. 

Pistol shooting is done from 15 feet away (5 yards).  If the score is 10/10, move back to 21 feet away (7 yards) and fire again. If at 21 feet a shooter is able to hit all targets, move back to 30 feet (10 yards).  Before and after each above drill is fired, used the + and fire 5 rounds (one 5 round drill each before, one after). Check and see if your group on the + tightens up after the drill is complete.  The purpose of this drill is to know your individual possible engagement distances for small targets.  By verifying you are able to hit all ten boxes before moving back, the shooter is able to establish fired rounds are not lucky shots. 


Geologists Find Clues In Crater Left By Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid

by Goeff Brumfiel / NPR

Scientists have had a literal breakthrough off the coast of Mexico.

After weeks of drilling from an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico, they have reached rocks left over from the day the Earth was hit by a killer asteroid.

The cataclysm is believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs. “This was probably the most important event in the last 100 million years,” says Joanna Morgan, a geophysicist at Imperial College in London and a leader of the expedition.

Since the 1980s, researchers have known about the impact site, located near the present-day Yucatan Peninsula. Known as Chicxulub, the crater is approximately 125 miles across. It was created when an asteroid the size of Staten Island, N.Y., struck Earth around 66 million years ago. The initial explosion from the impact would have made a nuclear bomb look like a firecracker. The searing heat started wildfires many hundreds of miles away.

After that, came an unscheduled winter. Sulfur, ash and debris clouded the sky. Darkness fell and, for a while, Earth was not itself.

“I think it was a bad few months, really,” Morgan says.

That’s an understatement: Scientists believe 75 percent of life went extinct during this dark chapter in Earth’s history, including the dinosaurs.

Researchers have sampled Chicxulub before, but this expedition by the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling precisely targets a key part of the crater yet to be studied: a ring of mountains left by the asteroid.

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On the torture of Feral!anti76

Alot of people asked about this so I wanted to share some of my own headcanons about what actually caused Talon to goof up so hard they shattered Jack Morrison’s mind. What a fun topic.

Shout out to the big nerd who loves torture and really wanted me to add one particular bit. So here it is. Nerd.

Also huge shout out to the lovely work of @amakerofwidows whose fic Reconditioned does a better job of describing the torture than anything I could vomit out here. Seriously go read it it is…FANTASTIC PAIN 10/10.

Alright what I want to describe is a very important event in the breaking of Jack Morrison. Golden boy of Overwatch. The procedure. 

This was a critical part in the brainwashing of former Overwatch agents. 

A specialised surgeon with a team of professionals would begin their work once the subject is sufficiently receptive (beaten and starved for several days).

Using specialised tools that included an extremely precise pinpoint drill, the goal was to alter the parts of the brain that deal with long-term memory. The idea was to make the subject forget their past lives and become an easily sculpted tool for Talon. 

Standard Procedure. 

Except Jack Morrison was different. 

The operation had to be done with the subject still conscious however most are too terrified to even move during it. Standard reaction to being held down and drilled into.

Not for Jack Morrison. 

He wasn’t going down without a fight, he struggled endlessly, even as he felt parts of his memory slip through his fingers with each agonising second. 

Then something went wrong. His constant fidgiting caused the precise equipment to rear off course ever so slightly. They hit too much, did too much damage, fixed the machine too late. Jack screamed as parts of him, his words, his mission, his regrets..all vanished. Replaced by a searing pain. 

As they dragged his weakened body back to the cell, Jack felt confused. As the Talon agents dropped him to the cell floor roughly, one decided to partake in a swift kick to the gut of the weakened 76 before laughing it off with his partner. Daring 76 to give him one of his almighty taunts.

76 just stared however. These men were….and he drew a blank. The searing pain ran up to greet him in the places where his memories should be. He quickly shook it off.

These men were the men who hurt him. Good enough.  Who was he again? Doesn’t matter.

