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^^^me!! so here, have a fanfic! (if you wish)

College/University AU, Felix Kjellberg/Sean McLoughlin (aka jelix, septicpie), Ken/Mary, Mark/Amy, implied Marzia Bisognin/Signe Hansen, past Felix/Marzia

Very fluffy! Everything is nice and nothing hurts. Felix is a ray of precious, positive, nice sunshine. Sean is loud and sassy. PJ ships it. What’s new?

No offence whatsoever intended!!

Enjoy! :) 

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Planica- Sunday, 26. 3. 2017 -RECAP

1. The moment i stepped out of the bus and saw the hill i got tears in my eyes idk man.
2. Stephan. Leyhe. Is. A. Precious. Sunshine. That. Should. Be. Protected. At. All. Costs.
3. Walter Hofer struggling to get on the tribune was probably one of the highlights.
4. I saw the Leyhe/Geiger hug but my SD card managed to magicaly delete just that photo.
5. I kinda got butterflies in my stomach every time Wellinger smiled.
6. Pero was so happy about his jump and it made me super happy for him.
7. Hayböck literally stopped in his tracks when he heard that Kraft was going to jump next and when he jumped 250m he smiled so bright the whole area basically lit up.
8. So my dad apparently went straight up to Kasai, patted him on his back and told him that he is the best and Noriaki just thanked him, smiled and gave the autograph and i didn’t see any of it?!?
9. Tande jumping really good in the trial round made my day.
10. The atmosphere in Planica is just so amazing i actually couldn’t believe that everyone was cheering for everyone it was so good.
11. The rain kinda messed everything up again but at least everybody jumped at least once and noone got injured.
12. Jernej Damjan in the leader box and his pure happiness is what i live for.
13. At one point the Norwegians just kinda showed up in front of me and it was so overwhelming and all i could do was just take millions of pictures.
14. Kraft on the overall podium gave me so much chills and when he started crying it was such a happy moment i just wanted to hig him.
15. Overall the weather was good while it lasted and even tho the decision of canceling the final round was really quick they did the right thing because it started raining just a couple of minutes later and the conditions would get even worse so it wouldn’t be fair.
16. I had so much fun and it was really great and now my heart is filled with pure joy but i just wished i could be confident enought to actually go and ask for a selfie with someone instead of just taking pictures of them walking by.

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I never realized before that the Outlaws basically had a corresponding member for each of the Big 3! Lol, how dense am I right xD thank you for making me aware of that

Yeah, DC’s marketing thing for them is ‘Dark Trinity’ which is clearly based entirely on the concept and not the execution because they’re precious sunshine babies. 

a shot of whiskey (m.)

Summary“So… wanna join the mile-high club?” You and Hoseok sign up for a  premium membership. (Vampire!Hoseok)

Genre: Smut, Romance, Supernatural

Rating: Mature (18+ please) (graphic description sex, semi-public sex (airplane), wall sex, slight dirty talk, blood drinking)

Length: 6K

Sweeter than Sweet Masterlist (series)

A/N: <3

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