precious shinobu

rika-chan02  asked:

If this has been asked,please ignore it XD I just wanted to say something to my precious son,Shinobu Your eyes are really mesmerizing and i don't get why you want to hide your other eye They are really beautiful and i'm glad i could see a glimpse of your other eye in one of your 5* cards You don't have to be so self consicous of it,they're really pretty <3 That's all! (Psst Mod A,i'm new to this page and it's amazing here! A+ that you managed to nail all their personalities right! :D )

Eheh, I’m really happy for all the compliments…! However, I feel as if keeping one eye covered adds some form of charm rather than being shy about it… And in a battle sense, if you looked into the bush and were able to see both my eyes glowing out, it’d be a dead give away…! So it adds a stealth component as well!