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It's 2017. Tourmaline is now at 300 chapters. Riots are held in the streets as the author goes underground. Candlelight vigils are held in the streets for the precious watermelon child. Rebecca Sugar vows to bring author to justice.

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*snrk* It’s 2017. Tourmaline is now 300 chapters. Steven has died at least 7 times by now and keeps coming back. No one knows if Peridot is a villain or not it just keeps waffling. Cinnabar’s been swapped out for Yellow Diamond, who’s been swapped out for her superior, who’s been swapped out for her superior. The threat just keeps building. Steven got married to Connie back in chapter 107 and now has three kids; they each have their own subplot. Lapis came back for a fifty chapter stint and no one really knows why. Howlite was the true villain all along.

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오랫만에 부산가는길에 영상좀 찍어보려햇더니… 내 아까운 수박 흐어어어어어어어어어 #나라 #헬로비너스 #난예술이야 #부산 #불쌍 #수박님 

I took video after a long time on my way to Busan… My precious watermelon heuooooooooo #nara #hellovenus #imart #Busan #Pitiful #mrwatermelon

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