Part Of The Family

RWhen Adrien’s father doesn’t come to his graduation, the entire Dupain-Cheng family does something a little special to make him feel like he’s cared about…

Once Marinette’s name was called, she nervously walked to the center of the stage to take her diploma. As soon as she stopped in the center, an attack of camera flashes went off, and Marinette’s family was screaming and hollering about their beautiful baby. Marinette could make out a few “That’s my girl!”’s from her father, and some very loud shrieks of her name. She saw cousins, uncles, and aunts waving around teddy bears, and throwing flowers. She even saw her aunt Chi use a confetti popper.

While Marinette awkwardly waited for her family to cease the photos and flower throwing, she looked back to the line of students and saw Chloé click her tongue at the attention she was getting. ‘Hah. Serves her right seeing someone else in the spotlight for once.’ she thought. Unfortunately, Marinette didn’t exactly revel in the spotlight herself. She felt her cheeks heat up, and figured her family had taken enough pictures, and thrown enough flora.

To her family’s dismay, the embarrassed Marinette quickly walked to the other side of the stage, and gave a final wave, diploma-and the collected flowers- in hand. She felt butterflies in her stomach, and thought about how, still embarrassed, but happy she was to see her family again, and all of them being so excited to see her. She hugged the diploma close to her chest, and grabbed a seat backstage.

Name after name was called, the other students all not getting as much applause as Marinette, and before the class knew it, the final name was called up. As soon as Adrien heard it was time to pick up his diploma, he shyly walked on stage…

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anonymous asked:

did you notice the way that dipper grabbed at his chest when he got a little overwhelmed in this new episode? I was honestly kind of heartbroken seeing that...he did the same thing when he thought Robbie was going to beat him up, but it's just such a dead giveaway of how anxious he is and how much it's harming him

yeah i did! he didn’t just grab his chest this time tho. he dropped to one knee and was hunched over on the ground actually having a small anxiety attack 

this is all moving way too fast!

(I’ve never related more tbh)

he also disappears into hat town and hyperventilates for a good couple seconds trying to wrestle his anxiety down when all the girls confront him and he doesn’t want to hurt their feelings

in both instances he recovers really quickly, probably because he’s not alone. He usually tries really hard to put up a calm, confident facade. He’s definitely the kind of person that doesn’t like other people seeing him break down.

Dipper’s always been an anxious little ball of fluff, but I think it’s only gotten worse over the course of the series, especially considering most of what’s happened in s2. His mental health really concerns me.