Silas/Caeldori PC Support

This was a much lighter, fluffier one, I think. Featuring some decisions I 100% stand behind, such as:

Taking how each of them work in the Mess Hall as canon on their quality of cooking

Sophie bringing her horse with her to a family picnic (I just realized though she may not be in the party when this happens… maybe the picnic is in her Deeprealms? I may just leave her out though ;.;)

C Rank:

Caeldori: Okay, weapons in place, armor cleaned, and- oh! Dad. Hello.

Silas: Hey, Caeldori, out for patrol?

Caeldori: Yes, just making sure our defenses are in place.

Silas: You’re such a hard worker, that’s incredible.

Caeldori: Oh please, this is nothing compared to how hard Father works. If anything, I’m simply trying to catch up.

Silas: Caeldori, you can’t be constantly comparing yourself to your father. You’ve been doing great work, there’s no need to diminish that. Who cares if you’re not perfect, you know?

Caeldori: So you’re saying that I’m still not as good as my father? Ergh… Excuse me, I have to go start patrolling.

Silas: Caeldori I- Blast. I guess I said the wrong thing… maybe a picnic would help? I’ll have to see if Subaki is free…

B Rank:

Silas: This wasn’t bad at all, right?

Subaki: Yes, thank you for the idea, a picnic was just what we needed. If it’s okay though, i must be off. Lady/Lord Corrin probably needs me to give a report on the next battle.

Sophie: Ah, I’m gonna go for a bit too. I made a mess on my way here, and I should try to help clean up. Let’s go Avel! Wait, Avel, wrong way! Augh!!

Caeldori: …

Silas: Is everything okay?

Caeldori: Father made the food, didn’t he?

Silas: Er, yeah, but it’s all of our favorite dishes. He even made some Nohr foods.

Caeldori: Look at how well done it is though. He’s even good at cooking, and I just feel like I’m still struggling to keep up.

Silas: Caeldori… look, don’t tell your father what I’m about to tell you, but honestly I think your food is better than his.

Caeldori: You don’t need to spare my feelings, Dad. I understand that I’m still behind, I just have that much more to work towards.

Silas: I mean it though. Sometimes I’m worried that your hero worship of your father is affecting how you see yourself.

Caeldori: Dad… you think so?

Silas: Can we just get off the topic? I’m afraid I’ll say something wrong again before long.

Caeldori: Hm, one more question.

Silas: Of course.

Caeldori: How did you first meet Father?

Silas: Oh. Well, I’m a little ashamed to say, but we met on the battlefield… as enemies.

Caeldori: You were fighting against him at the beginning?

Silas: I wouldn’t exactly say my heart was into it at first. After all, I couldn’t fight Corrin easily. But yeah, we began as enemies. Obviously things grew from there.

Caeldori: Hm… two men, in opposition at first… each fighting for a cause they believe in…

Silas: W-well, I just said I wasn’t exactly committed-

Caeldori: As hostilities are settled… hm, this is kind of thrilling, isn’t it?

Silas: What is?

Caeldori: Hehe, your story sounds exactly like a romance novel, don’t you think?

Silas: W-what?

Caeldori: It’s silly, these stories, but yours has the makings of quite a lovely one. Maybe I should consider asking others what they think…

Silas: C-Caeldori wait… don’t go circulating that! Oh jeez… Well, at least she’s in better spirits, right?

A Rank:

Caeldori: You were almost executed for that?

Silas: If Corrin hadn’t stepped in then, I would have been.

Caeldori: So knowing the risks, you still snuck out your dear friend… You’re quite the hero, Dad.

Silas: Oh please, I was just a kid trying to help my best friend.

Caeldori: Perhaps, but it’s still such an admirable goal, don’t you think?

Silas: I guess you’re right.

Caeldori: Hm…

Silas: What’s on your mind?

Caeldori: Ah, it’s silly.

Silas: Is it more on that novel thing?

Caeldori: No, it’s just… I have two wonderful dads. I feel like sometimes I take that for granted.

Silas: Caeldori, that means a lot to me to hear you say that.

Caeldori: I understand that it was hard to visit all the time we Sophie and I were younger, but I feel truly fortunate that you’re both here to care for us now.

Silas: Of course. Your father and I are always going to be here for you.

Caeldori:I’m sorry for making you worry earlier.

Silas: It’s okay. I understand how important it feels to keep up with Subaki. He inspires me to try harder during practice every day.

Caeldori: Ah, striving to be like him too?

Silas: Not exactly, I think that’s just a part of our relationship. Though, if you must know…

Caeldori: What?

Silas: Well, Subaki looks to us as well for inspiration.

Caeldori: Enough games, Dad.

Silas: I’m serious! He says that it’s truly magnificent to see you work, and that he’s inspired to work twice as hard for our sake.

Caeldori: Really?

Silas: If I had to guess, I’d say that’s what makes a good family. One that inspires each other to do better, right?

Caeldori: I think you’re right. Ah…

Silas: Is everything okay?

Caeldori: Yes, just… I love you, Dad. Thank you.

Silas: Anytime.