Idaho’s rugged sea of basalt

A rugged sea of over 60 different basaltic lava flows stretches over the Snake River Plain in southern Idaho. Also known as Craters of the Moon, the lava plain formed between 15,000 and 2000 years ago during 8 eruptive phases. In between these phases quiet periods could last up to 3000 years. Nowadays you can see rivers of lava, ropy & blocky pahoehoe lava flows, deep cracks, cinder & spatters cones and a labyrinth of lava tube tunnels under the surface. During an eruption basalt would flow around higher outcrops also known as kipukas. Some of these contain 700-year old juniper trees and braches of sagebrush giving them the appearance of an isolated island. Precipitation is lost in the deep cracks of the basalt and oozes out at the nearby Snake River Canyon.

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okay guys, imma make dinner, figure out how to balance eating and exercise and weight loss (I’m on the verge of some Bad Habits but gaining weight is Out Of the Question and could precipitate Something Stupid) and theeeen: FAUSTUS CHAPTER 3! 



Frequent expressions of anger 

Easy loss of control; emotionality 

Inflexibility; unwillingness to consider alternatives 

Domineering, demanding stance 

Withdrawal, avoidance of others 

Conviction that others dislike them 

Exaggerated, negative pronouncements with no data to back it up 

Hypersensitive to emotions (in self and others) 

Internal arguments with oneself 

Taking comments as personal criticisms 


Cynicism, distrust and disappointment 

General and global negativity; criticism of others 

A martyr attitude 

Depression, hopelessness 

Alternating active and passive aggression 

Loss of confidence and sense of competence in self and others 

Hypersensitive and overreacts to imagined slights 

Critical judgments of incompetence in self and others 

Precipitous action 

Combative, lawyer-like tone of voice 


Becoming upset (expressed or unexpressed) 

A profound sense of alienation and psychological distance from others 

Fear of permanently losing control of feelings and emotions 


A complaining, pouting tone 

Hypersensitivity to signs that they are ignored, disregarded or disliked 

Slowness, vagueness, distractibility 

Logic emphasized to an extreme 

Upset over other’s lack of attention to need for space 

Cutting and sarcastic judgments 

Forget things, misplace objects 

Disorganized and unproductive  


Negativity and pessimism 

An over controlling, rigid approach 

Insensitivity, coldness, short temper 

Withdrawal, depression 

Self-doubt, conviction of own incompetence 

Inefficiency, scatteredness 

Feeling unappreciated, taken for granted 

Pressure to conform to some view with which they disagree 

All or nothing judgments based on irrelevant data 

Search for absolute, ultimate truth 

Excessive criticism 


Reading negative implications between the lines 

Withdrawal, distancing from others 

Looking for meaning in trivial events or comments; seeming “slightly paranoid” 

Sense of incompetence at work and at home 

Distractibility, “spinning one’s wheels” 

Chronic anxiety and sense of impending doom 

Fantasizes of impending disasters and dire possibilities 

Grandiose, cosmic visions that are out of touch with reality 

Internal confusion 


Intense anger, agitation, irritability, fatigue 

Overdoing sensory activities — eating, cleaning, repairing, exercising 

Physical stress symptoms such as muscle tension 

Seeing external details as major obstacles that impede progress 

Obsessive attention to perceived sources of stress; difficulty refocusing attention 

Sleeplessness due to persistent reviewing of problems 

Scattered, disorganized and out of sorts 

Obsessive focus on data, facts and details 

Adversarial attitude towards the outer world 


Global negativity and pessimism 

Alternation between accommodating others’ requests and withdrawing or resisting 

Blaming, accusing others 

Decreased efficiency and productivity 

Sleepless nights; obsessive thinking about problems and catastrophes 

Shut down; do no work for extended periods, then become depressed 

Loss of ability to classify and organize facts and details 

Uncharacteristically spontaneous, thoughtless and impulsive 



Work harder, longer, less effectively 

Worry, chronic anxiety 

Withdraw, shut down, avoid people 

Generate possibilities with no data and no follow-through 

Extremes of both emotion and activity level 

Loss of enthusiasm and motivation 

Feelings of sadness and despair 

Tunnel vision 

Picky, upset about little things; irritable and cranky


How to grow your own crystal precipitate tree

What’s needed:

  • 90 ml water
  • 6 tablespoons table salt (preferably uniodized)
  • 90 ml Mrs. Stewart’s liquid laundry bluing [manufacturer’s website] (Chemically known as ferric hexacyanoferrate, Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3 - Despite containing cyanide groups - they are so tightly bound to the iron that they pose little threat if ingested - it’s often used as a treatment for ingestion of radioactive elements Thallium and Cesium)
  • 15 ml household ammonia
  • Felt tip markers
  • Absorbent cardboard cut into the shape of a tree

Decorate the carboard tree with markers if desired. Dissolve all ingredients then place cardboard tree above so it’s just touching the solution. Alternatively dab the bluing on the tips of the carboard where you want crystals to form instead of adding it directly to the solution.

