Electromagnetic Fields, Mind Control, and the Impact of Consciousness On the External World

Dec. 6, 2016

Chemtrail skies over Frazier Park in the morning, orgone clouds in the distance.

For the past few days, the mornings have started with chemtrails a la 2011.  It’s been dreary, polluted, and not at all what would have been expected following the massive breaking down of the Northwest Frequency Fence.  Last month’s 500 towerbuster gifting of Northern California, Oregon, and the in depth gifting of Portland, unleashed a torrent of rain and snow from Canada to Baja California, and no one was left out from receiving precipitation.  The skies in Oregon turned from the flat grey caused by the continuous bombardment of the atmosphere with positively ionizing deadly radiation, to clean blue orgonite skies with defined clouds.

Energetically, planetary healing on this scale is quite exhausting.  Rainbow Thunder Heart, featured in the documentary Healing Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites, had done extensive work with crystal medicine wheels and ceremonies in the mid-2000s to stop the Super Volcano in Yellowstone from erupting and to end the drought in Big Bear, California.  He was successful in healing the energetic lines of the Earth and the atmosphere and despite all of the press about the Super Volcano and the “nuclear winter” it would cause, the eruption never occurred.  Big Bear saw incredible amounts of snow following his ceremonies, and the lake levels returned to normal.  We are all scalar energy conductors, according to experts like Ken Rohla and Dowin Gardner.  This means that we all generate orgone energy and with this life force energy, can affect great positive change in our world.  Wilhelm Reich found that his discovery of orgone energy, was the scientific discovery of the life force energy, or chi, which many cultures had already known about for eons.  We too have found in our work that there is a very close connection to our own energy fields and the success of our free energy devices.

Weather warfare over Pyramid Lake

With that said, we have found some more very important information which must be shared, and I hope that everyone will take this very seriously.  I have understood for some time the problems that wireless technologies cause for our health and mental well being.  It is becoming more known that there is a link between cell phones and cancer, and that using a wireless router, or having a smart meter on your house, can cause sleep issues and other health problems.  I have seen firsthand a direct correlation between cell towers in neighborhoods and increased crime and chaos, and that when these towers are neutralized with orgonite, there is a new sense of calm, peace, and friendliness among the people.  This comes from seeing the before and after of significant orgonite giftings in different urban areas.

Back in October of 2014, we had already removed the wifi from our home.  While having a friend visit, I had the notion to turn it on again temporarily for the convenience of our guest.  That night, I woke up every hour on the hour, and had the worst sleep I could remember in months.  The sky, which had been clear of chemtrails for five weeks at that point, was once again covered in chemtrails when I awoke the next morning.  Immediately, we saw that there was a relation between the wireless technology and the function of the orgone energy devices.  But it was not actually the devices that had ceased to work.  Orgonite never ceases to work.  It is a free energy device that generates orgone energy as long as it exists.  It was us that had been affected, and our own personal orgone energy had been compromised.

As orgonite helps to clear away the noise of electromagnetic fields so that our minds can function properly, our properly functioning minds also affect the orgone energy field of the device.  A human being with a positive mind can make the orgonite function much better than it would if it was made by someone who expected it not to work.  Rain dances and medicine wheel ceremonies are the natural generation of our own powerful orgone energy fields, so it would stand to reason that our energy fields can affect the devices.  In Healing Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites, the skies created by the ceremonies had the same spirals that we create with our energy devices.  The spiral is the shape of orgone energy, or a scalar vortex, which thrown pollution away from the Earth and neutralizes electromagnetic fields.

Triumph of clouds over Santa Clarita

We are under heavy mind control, to the point where some refer to the movie The Matrix as a documentary.  The world we think we are seeing is not at all what is really going on.  There is a holographic nature to our so called reality, but this is not a trick on us.  We actively participate in this world.  We do so whether we are conscious of it or not.  So when mainstream media implants images and ideas in our minds, we play out what the creators of that media want to see played out.  When we are told over and over again that this is the hottest year on record, even if it is not, we manifest the hottest year on record.  When we despair over drought, we help to create the drought.  We are under a constant psy-op when it comes to weather and much more.  In regards to weather, we have already proven that the temperatures and precipitation totals reported in the weather media do not reflect reality.  Last summer for a couple of weeks, I took photos of the actual temperature on our outdoor thermometer compared with what was reported on Weather.con and found discrepancies as high as 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  As expected, they were reporting much warmer temperatures than what the thermometer indicated, which is a basic part of the drought and global warming propaganda.  This is a perfect example of a media source implanting an idea into the collective mind, to be manifested in a quantum field.