His lack of response must have annoyed the larger Talon agent as he suddenly lifted Jack up by his collar and started screaming into his face. A punch to the face knocked Jack out of his little introspective sequence. 

Kill them. Kill them? …With what? Kill them before they kill us.

Noticing the fist about to make it’s second trip to his face, Jack suddenly drew a blank on the reasons why he shouldn’t listen to that advice.

Alright…killing them.

That was the first time Jack truly snarled at an enemy. 

That was also the time Jack found out he rather liked the feeling of his hands tightening around the armoured figures’ throats.

The idea I was going for was that this botched job is one of the main reasons we see feral!76. 

They damaged too much of his brain, too much for his brainwashing to be normal. He not only has memory loss he also forgot a lot of himself. 

The shock collar doesn’t help at all, only serving to push 76 farther and farther away from the shards of memories he picks up from time to time.


ALPINA at 50.

One of ALPINA’s signature design elements is the wheels. Here we see the development from the days of the 2002tii to today. In order to minimize the imbalance introduced into the wheel by the valve stem, ALPINA has engineered a valve stem mounted in the center hub of the wheel. Air is delivered to the tire via a very precisely drilled tube up one of the spokes (as shown in the second photo.


Evening Quickie #soldierporn: Sharp Dressed Man.

Lance Cpl. Christopher Pokorny stands in formation with the Silent Drill Platoon while removing bayonets from M1 Garand rifles after performing at Parris Island, S.C. The platoon showcased 15 minutes of unique, precision drill movements before an audience of more than 1,000 recruit Marines and civilians. The platoon is attached to the Battle Color Detachment and based at Marine Barracks Washington, D.C., which traveled to more than 15 different locations across the country in March 2014 for a tour. (Photos by Cpl. Octavia Davis, 19 MAR 2014.)

too close, too far, you’re a blur (i’d know you anywhere, but it’s getting harder)

ok so @dawnofthedusk was sharing her headcanons for poe/rey interaction recently, like bb-8 introducing them, them talking when they visit finn in medical, etc., so here it is, emma, here’s the fic, with a dose of poe/finn and finn/rey because OT3-HOOD OF THE TRAVELING JACKET. also dedicated to my other enabler @starssight because #team star wars trash!


too close, too far, you’re a blur (i’d know you anywhere, but it’s getting harder)


The first time she sees him is inside Kylo Ren’s mind.

In the interrogation room, Rey is being pushed— and so she pushes back. Images, memories no longer her own— a father, a mentor, the first pulse of the Force— a boy? Bound as she is now, helpless as she is trying not to become, his teeth gritted in defiance, dark curls matted with sweat. The best pilot in the Resistance, pale face streaked with blood, yet something of the sky in his eyes—

She lets him go, plunges forward, deeper, in search of a memory that she can use, a pain that she can bend towards her assailant. With a hunger she never even knew she had, she roots through the grotesque and twisted knots of Kylo Ren’s soul until she finds Darth Vader.

Poe Dameron is forgotten, at least for the moment.

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Very Rare Mesopotamian Rock Crystal Leopard, Proto-Sumerian Period, C. 3000 BC

This is the only Proto-Sumerian rocky crystal depiction of a leopard known and is a masterpiece of the ancient gem-carver’s craft. The superb rendering of the animal’s anatomical details, the hind thighs, the paws, the muzzle, eyes and ears, and the holes, which are lightly and very precisely drilled, and may have been inlaid with semi-precious stones, creating a decadent polychrome effect, which would have added to the already luxurious nature of this piece.

Sgt. James Miller, a drill instructor for Platoon 1018, Charlie Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, commands his platoon during their initial drill evaluation Feb. 10, 2014, on Parris Island, S.C. Miller, a 28-year-old from Chicago, was the unit leader for his platoon and directed his platoon to perform a series of precision drill movements. The platoons will be evaluated again a week before graduation. Charlie Company is scheduled to graduate April 4, 2014. (Photo by Cpl. Octavia Davis)