I know it’s still a WIP, but I feel like the Reylo shippers need something to lighten up their day. They are a wonderful community full of talented and creative writers, artists, and just all-around awesome people, and I’m glad to spectate everything you do for the fandom. So even if this contribution of mine is small, I hope it’s worth something, even if it only brings out a smile. Again, y’all are amazing, and no hate of any kind could ruin my love for you and this ship. <3

Reylo forever and ever and canon. Amen. 

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So this is my roommate Ben. Ben is a person lacking motivation haha, he hardly leaves the house, he has never asked a girl out in his life, he’s never even seriously been INTERESTED in a girl enough to do anything about it. He doesn’t hook up with anyone, he’s just always alone all of the time. He doesn’t flirt, he doesn’t react, he literally has no motivation….until now :)

I thought he was kidding last Friday when he said he was hanging out with a girl for the first time, he makes weird jokes a lot…..until she knocked on our front door. I knew something was different, because this kid had cleaned our entire kitchen spotless, wiped it all down, cleaned the bathroom, his room, did all the dishes, and put on ambient music and lighting in the living room……and then it turns out he asked out this baker chick, something he’s NEVER done. And they’ve hung out every night now since, she comes over and watches movies with us and plays Catan, and I’ve never seen this kid make or keep plans so many times in a row….ever. He’s the least reliable person haha. And every night they cuddle and hold hands, but they still haven’t kissed yet. He made her dinner even. He said he’s taking it slow, and I find this the cutest thing I have ever seen…Ben finally found a girl that he likes enough to motivate himself to try with, and it is adorable, they are so adorable, and it makes me so happy to see him so happy, to see them cuddling on our couch during Idiocracy. She’s so nice, innocent but not naive, I completely approve, and their pace seems really healthy for both of them.

I love Ben, he’s my roommate and one of my best friends. I couldn’t be happier for him, or more proud of him for finding motivation and someone that seems to fit really well with him. The simple changes are already amazing, he’s excited about something, which is not normally a thing. I’m just so happy for him :)