The mind plays such an important role in shaping our world, and there is a science to this.  Gregg Braden talks about how our thoughts extend beyond the body and affect the quantum field around us.  Our energy fields are all interconnected and thus everything is connected energetically.  I cannot understate the necessity of turning off all wireless technologies in your home when they are not in use, and especially while sleeping.  I am not immune to these affects either.  For the past week, I have had terrible sleep, bad dreams, and tormented thoughts.  I have been angry and irritable, and have felt unhappy constantly.  I thought I had left this behind me with the introduction of orgonite into my life and by removing wireless technology from the home.  Today, when I looked at my cell phone, used only for travel, for the first time in a week, I saw that I had forgotten to wrap it in aluminum foil after its last use.  I had been doing this because it is always transmitting location data, even when off, and I have noticed that my moods are negatively affected when I don’t wrap it.  But at the same time, I didn’t take wrapping the phone very seriously.  Sure enough, I had been sleeping a few feet away from an EMF emitting device for a week, and I was positively miserable the whole time.  The skies also became much more polluted during this week of mental weakness and psychic attacks via this mind control device.

I was already in a weakened state from the exhaustion of the huge trip and the massive planetary healing operation we undertook.  Rainbow Thunder Heart died from stomach cancer after putting everything into traveling to different energy centers on the Earth and performing ceremonies to heal the land.  It is easy to succumb to illness when you put all your personal energy into healing such a large being as Mother Earth.  In this weakened state, I fell victim to the mind control executed through the forgotten cell phone in the closet.

So when I say to turn off the phones and wifi when sleeping, and whenever possible otherwise, I am not being dramatic.  This extreme psychological trauma of negative thoughts implanted in my mind over and over throughout the week was only worth it in terms of learning how deep the mind control goes.  These EMF devices are deliberately designed to be able to target individuals, and they know who you are and where you are because you carry the tracking device.  My thoughts were not my own.  I felt like I was losing my mind and that I needed psychiatric drugs.  This is not something I normally subscribe to.  Where did these thoughts come from?  I thought that the orgonite that we had placed for hundreds of miles wasn’t working because the sky was a nightmare.  Indeed, my life was a nightmare simply for overlooking the mind control device in the closet near my bed.  Orgonite makes EMF safer, but does not eliminate it.  The energetic bombardment in my area was extra high recently, and this was done to impair my abilities as a planetary healer, and was done out of anger for the gifting we did up north.

Hazy geoengineering meets orgonite clouds over Downtown Los Angeles

Today, after realizing that the unwrapped phone was the culprit behind my agony of the past week, the bad feelings melted away.  We drove from the mountains into Los Angeles, and the sky looked better everywhere else than it did at our house.  I saw even more clearly the psy-op of chemtrailing on specific targets, and that the orgonite that we placed in and around LA was still working well.  In fact, one of the palm tree cell towers in Santa Clarita was covered in birds, a sign that it has been neutralized.  So as the day went on, we saw more and more natural clouds despite the geoengineering.

Breaking chemtrails through the haze in Culver City

Call it a lesson learned. A graphite sky and chemical halo to end the day, after one week of energetic bombardment by an iPhone still emitting while powered down. On the plus side, none of the toxins were falling, and I did not experience the symptoms that used to come with skies like this. It’s a Culver City memory circa 2013, and much earlier for those who were looking up before me.

Just as it happened two years ago, allowing a reintroduction of deadly energy accompanied by a targeted psychic attack, caused a weakening in my mind and a return of sickening skies.  I’m excited to see the clean-up, as I am back in my power and understand that these thoughts were not my own, and were there to punish me and to thwart my efforts in expelling the parasites from this Earth.  It’s strange to think about everyone walking around with these smart phones, and how they would be completely different humans without them.  Not just different, but better.  This is not what the parasites want because we would become free from our mental prisons.  How much of what we think is really coming from our own consciousness? How much of it is coming from something else?  Do you want to be controlled, or do you want control of your own mind?

How to grow your own crystal precipitate tree

What’s needed:

  • 90 ml water
  • 6 tablespoons table salt (preferably uniodized)
  • 90 ml Mrs. Stewart’s liquid laundry bluing [manufacturer’s website] (Chemically known as ferric hexacyanoferrate, Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3 - Despite containing cyanide groups - they are so tightly bound to the iron that they pose little threat if ingested - it’s often used as a treatment for ingestion of radioactive elements Thallium and Cesium)
  • 15 ml household ammonia
  • Felt tip markers
  • Absorbent cardboard cut into the shape of a tree

Decorate the carboard tree with markers if desired. Dissolve all ingredients then place cardboard tree above so it’s just touching the solution. Alternatively dab the bluing on the tips of the carboard where you want crystals to form instead of adding it directly to the solution.

