precious teddy bear

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Your asks made my week SO much better. I've got a crap ton of tedious document work to do and it's making me wanna pull my hair out, but your asks keep me sane and I just wanna send you a big hug for that! *HUGS* Also, Hunk is my precious teddy bear of son and it makes me feel very good knowing I'm not the only one that appreciates him \(^.^)/

!! omg thank you!! i hope your week gets even better!! 

i love hunk so much 

Name: Carolyn

Age: 29

Location: United States

Occupation: Student


I know I’m old to have a teddy bear, but I think of him more as a peer. He’s been my travel buddy since my grandma gave him to me when I was 19. He was part of a shampoo and conditioner gift basket. His name is Oslo, and he’s had his photo taken in front of countless tourist spots in Europe. He’s a bear of the world.

My favorite writer is Stuart Dybek, and my second year of graduate school, I got to introduce him at a reading–and it was the most harrowing experience of my life. And I was so honored. I didn’t have a hard copy of a book of his on hand at the signing, so I had him sign my Kindle case. I don’t even have that kind of Kindle anymore but I keep the case because it bears his signature.

My junior year of undergrad, my friends and I went to one of our friends’ beach house out near Montauk in chilly December. It was a perfect weekend, so much fun. So, I took these perfect stones from the beach to remember the moment.

Ever since becoming a minimalist, I’m not one to have objects of sentimental value lying around, but I can’t let these go.

shut the front door

wait no, hold the front door for just a motherfucking second.

what is the bear wearing?

what is the damn bear wearing???

someone literally made a teddy bear with otabek’s outfit and he is holding it

this is the most precious thing in the world you cannot tell me otherwise

Why can a twenty-something-year-old idol walk through a crowded airport with a stuffed animal but my twenty-something-year-old self can’t even go to bed with my precious teddy bear without getting nagged about growing up

Also how does he look handsome even with a hippo plushie but people just mistake me for ten

Why is there so much injustice in the world

Because when is not Raph and Chompy Picasso the most adorable thing in the whole frickin’ world!? T______T I mean, just look at these lil’ cuties! LOOK!

Gah…. These two better have cute as fuck moments in the new episodes…. If I’m not gonna get Raphril, give me at least this dammit…