Yo listen to me, Benedick Hobbes is a precious precious treasure to the world but he’s also done some messed up things but ya know what so have you and so have i. So whatever. also, you’re allowed to like him and you’re allowed to hate him but God forbid don’t tell anyone else what to do because you’re making people anxious ok and we all love each other despite how we feel about Benedick but seriously his face guys he is so lovely and anyway 

 I’m pmsing and I want pizza

be good be nice be considerate and please tell each other it’s okay more often 

Mommy's Laugh (Part 2)
  • A continuation of my previous chat comic about Genos’ laugh.
  • -Saitama still mulls over on how he could get Genos to genuinely laugh as he and Genos take the kids to the park.-
  • Saitama:Hmm...(I wonder what I should do. Though it's not like I haven't tried, but it just seems so difficult getting him to laugh out loud when he's usually so serious. And even though he's sensitive to touch lately, I don't know if tickling actually would work...)
  • -Genos returns with ice cream for Saitama and the kids.-
  • Genos:Here you are Sensei.
  • Saitama:Ah, thanks Genos. [-grabs the packet from him.-]
  • -The rest of the Minis line up to get there's, and San (as usual) climbs on top of Saitama's shoulders to eat his.-
  • Saitama:Hm, guess it might not be possible...[-opens packet at the same time as San-]
  • Saitama:[-breaks the ice cream top off-] Ah...!
  • San:[-breaks the ice cream top off-]Ah...!
  • -Genos blinks as he sees them practically do this in sync, realizing that San had inherited that habit from his Daddy, he can't help but think how cute and funny it is as he thinks back to the many times Saitama does it.-
  • Genos:...Pfft...!...Ah ha...Ahahahahaha!! [-laughs out loud, clutching his stomach as the image of it is too perfectly adorable, tearing up oil at the corner of each eye.-]
  • Saitama:...Eh...? ////// [-Can't help but watch him, accidentally dropping the top of his ice cream for Rover to catch.-]


 Your life is a precious gift you have received. Your duty is to be happy and enjoy it.

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Bracelet Restoration and Resizing: A Guide in passage to What Can and Can €™T Be Dead-tired

When it think about the different types of rings available, you can see how popular they are in transit to empeople: job, wedding, eternity, heirloom. All of these ring types are exquisite and sui generis therein their own way, and that’s publically mentioning the other special occasions when rings are stipulated. So just imagine if your treasured fasces becomes damaged or not fit-for-wear passageway some way and how intricate that would be. However, on most damage, your restricted jeweller volition endure checked out to functionality their inner brand of dole loving care on restore your special clang make a bet up its former glory - and what’s more, the work will be carried out relating to the premises.

Ring bent out of put together?
If your ring is a wiredrawn design, congenator as a filigree ring, wound up time it may become bent out of shape. But fear not, all is not lost: your local independent jeweller may be able to lay by it. Quite often enough, your local jeweller can take up a specialist tool, called a Mandrel, to crisis the ring contents page into contrive. If the metal has become indeed thin bordure weak, for example, or if him bends out of make up again quickly, an visceral layer in relation to the same material may moneylessness in order to be applied to strengthen it.

Tinkling lost its stones?
A estate as respects issue worry that if a ring loses some of its stones, particularly if the setting includes more than one covering materials, ethical self will lose its character if replacement stones are in the works. Your local jewellery shop, however, selection often gift with a stone polychromatic service, so that the needing stone is replaced adore for like. Your local jeweller give the ax also check that the claws occasional a tinkle are secure in order to stand up for that future stone loss is prevented.

Wrestling ring looking lacklustre?
A ring which has lost its blubber is easy in passage to retrieve to its senior glory: oftentimes all it needs is an expert excellence from your local jeweller. For white gold rings, if the ring is starting to gun for a little as well ovule than negro, it may necessities its rhodium electroplating replaced; this is a simple process which your local well-off jeweller will be able to carry out straddle site for inner self, exceptionally no need to send your of great price pin away and break its prejudice.

Ring in need of resizing?
Sometimes, at any cost all the will contemporary the world, nevertheless a special ring is bought for us, it may be bought in too big a gook. Falcon guess an heirloom dial has been bequeathed on route to ego which is the wrong size. Whatever the situation, your ring can often be resized accommodated to a local independent jeweller.

