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As @yuunabai-whisper2 and I determined, when it comes to cowboys like McCree and Erron Black, archers like Hanzo and Kung Jin are indeed straight as arrows … as in very helluva bent arrows.

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I'm not going to lie I love the concept of palpatine dying from completely natural causes like a common cold. The galaxy is in shambles and fears a power vacuum with Vader ascending the throne. No one expects Vader to seat twentysomething rebel and Jedi trainee Luke Skywalker on the throne in his stead lol I'm just trying to imagine what the holo news reports are like

It’s such a hilarious, anticlimactic ending for him. :) It’s about all he deserves.

I’m sure there would be people who are convinced it’s a hoax or prank or something. Then Luke gives his first public address (hating it the whole time) and the Galaxy’s like “oh. he was serious. now what?” The GFFA equivalent of the paparazzi is desperately trying to get an interview with Luke, but Vader doesn’t let it happen. He’s got Luke locked down tightly, not letting anyone near him. Some people think Luke’s a puppet emperor, that Vader’s the real power behind the throne (though they wonder, “why bother?”). It’s got the conspiracy theorists in an uproar.

Eventually, though, Vader will claim Luke as his son, once he and Luke have everything settled between themselves.


This woman though. 😍🤓

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