Man is a like a desert without the rain of a woman. Nothing can be born and grown without her nourishment. She is a life-giving river that gives and loves without holding anything back. And without her water, man would walk around aimlessly, feeling incomplete and hollow like an empty well. The longer he roams, the deeper the hole within his soul expands, growing bigger and bigger like a barren tree whose branches resemble the cracks on hard, dry soil. And he shall continue to feel incomplete and malnourished, until he encounters a godly woman. To show him life and quench his thirst.”  
~ Suzy Kassem

~ Art Raymond Meier Photography
~ Motion Effects by George RedHawk ~ DarkAngelOne

idk why ppl act like funny women are a rare precious commodity when every woman i know is a got damn comedian and i’ve met maybe two intentionally funny men in my lifetime 


First time u see Danse out of his power armour

“There is immense pressure to look a certain way and that’s not just for an actress. It is a difficult thing for any young woman to navigate. You see a picture of me and I’m too skinny, or you see a picture of me in a bikini and I’ve got cellulite, and both of those are bad things. This idea of anybody that could possibly be perfect is, again, ridiculous.” - Keira Knightley