What happens:

As the water from the bluing and the clear water which is added evaporate, two things happen. The blue particles can no longer be supported and the excess salt cannot stay in solution. The salt crystallization process will take place around the blue particles as nuclei. Small amounts of ammonia are added to speed up the evaporation process. Ammonia evaporates very quickly and aids the other liquids to do the same. No chemical reaction occurs - this simply demonstrates the crystallization process.

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like sorry but there is never going to be a ship like swan queen again, the kind that makes me sob because PERFECT NARRATIVE omg. i mean yes these are two ladies who share a son but that isn’t what sets it up! it’s about the caster of the curse and the breaker of it being tied up together in this destiny that has had them manipulated and alone, that they’ve been miserable by their own design and by the design of others, that they both found love in this little boy and then each other. it’s about two people struggling against titles slapped upon them and then embracing them, about them then learning to cast them off and deconstruct them on their own!! which is what’s happening now with emma!! and yet they’re never the same stories, complementary without being repetitive.

it’s about the kind of slow burn that YOUR FAVES COULD NEVER where they loathed each other and it was never about some kind of endgame there, anything other than them being pitted against each other as rivals in every sense. and then a full season of them not knowing their places with each other, taking care of each other and fighting on opposite sides and hating each other and not all at once. and then a year of awkward almost-friendship and understated affection that EXPLODE into full-out hurt and need and love in the fourth season. it took four seasons of ongoing development for the two main characters for them to be unafraid of admitting that they care about each other. literally. where are you going to find a story as painstaking as this one.

and it’s very much because of the writers themselves and their attitude toward swan queen, which is a slow burn in itself. it’s about how gradually they came to love it and because of that the relationship has never been the writers’. the writers wrote characters and the characters were different, a female chosen one archetype and a female antihero archetype who have both taken roles that have been so inherently male in most prior fiction. and they began with magnificent chemistry and continue with it, no matter how these women change and develop. 

s1 emma and s1 regina are explosive together. s2 emma and s2 regina are complex and tentative together. s3 emma and and s3 regina are fitting into the new places they’ve made for themselves in s2 together. s4 emma and s4 regina are breathtakingly emotional together. each one is best suited for the other in that exact place. each one fits right as a character and still fits right in a relationship that was never intended to be that.

ladies!! dictated by patriarchal gamemakers!! pawns even when they’re dressed up as knights and queens!! and they step forward and reclaim their destiny and self-definition!! like i don’t know how this ship exists on a show that lacks all that complexity. i don’t know how they can be such narrative gold in a show that can’t handle it. but they’re the diamond in the rough and all that, polished because of its own resistance, because stories are so rarely written like this when they’re intentional. stories rush and stories focus on the big moments, the ratings sweeps, the delivery of the romance to an impatient audience, and rarely take their time to gradually allow the characters to grow together. goodbye.


It takes far more courage and wisdom to boldly say “NO” to war when everyone else is saying yes.

Three days after September 11th 2001, Barbara Lee (D-CA) bravely called for a no vote against authorizing George W. Bush’s wars.

In an op-ed she published in The San Francisco Chronicle 9 days later, she explained her vote by pointing out that the resolution “was a blank check to the president to attack anyone involved in the Sept. 11 events — anywhere, in any country, without regard to our nation’s long-term foreign policy, economic and national security interests, and without time limit.” She added: “A rush to launch precipitous military counterattacks runs too great a risk that more innocent men, women, children will be killed.” 

For her lone stance, Lee was deluged with rancid insults and death threats to the point where she needed around-the-clock bodyguards. She was vilified as “anti-American” by numerous outlets including The Wall Street Journal. The Washington Times editorialized on September 18 that “Ms. Lee is a long-practicing supporter of America’s enemies — from Fidel Castro on down” and that “while most of the left-wing Democrats spent the week praising President Bush and trying to sound as moderate as possible, Barbara Lee continued to sail under her true colors.” Since then, she has been repeatedly rejected in her bids to join the House Democratic leadership, typically losing to candidates close to Wall Street and in support of militarism. (continue reading from theIntercept)

On this September 11th, in addition to remembering all of the lives lost in America, Iraq and Afghanistan, I choose also to remember Barbara Lee’s brave example in calling for calm, reflective thought before blindly rushing into endless war in the Middle East. Even at the risk of her political career, she stood up and did what was right.

We need more leaders who know that sometimes, it takes more strength to say “no” when everyone else takes the easy way out by saying “yes” to war and militarism.

Nunca tengas miedo de decir lo que sientes, porque despúes será demasiado tarde. Cuando encuentres a una persona que te haga feliz y tú la hagas feliz a ella, no la dejes ir. No seas impaciente o te precipites con las discusiones o diferentes molestias que hayan entre ambos. Lastimablemente el amor es una necesidad del ser humano y muy pocos se escapan de ella. Trata de vivir como si nunca te fueran a romper el corazón, pues te arrepentirás si te reservas todo lo que hay en ti y no lo sacas cuando quieres. Sí, así es, “cuando quieres”, porque en realidad nunca hay momento adecuado.
—  A mess