precious shits

@lauravian submitted: ok ok ok ok but how about Yuuri, Victor AND Makkachin in crop tops??

/C R I E S

It’s maybe nothing but it’s still one of my favorites scenes and I always laugh so much when I see it,,,, they need decontamination after the “spore battle” and I just

Lance and Pidge: what the damn is going on

Hunk: why me

Keith: oh quiznak

Shiro: bring it on

Pidge and Hunk: ITS COLD OMG

Lance: gotta rinse the booty too

Shiro: ha shower is great

Keith: fucking water

Hunk: it’s so cool!!!

Pidge and Lance: uuhhhhhh what even

Shiro: ha showering is great

Keith: fucking soap

Hunk, Pidge and Shiro: That’s weird but fine

Lance: u gotta relax

Keith: fucking pool

Shiro: ha that’s so great after the shower

Hunk: yayyyy

Lance: BE…..!!! STRONG!!!!


Keith: are u fucking serious Pidge

Defenders of the Universe and Paladins of Voltron, truly.