What happens:

As the water from the bluing and the clear water which is added evaporate, two things happen. The blue particles can no longer be supported and the excess salt cannot stay in solution. The salt crystallization process will take place around the blue particles as nuclei. Small amounts of ammonia are added to speed up the evaporation process. Ammonia evaporates very quickly and aids the other liquids to do the same. No chemical reaction occurs - this simply demonstrates the crystallization process.

Sources: 1. 2.

GIF video source

like sorry but there is never going to be a ship like swan queen again, the kind that makes me sob because PERFECT NARRATIVE omg. i mean yes these are two ladies who share a son but that isn’t what sets it up! it’s about the caster of the curse and the breaker of it being tied up together in this destiny that has had them manipulated and alone, that they’ve been miserable by their own design and by the design of others, that they both found love in this little boy and then each other. it’s about two people struggling against titles slapped upon them and then embracing them, about them then learning to cast them off and deconstruct them on their own!! which is what’s happening now with emma!! and yet they’re never the same stories, complementary without being repetitive.

it’s about the kind of slow burn that YOUR FAVES COULD NEVER where they loathed each other and it was never about some kind of endgame there, anything other than them being pitted against each other as rivals in every sense. and then a full season of them not knowing their places with each other, taking care of each other and fighting on opposite sides and hating each other and not all at once. and then a year of awkward almost-friendship and understated affection that EXPLODE into full-out hurt and need and love in the fourth season. it took four seasons of ongoing development for the two main characters for them to be unafraid of admitting that they care about each other. literally. where are you going to find a story as painstaking as this one.

and it’s very much because of the writers themselves and their attitude toward swan queen, which is a slow burn in itself. it’s about how gradually they came to love it and because of that the relationship has never been the writers’. the writers wrote characters and the characters were different, a female chosen one archetype and a female antihero archetype who have both taken roles that have been so inherently male in most prior fiction. and they began with magnificent chemistry and continue with it, no matter how these women change and develop. 

s1 emma and s1 regina are explosive together. s2 emma and s2 regina are complex and tentative together. s3 emma and and s3 regina are fitting into the new places they’ve made for themselves in s2 together. s4 emma and s4 regina are breathtakingly emotional together. each one is best suited for the other in that exact place. each one fits right as a character and still fits right in a relationship that was never intended to be that.

ladies!! dictated by patriarchal gamemakers!! pawns even when they’re dressed up as knights and queens!! and they step forward and reclaim their destiny and self-definition!! like i don’t know how this ship exists on a show that lacks all that complexity. i don’t know how they can be such narrative gold in a show that can’t handle it. but they’re the diamond in the rough and all that, polished because of its own resistance, because stories are so rarely written like this when they’re intentional. stories rush and stories focus on the big moments, the ratings sweeps, the delivery of the romance to an impatient audience, and rarely take their time to gradually allow the characters to grow together. goodbye.

Nunca tengas miedo de decir lo que sientes, porque despúes será demasiado tarde. Cuando encuentres a una persona que te haga feliz y tú la hagas feliz a ella, no la dejes ir. No seas impaciente o te precipites con las discusiones o diferentes molestias que hayan entre ambos. Lastimablemente el amor es una necesidad del ser humano y muy pocos se escapan de ella. Trata de vivir como si nunca te fueran a romper el corazón, pues te arrepentirás si te reservas todo lo que hay en ti y no lo sacas cuando quieres. Sí, así es, “cuando quieres”, porque en realidad nunca hay momento adecuado.
—  A mess

ecosystems → tropical rainforest

occur in areas of tropical rainforest climate in which there is no dry season – all months have an average precipitation of at least 60 mm – and may also be referred to as lowland equatorial evergreen rainforest. They rarely extend more than 10 degrees north or south of the equator and are a sub-set of the tropical forest biome type that occurs roughly within the 28 degree latitudes.

Poets are always taking the weather so personally. They’re always sticking their emotions in things that have no emotions.

J.D. Salinger, Nine Stories

(Me, every time there is any form of precipitation. Tonight, it’s rain.)


Latest Alex x Maggie content close up. [x,x]

As you can see evidenced by the weather in these photos, there’s a 92% chance of gay in upcoming episodes.

Our forecast suggests that Hurricane Sawyer will be making an entrance in the early episodes, upsetting the steady heteronormative weather we’ve been having lately.

Along with these Sapphic Storms you can expect close hand-to-boob proximity and Lesbian Leans™.

All in all, an upfront of warm wlw winds are going to be bringing a lot of precipitation to our lower regions, so be sure to bundle up in your flannels and leather jackets!