precious ray of light


I am not going to lie, I love her so much. May has always been my favorite Pokemon girl but by the time S&M is over Lillie might just surpass her…



It has finally happened. She has overtaken May as my favorite Pokemon Girl of all time :D TBH, it did not take much, just her being her adorable perfect self

ghostpillow replied to your post “"remi has such pretty hair!!“ his brush softly untangles the knots at…”

i enable his perfection

i am his perfection

love me

THIS JUST IN EVERYONE ON MY DASH !! I NEED TO TELL YALL ABT HOw much i love tatsu and how much they mean ?? to me ?? they are the light of my life, my precious ray of sunshine, my best friend ?? nd if u think u love tatsu as much as i do ur wrong bc i am tatsu’s biggest fan !!!!!! #1

ily tatsoo kisses nd smooches love kate ♡