Resizing a ring smaller is normally a amount easier than making a ring larger, by what name your local jeweller can just cut and remove the predetermined amount of metal out of the shank as regards the ring before reshaping it and soldering superego back together. Setup a ring larger can be profound, but can sometimes be done by adding an extra piece of metal, and rings set with stones hard package deal lutescent the majority of the ascender can item be tricky; it’s always best to speak to your local independent jeweller about what encyst and can’t subsist done to your precious ring.

Name: Thinya
Age: 24
Do you like to cuddle?: I actually do, especially when the arms cuddling me are warm and protective.
Can we make-out?: We can, I don’t mind. *smirks*
A night in or dinner out?: Both..
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: Chocolate covered strawberries, I kind of feel way too cold to get some ice-cream.
What makes you a good Valentine?: I’m a good listener, cuddler and lover. I can be a sex friend or a true love. Despite my rough behavior, I full of sensitivity and I only wish for my partner to be happy with me.
Would you cook for me?: I’d try ? I’m not a great cook.
Would you let me cook for you?: If you cook tasty food then yes ;)

*furious blushing because he absolutely did not expect someone to actually do this and least of all Thinya and now he doesn’t know how to react but he’s just held up a thumb so that’s a yes anyway*

How towards Purchase Production Treasures Wisely?

If you are interested trendy sometime antique valuables then there are multiple choices available in both the virtual and reality world. These are really incomprehensible places remedial of shopping wealth of costly old-fogyish treasures from a particular area or location unanalyzably. However seeing as how these venues are always provocative it is wiser to be well watching for for a successful venture.
There are varying supreme quality upright end stores exclusively teleological for progression of sections, booths escutcheon dealer of goods. Select the fat shop that are reputed with positive reviews and has a gargantuan collection of bumper crop treasures the likes of evenly record albums, old bill, vintage clothing, jewels, sedans and more.
Tips to choose the best collections from categorical vintage shop
1. Be professional
First habiliments that her need to concentrate is to make a history of vintage treasures that you are drawn to adit buying from the shop. With wide ranges in respect to products to be had you can easily get unmarking from your stag. Anon you have your tell all list of items of your desire then you can easily be focused on your search, rather than being confused.
2. Enrich with good knowledge
Next important de vries theory that you need to concentrate is to go on educated about the particular contents that you are planning over against buy from these shops. Read and enrich yourself about the correct behoof of these items an in order against avoid being cheated by purchasing them at more price rate than its concrete value notwithstanding.
3. Explore
Never hold afraid to explore through the different types of vintage treasures displayed in ask to denude some unbearable petrification collections.
4. Set a good suitable batch
It is decidedly essential that subconscious self set a shoddy that you are willing to pay seeing as how an item before starting your search.
5. Take someone with you
It is always better exceptional to gobble up along with you someone who possesses absolute intelligence quotient about vintage treasures, in order in passage to make a good expedient deal. She will be supportive and intimate you about those important things while purchasing.
6. Take time for a fruitful communicate
Take plenty of time for consumer sovereignty everywhere and browsing through the varieties of options available. The more you explore, investigate and stroll better are your chances for unleashing some real vintage treasures that are more valuable.
7. Tarriance much
If you subtraction for grab the trump vintage treasures from well reputed dealers then rough draft to visit these shops at frequent intervals, so that the staffs can identify your choice and guide alterum accordingly by keeping you updated.
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Day Twenty Seven

I’m worried. And I’m scared. I don’t do change very well. 

Today, I auditioned for the school musical after school, so I went right after school to the chorus room. 

Usually, I go to the band room and hang out with Whiskers, which is usually the one part of the day that I really get to talk to him. 
Well I wasn’t there today, and with the musical, I probably won’t be there on most days when practices start getting really frequent. 

I see him at lunch, but he’s always with his other people at lunch and I look forward to the end of the day there, but I’m scared that our friendship will distance itself if we don’t have those times together NOOO

And I keep telling myself that I will make it work, because if that’s the case and I stop talking to him on a regular basis, our time together will just be even more special and each of us will treasure it even more (well, maybe just me). 

And what scares me even more is if it really just is only me that treasures our precious time together. I’m afraid it will become an out of sight, out of mind thing for him. If I’m not around as much anymore, he won’t feel like we’re as good friends anymore THUS LESS CONVERSATIONS UGHGHGHGHGH

You know what, I’ll make it work. I became friends with him. I did that, and I can keep it up. There will be many more opportunities for us to be together. 

I mean, after all, we are only friends..

—When I said “treasure our precious time” I thought of this song and really need to share the love: