precious ray of sunshine


“She’s still quite a mystery, but I think Shay has good intentions,” Solo said. “It’s nice to see this compassionate and spiritual girl come in who becomes Cosima’s lover and makes her feel great. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future, but right now, this is a seemingly lovely and warm relationship, so I think people are slowly getting on the Cosima/Shay train.” x 

It happened! I finally met Sebastian Stan! I was a mess of nerves and it was so fast and overwhelming but so good!

When it was my turn he smiled at me and held out his hand. He said “Hey how are you?” and I said “I’m great!”, took his hand and he sort of gently pulled me next to him. He gently rested his hand on my back and I just placed mine on his abdomen. You guys…. holy shit. I felt the abs. My fingertips were directly resting on one of the ridges. It was THROUGH A SHIRT and I have never felt anything so solid and sculpted. I nearly fainted. After the picture was taken he stepped back and smiled at me again, I said “Thank you so much!” and pretty much floated away.

So basically, he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen, everything about him is perfect, his smile is the brighter than the sun, his voice is the most soothing and simultaneously arousing thing you will ever hear, his touch can make your knees weak and his body will make you faint. I will definitely be repeating this experience!


“I think if we all learned to embrace and celebrate the differences of our bodies and the changes that take place naturally, we would all be a lot happier.”

Happy 39th Birthday, Mama Regal! ♥ (15.07.1977)