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For the drabble thing Piper x Reyna 36/42

36. Precious Treasure

“My most precious treasure,” Reyna murmured, brushing the bangs from Piper’s face. 

“Oh, wow,” Piper replied, voice thick with sleep. She cracked one of her eyes open and grinned. “That’s pretty corny for the recently self-proclaimed pirate queen.”

Reyna glowered and stole her hands away, shuffling away from the bed to the center of the cabin to smooth out the flaps of her black coat in some kind of grand display of dignity. “I see your recovery is coming along fine.”

“I’d be better if you were in bed with me,” Piper said slyly, rolling over to prop her head on her hand. Her injuries protested the action, however, and Piper dropped onto her back with a wince. “It’d be better if I hadn’t thrown myself off that fort balcony.” 

“Yes,” Reyna said, walking back to the bed. Her eyes roamed Piper’s form in her usually soul-stripping way, obviously documenting the stage of Piper’s recovery. Her eyes narrowed. “And you’ll be punished for that later.”

Piper groaned in order to hide her smile. “But I saved the day!”

“And I get to clean up,” Reyna said, referring to the 10 or so ships and the fort that now fell under Reyna’s command. “Speaking of–”

“You’re not staying?” Piper sat up as quick as her wounds would allow. The room spun.

“I stayed long enough.” Reyna said, and then after a moment’s hesitation, bent over and gave Piper a light kiss on her forehead. 

“I was asleep,” Piper whined, “this isn’t fair.”

“I’ll come by later,” Reyna said as she straightened. “We can have dinner together.”

“I can’t believe you’re making your ‘most precious treasure’ wait like this.”

“I changed my mind. You can dine alone.”


Not my video, but I just found this and it’s wonderful and uses one of my favorite anime songs and made my day so I’m sharing it. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

Yooo, look, I did a thing! I dunno if you even remember the picture, but I was HORRIBLY bored. It’s not much or impressibe, especially not since you’re an artist, too, but I figured I’d throw it at you.

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This is the second and final part of my headcanons for the Garigari family. This time, there is less focus on the ancestors (even though those were more fun to create character designs for :’D ).

Each character’s bio/history is under the cut, though I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you’re uncomfortable with mentions of abuse, self harm/suicide, and murder.

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