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did you notice the way that dipper grabbed at his chest when he got a little overwhelmed in this new episode? I was honestly kind of heartbroken seeing that...he did the same thing when he thought Robbie was going to beat him up, but it's just such a dead giveaway of how anxious he is and how much it's harming him

yeah i did! he didn’t just grab his chest this time tho. he dropped to one knee and was hunched over on the ground actually having a small anxiety attack 

this is all moving way too fast!

(I’ve never related more tbh)

he also disappears into hat town and hyperventilates for a good couple seconds trying to wrestle his anxiety down when all the girls confront him and he doesn’t want to hurt their feelings

in both instances he recovers really quickly, probably because he’s not alone. He usually tries really hard to put up a calm, confident facade. He’s definitely the kind of person that doesn’t like other people seeing him break down.

Dipper’s always been an anxious little ball of fluff, but I think it’s only gotten worse over the course of the series, especially considering most of what’s happened in s2. His mental health really concerns me.