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Hello! How would VIXX react if they see you staring and smiling motherly to your newborn while he/she is sleeping? :) Thank you! :)

MORE BIAS GROUP FEELS!!! ACK, HOW THIS QUESTION SLAYS ME. Alright, I’ll try to do this without hyperventilating……

N: She’s my perfect wife

Leo: How could our family be any better?

Ken: She’s the perfect mother

Ravi: You really are, so caring…..

Hongbin: My family is so precious

Hyuk: I don’t know which one of you is more cute right now…..

So, yeah, I was fangirling throughout all of this. OH, this group makes my life so much better. If you haven’t already, follow for more content. Making content this quick? How doe she do it? I don’t know how I manage it either, but at least it’s all getting done, right? Until the next post, I hope you liked this reaction and I hope you have a good day anon!