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The first time Damian had a nightmare in front of Dick they were still getting started as Batman and Robin. Dick didn’t hesitate a moment when he heard his little brother’s distress. He slid into bed next to Damian ignoring Tim’s voice in his head chanting how dangerous Damian was and pulled the boy close to him. Because that’s what Damian was. A little boy terrified in the night, and Dick knew exactly what to do. He sung quietly until Damian fell back into a deep restful sleep.

The first time Jason was around Damian during one of the kid’s nightmares was an odd time for them both. Jason had somehow ended up watching him when they both came down with a cold. Damian had fallen asleep on his couch watching some horror movie Bruce would never allow. Jason had no idea what to do at first when Damian started thrashing on the couch. But then the boy cried out for his mother and Jason’s instincts kicked in as he carefully lifted Damian into his arms whispering soothing words, his arms a tight comfort.

Damian’s first nightmare around Tim was completely different. They’d been out fighting together and it had somehow turned into a mid-patrol argument. Out of the blue Tim took a bullet for Damian. Damian who’d been crowing about being a blood son. Damian whose blood didn’t match Tim’s and had to watch as Bruce found someone else to donate. Damian who crawled up next to his brother because his nightmare was losing the family he’d worked so hard to gain. And when Tim woke up, half aware of himself half on painkillers he knew exactly what to do when he found Damian stubbornly pressed against his side. He wrapped an arm around his brother and whispered the words. “It’s ok”

Bruce hadn’t been back but a few weeks when Damian had a nightmare. Grayson had stopped living with them and Damian was at the Manor. Strange and foreign he’d never admit to jumping at shadows in the night. He stood outside his fathers room for a solid half hour before going in. He had no idea what to expect from the man. He’d known distance so far, the opposite of Grayson’s warmth, but there was no one else. So he climbed into Father’s huge bed and perched at the edge. Happy to be close at least. A minute later Father was getting up and Damian had squished his eyes closed against any anger. Instead strong arms picked him up then they were lying together, Damian pressed against his father’s chest, stiff as a board because Father had never done this before. A hand pressed to his hair and Damian realized that his father had done this before. With each of his children. So Damian let himself relax and curl closer to his father who knew exactly what to do to comfort him.

Alright guys, I know things have been rough today so here are some humorous Batfam head cannons based around them playing a round of Disc Golf:

Dick would hit every single tree first on accident, then because he think’s it hilarious how irritated Jason keeps getting at the ‘coincidence’ 

Every single one of them have fancy bags for carrying their discs except for Tim. Tim has a plastic bag for his. “It’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone here, I know all of you.” 

At some point Jason and Dick literally fistfight over a technicality. 

Tim being hit in the back of the head with a disc and Damian subsequently getting two penalty points.

Tim’s disc landing in every water trap and having to wade in. At one point he even slips in the mud and ends up waist deep. Damian was penalized with another two points for taking pictures instead of helping.

Damian scaling a tree after Dick gets one caught in it.

Cass stealthy moving all of Jason’s discs  back a few inches and all of Damian’s up some. She leaves Tim’s alone and totally stole one of Dick’s.

Damian replacing all Tim’s discs in his bag with putters of different colors. Tim not realizing until hole 10.

Jason elbowing Dick just before he throws and accidentally giving him a hole in one.

Damian trash talking everyone. Even Dick. *Dick bounces a disc off two trees in one throw* “Grayson we are playing disc golf not pinball.”

Damian might be good, but Steph is there solely for the trash talk, even though Tim gave her an official invite. 

“What are you Doing here Steph? You didn’t even bring discs.”

“You’ll notice I brought popcorn because there’s no way I’m going to miss this show”

By the end of the game Steph and Dami have teamed up with their trash taking and no one is safe. Everyone realizes it and tries to temper the trash talk:

Tim: Steph, Why are you throwing so much trash?

Steph: *shruggs* I don’t have any discs what else am I supposed to throw


Jason: It’s hot out.

Jason: *goes to stand by Damian*

Damian: What are you doing, Todd?

Jason: Hiding in all the shade you’ve been throwing.


Rebecca Mader and Nestor Carbonell bump into each other at LAX.


