I just miss my best friend -- really miss her.

Her name is Diane Pearl Muyargas.

We are besties since I transferred in Ipil from Zamboanga City. We were classmates from Grade 5 until we graduated high school just this year. She was not my first best friend in Ipil but then we have lots of common interests that made us stick together. I love her will all my heart. In spite of all the misunderstandings we’ve been through, our friendship is still firm and I’m grateful for that. She is always there to listen and comfort me. It just touches my heart whenever she borrows other’s cellphone just to reply on my texts.

Right now, we are miles away from each other. She’s in Zamboanga. And I’m here in Manila. Living without her here by my side is like a life with no music. Yes, I have friends here but it’s just not that ultra happy like I’m with her. I so miss her – her laughs, cries, dramas, teases, and also her gluttony (yes, she’s obsessed with food like me). But despite the distance, both of us are still close like kambal tuko.

I’ll always be thankful to God for giving me one awesome angel in life. I can say, she is one of my treasures and I won’t let anyone break our friendship.

It’s not about checking off a list to cash in when you get to heaven. It’s about living out your relationship with Jesus, because that is the only thing that can’t be broken or stolen. Don’t worry about the currencies of the world, but focus on currencies of the heart. #PreciousTreasures #biblestudy