Jung Hoseok

A lovely, funny, loyal, caring, hardworking, loud, handsome, talented precious little sunshine. This list can go on and on and on.

Give him the love he deserves. Give him the praise he deserves. Give him the attention he deserves. Give him the respect he deserves. 

Jung Hoseok deserves the best. Don’t ignore him. 

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Here, have this precious little Smoothie

Design by @ravenpember-dtd
Child of @amber-acrylic ’s Soul!sans
When I draw this bab, I’m just going to tag @ask-blueberry-sans

I just went to Target

to buy a new office chair that’s more comfy for… you know.. long sits while making and mixing music.

And I was wandering around trying to find where the chairs were, and this little white kid that must have been like 13 at least ran from aisle to aisle to catch up with me to tell me “You’re really pretty!”

Omg little boy i look a hot mess oily face straight from work in an over sized hoodie and big old bulky timberland boots. Thank youuuuuu *cries*

“don’t talk to me or any of my poorly-drawn ruris ever again”

might be working on more pokemon mystery dungeon crossover sketches, might not, who knows. but @ghostric and @iamcelestos​ got me brainstorming this one!!

Shun is a member of the foreign Team Resistance, a guild that was formed… to resist something? His past is shrouded in mystery, and he won’t open up easily to Yuya! The other members of his team are Yuto - a Noibat - and his little sister, Ruri - an Oricorio.

When Shun first came to town, searching for his teammates, he originally mistook Yuzu for Ruri, but that was quickly resolved. Ever since then, he can occasionally be found in the skies above town or the forest surrounding the area, keeping a keen eye out for any sign of his precious little sister or his best friend. There are rumors that he’s working with the exploration prodigy, Reiji - the current guildmaster of the town’s most prominent guild - but nobody is brave enough to actually speak to Shun, let alone ask him questions. It’s said that he’s a rather unpleasant Unfezant.

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"The princess has taken an interest in swordplay, Your Grace. What do you say to this?"

Elizabeth widened her eyes. Her little precious baby? With a sword? Oh fuck yes. “I say she be trained appropriately so as to avoid any harm being caused to herself.” Her expression darkened a little. “I want her kill-ready by the end of the month.”


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Okay, so Klavier kind of felt bad as he sat snickering behind his desk at work. And then felt even worse even giving an audible ‘awh’ as he read his brother’s texts. That is, until he got to the last one…

[text: Bruder] what do you MEAN that people MIGHT think that

[text: Bruder] is it not TRUE that you are a fan of your PRECIOUS LITTLE BROTHER’S band?

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Ouch sorry to hear that about chapter2 o-o|| i know how that feels both w/writing and art cuz of program crashes but im sure you can remember most of what you wrote ^^|| after all i believe in you we all do X3 *gives you a hug* it'll be alright okay?

Y-yes, I kinda remember…
But you know It’s hard for me to write in english so i spent a lot of time to search for words and meanings, correcting stuff and all that mess.

I’m so jaded XD

The program was supposed to auto save every minute but IT DIDN’T and of course the file recovery FAILED.


I can do it all again. I’m just sad to take that much time.  T_T 
But you guys are precious comprehensive little ones so it’s okay.

After a scene where Charidynn has to be….Charidynn….Graye usually goes out and buys little gifts for the actors who had to suffer The King’s wrath.

Nearly everyone has had a gift or two from Graye. Even the non-acting staff. Being generous helps him stay the person he is while portraying someone so inhumane.

That, and hugging his precious little girl after a baddie scene.