(I’m not sure Norma would understand though… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Ezra Miller looks a lot like Richard Ramirez.

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Always Interesting

Last evening @whore4batfam​ gave me an amazing head cannon (two in fact), so amazing it demanded a fic. This is pure fluff and I make no apologies for it. Thank you so much Stell for inspiring me with such a lovely head cannon. 

Please enjoy the insanity that comes of Cass, the batfam, and one at home waxing kit. 

Warnings: None

Cass found it on sale, but it wasn’t because of the sale that she bought it. She thought it was interesting. An at home waxing kit when living with four boys would always turn out to be interesting. With her family, she could usually count on even more.

It was a simple kit containing just the sheets needed to do the actual waxing. Cass had grabbed a bottle of lotion to go with it, it never hurt and the scent was delightful. The kit wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, so Cass did what she did best. She laid a trap for her brothers. It was easy when they were all home, and she timed it as such. Walking in the front door with a bag of new stuff excited interest from them. Cass always brought home interesting things or stories.

Dick was the first off the couch, pausing their racing game, and flipping over the seat to a chorus of irritated grumbles. Pausing always threw everyone off. He hugged her before asking what she’d brought. His question spurned Jason and Tim to look over the edge of the couch, and Cass’s playful secrecy was enough to make them rise. Soon she’d tempted even Damian over, the boy pushing to stand in front of his older brothers, curiosity at his sister in the form of a raised eyebrow and crossed arms.

“So?” Jason voiced everyone’s question in the single word.

Cass pulled the box out with a triumphant swishing away of the bag before presenting it to them. Their silence lasted for a few moments as each one took in the information before them.

“Tt. That’s not so special.” Damian said, trying and failing to hide his disappointment.

Cass let herself grin, she hadn’t expected her youngest brother to recognize the box. She herself wouldn’t have until Steph and Barbara had come into her life. There were few instances Cass could see her sister showing Damian waxing.

“Kid, you’ve obviously got no idea what that is.” Jason said taking the kit from Cass.

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the glendower gang + instagram → ronan

Henry is pretty famous on Instagram and gets the whole group into it. Ronan texts like hell, Blue, Henry and Gansey start a hashtag about how handsome is Adam (#aDAMN), they all use the comments section as a group chat, and they miss Noah A LOT.

They all post (except Henry, ‘cause he is a Blogger™) poor quality pics sometimes, but hey, that’s what normal teenagers do.

Unintended Consequences

Hey guys. Its Dawn back again with more Batfam fic. This one’s for @whore4batfam. Thanks for the idea.  : ) I hope you like what I did with it. 

Summary: In trying to hide his own illness Damian ends up getting Tim sick. 

Warnings: none

The only thing Damian hated more than being sick was Father knowing he was sick. It meant the immediate suspension of everything he enjoyed. Patrol, practice, and casework. He could still read, but Pennyworth had declared sick reading to only be ‘fun’ reading. He’d then be forced into bed, and as much as he enjoyed the warm soup Alfred made or Dick’s visits, the cons outweighed the pros.

The morning he woke with a stuffy nose and aching head he resolved to keep it as secret as possible. He’d learned from previous attempts that simply concealing his illness did not work. It always backfired on him and ended up making him worse.

He had learned and adapted his technique. He halved practice times, kept a water bottle on him at all times, and moved as little as possible. In this way he felt no worse by the time patrol came than he had in the morning. He might say he was feeling a bit better. He kept up the routine for the next two days, even as he felt well before the end of the time. Experience had also taught him that it didn’t do well to be hasty with his recovery.

By day three he was feeling pleased with himself. He’d beaten the sickness and not a soul had found out. That was also when Drake had begun to sneeze. He swore it was allergies, but his face was washed out and his eyes redder than they should be. By the end of the day it was obvious Tim was ill, and not taking it as well as Damian had.

He voluntarily stayed back from patrol, allowing Alfred to bundle him up the stairs and to his room. Damian’s experience with illness had taught him another thing, that sometimes the sickness spread to others. He thought he’d been careful about what he’d touched, and where he’d been. He’d consciously stayed out of the way of others to avoid passing the sickness.

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