Six Things You Don’t Know About Snow

FACT #1: Snow covers 30 percent of land on Earth.

FACT #2: More than 1.2 billion people rely on melt from snowpack and glaciers.

FACT #3: Snowmelt is the main source of water for 60 million Americans.

FACT #4: Since 1967, 1 million square miles of spring snow cover has disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere – an area the size of the southwestern U.S.

FACT #5: 70 percent of water from the snow-fed San Joaquin River irrigates California’s Central Valley.

FACT #6: NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement mission observes falling snow, even at the tops of hurricanes.

Measuring how much water is in a snowpack is not easy. Scientists are investigating the best combination of sensors for different terrains. More accurate snow measurements will help scientists and decision makers better understand our world’s water supply and better predict floods and droughts.

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This is the real, untold story of the Inauguration Day protests the media never showed you

  • On the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, protests coursed through the streets of Washington, D.C., — the numbers not reaching the nearly half a million of the following day, but with thousands in the streets. 
  • Among them, a few dozen anti-fascists did things like set limos on fire, precipitating clashes with police.
  • The bulk of anti-Trump activists, who neither planned nor participated in any violence, were in Washington to carry out organized large-scale direct actions. 
  • Earlier in the day and elsewhere in the capital as that limo burned, thousands of demonstrators, protesters for climate justice, workers rights, indigenous struggles and the Black Lives Matter, marched in peace — without any police presence at all.
  • That’s not the story Americans saw on cable news, if they saw it at all. Tactical and effective nonviolent protests were erased in favor of riot porn and moral scolding. Read more.

i still maintain that anakin was great with younglings (and we have canon proof that he was a good teacher)

but anakin as a role model is a completely different matter. like the council probably had to put a stop to weekly lessons with master skywalker after one stormy afternoon at the temple

youngling, timidly raising her hand: master anakin, what happens if your lightsaber gets hit by lightning?

anakin: great question! come on, kids, let’s grab our rain ponchos and find out!

in other words, anakin is a more chaotic, less education-oriented ms frizzle

ecosystems → tropical rainforest

occur in areas of tropical rainforest climate in which there is no dry season – all months have an average precipitation of at least 60 mm – and may also be referred to as lowland equatorial evergreen rainforest. They rarely extend more than 10 degrees north or south of the equator and are a sub-set of the tropical forest biome type that occurs roughly within the 28 degree latitudes.


Precipitation of an organic molecule by adding its basic solution to hydrochloric acid. 

A crude product was purified by dissolving it in a lye solution, filtration and by the precipitation of the acid by adding it to a stronger acid (in this case HCl). Why could this help? Often while dissolving a compound in a base, impurities do not dissolve, therefore they could be removed by filtration. The opposite happens when this dissolved compound is precipitated by adding it to an acid: the compound crystallizes and could be filtered, and everything else stays in the solution and could be removed easily. 


People are loving this thundersnow!

The blizzard pounding parts of the Northeast United States is bringing out love for an evasive weather phenomenon: Thundersnow.

As the storm hit, people across the Northeast reported with glee, spottings of thundersnow — a thunderstorm with snow instead of rain.

What is thundersnow?

It seems odd to celebrate a storm that canceled flights and closed schools, but people are embracing the special feeling of hearing a loud thunder crash during a roaring blizzard. Plus, who could forget Weather Channel hypeman Jim Cantore’s epic thundersnow celebration from 2015?

hey so we often talk about how it’s never okay to out someone without their permission, but like

we don’t really talk about when we out someone without meaning to. Like, maybe you’re used to spending time with someone in a situation where they’re out, so then in a new setting you don’t even think about the fact that they may not be out there. Or you could assume that someone is out to a person who they are not. Or maybe you’re talking about something that in your mind is only tangentially related to someone’s identity, but to them feels like you’re outing them.

All those situations are STILL NOT OKAY. You may have had the best intentions and made an honest mistake, but you still fucked up. All you can do at that point is apologize and try to be more careful in the future. This doesn’t mean you are a terrible person or something, but it does deserve an apology, as you’ve potentially put this person at risk.

This reminder also applies to those of us who (for example) aren’t straight and out trans people or aren’t cis and out gay/bi/pan people. We need to remember to be good allies and recognize that we, too, can fuck up. And also if you out someone who has the same identity as you - that is also NEVER okay.

TL;DR: even if you out people by accident, it’s still a big problem because your intent doesn’t negate the potential harm you’ve caused, so apologize and try to do better in the future

EDIT: second-to-last paragraph edited because the previous wording apparently was confusing and could be interpreted like I was saying it’s okay to out someone with the same identity as you. Definitely not the case!! And sorry for it being confusing!

What a geode

Just to give you an idea of scale as it sits pretty on its pallet, the yellow calcite blade that grew within the cavity from a second generation of mineralised fluids (this one carbonate rich) is a metre or so long. Weighing in at over a metric ton and a half it originally formed as a large bubble in a basaltic lava, which remains as the greyish outer layer of the extracted piece. The hydrothermal system created by the interaction between the heat of the cooling lava and infiltrating groundwater mobilised silica and precipitated it as the first generation of gleaming amethyst crystals lining the inside of the cavity.

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