precious ray of sunshine

anonymous asked:

NOW LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE. You are a precious cinnamon roll and you are Veneziano fucking Vargas. That's it. Don't pay attention to the mean anons, they're just envious they can't shine bright like you and make other people's lives a little brighter like you

;v; omg thank you!! That cheered me up a little but I’m still kind of upset people get that impression of me… idk


“She’s still quite a mystery, but I think Shay has good intentions,” Solo said. “It’s nice to see this compassionate and spiritual girl come in who becomes Cosima’s lover and makes her feel great. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future, but right now, this is a seemingly lovely and warm relationship, so I think people are slowly getting on the Cosima/Shay train.” x