Dr. Carlyle: Damn shame about your dad, though. I’m sorry we couldn’t save him.

Ryder: I haven’t heard how he died?

Dr. Carlyle: Like a hero, that’s how. That’s the only part that matters.

So, to recap:

- SAM can dramatically influence the Pathfinder’s vital functions, which would come in handy in a situation that demands lower metabolic and respiratory rates due to toxic / low oxygen atmosphere

- Alec Ryder has a history of putting dying people into stasis and then covering it up

- The medic in charge is being rather fishy about the details of Alec’s death

- We never actually see Alec’s body

 Look, I’m not saying that there is actual evidence that Space Dad is chilling it somewhere in the Hyperion’s cryo bay. I’m just saying that when they eventually get Ellen out of stasis, they better check the pod right next to hers to make sure they don’t leave anyone out of the family reunion.

(And yes, I fully realise that these things can be explained in entirely different ways. But none those fulfil my overwhelming need to give my precious messed up space family a happy ending, so kindly take your “logic” and “reason” and “common sense” out of my face and let me live in happy denial, okay? Thank you ✿)