precision bangs

Jupiter Love | college professor!jennie | M

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Summary: Your crush on your professor is harmless until you ask for help during one of her office hours.

Word Count: 3,150

Okay, your plan wasn’t precisely to bang your english professor against the wall during office hours, but if you and your pants were being honest, you were definitely thinking about it.

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i can’t believe i totally spaced on faybelle week, please everyone accept my sincerest apologies??

Zodiac Signs: Death by Hunger Games

Aquarius: Hatchet to the Face on the Third Day; to be fair, you kind of had it coming.

Aries: Electrocuted by Tech-Savvy tributes as you slept in a tree; Night Two.

Sagittarius: Sacrifice yourself to the Acid Fog on the First Night to save the others.  

Virgo: Poison berries. Day Six. The Capital does not own you and you make them watch.

Libra: Cornucopia Bloodbath; Odds were not in your favour.

Taurus: Taken out by Tracker-Jackers in a horrifying ambush; Day Five.

Cancer: Speared in the back trying to escape careers; Night Four.

Leo: Throws self in way of arrow aimed at ally on Day Three.

Pisces: Drowns in unexpected Tidal Wave on Night Two; you didn’t see it coming.

Capricorn: You and another tribute decide to go out with a bang, or more precisely, more bangs than an entire fireworks show on New Years… die of exhaustion; Night One.

Gemini: Sacrifices self at last moment to let younger ally win the games.

Scorpio: Burned when the fire rains from the sky; Day Four.