Ghostbusters stunt doubles on their last day. They choreographed a dance.

First kiss Headcanon:

Erin doesn’t realize it but she starts tiptoeing around Jillian a little bit. because she’s suddenly so over her thing with Kevin, and now she’s having trouble talking to…Holtz instead? And it’s super embarrassing and super confusing so she doesn’t talk much at all when they’re alone. After a few weeks of this, she sees that Jillian is starting to seem a little hurt by her silence. It makes sense. They used to stay up well past when the others went to bed, talking about their favorite ghost stories and their shared interest in biochemistry -which is so outside both of their fields that they found it cute, and funny, something special to share- and their favorite types of music. Now that Erin is so tongue tied though, she doesn’t think she can even mention Devo or Debarge to her friend without blushing.

One night, Holtzmann is working on tuning up the proton packs, and she’s shimmying to Highway to Hell - who knew anyone could shimmy to that? Erin is pleasantly surprised - it’s so pleasant in fact that Erin gets up from her spot on the couch across the room and walks over to her, a heavy vibrating feeling in her stomach the whole way, and turns the radio off with an abrupt *click*. Jillian stands up straight, head-cocked and eyes wide like a puppy, and Erin can’t take it! That’s IT! Before she even realizes what she’s doing, she’s speaking and moving closer to the engineer. “Don’t move.”
“Do I have a bee on me? Shit, babe, thank god I told you I was allergic, you gotta kill it, no, trap it - uh -”
Erin touches Jill’s cheek and she stops talking. Closes her mouth in slow motion. Takes in her friend’s flushed nose and shaky hands, gets a chill down her back as Erin timidly asserts again, “please just don’t move. Um. At all.”
And there’s suddenly a pair of soft lips on hers.
Erin is at first put off by Holtzmann not kissing back but then she realizes - oh- she told her not to move and she’s just listening. Too well. She giggles and Holtzmann’s hands are clenched in her pants pockets, she’s shaking too with the effort of not lunging forward - and then Erin bites down playfully on her lip -

They wrench apart from each other.
“Oh my god did I hurt you???“Erin is honestly about to cry. And then she sees something she’d never thought she’d see. Jillian Holtzmann blushing. And… picking at her pants? Pulling DOWN her pants?
"Ah. Haha no. I had a power screwdriver in my hand and then I put my hands in my pockets because it was so hard not to touch you and when you bit my lip I squeezed the trigger and I gave myself abadwedgie” she rushes out, looking like she’s about to start laughing despite her embarrassed hue.
“Ohmygod.” Erin snorts, and then covers her mouth and nose in mortification. Holtz makes a show of dropping the power tool onto the ground and advances towards her, a coy smile in place, and then she winks, and Erin thinks “there’s my Jillian.”

“Wh -what?”
“Kiss me again.”

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The Vampire Diaries 6x22 Recap

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Strange waited, but Norrell continued to gaze at the book in his hand as though he were entirely at a loss as to how to proceed. “Then you must give it to me, sir,” said Strange gently.

Yes, indeed,” said Mr Norrell. He approached Strange cautiously and held the book out for several moments, before suddenly tipping it up and off into Strange’s hand with an odd gesture, as though it was not a book at all, but a small bird which clung to him and would on no account go to any one else, so that he was obliged to trick it into leaving his hand. He was so intent upon this manoeuvre that fortunately he did not look up at Strange who was trying not to laugh.