precious sheelos babies

Today on “This was suposed to be a simple crossover fanart, what the heck happened??”

Welp, as you can see, I couldn’t keep it simple so here have an animated crossover fanart for Kagerou Project (Mekakucity Actors?) and Tales of Symphonia.

Since I’ve been getting into Kagepro, I couldn’t help but find a lot of similarities between Zelos and Kano. I like both characters a lot, so I decided to give a try on a crossover art. Sheena as Kido was actually an extra, because they are my favorite ladies in each~ And I’m amused how Kido and Kano’s relationship work very alike to Sheena and Zelos’ one. I liked it a lot, so I decided to make it a thing since I hadn’t seen this crossover before.

Mistakes? It probably has a lot, but I’m actually really pleased with the result! And even though the process proved my level of patience (with how drawing, coloring, editing and animating went), I admit I enjoyed doing this a lot. I hope you enjoy the result as much!

(To check the progress of this fanart, here)