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Wonho is one of the kindest idols I’ve ever seen; his love and care for others know no boundaries. As Monsta X becomes more popular, I hope more fans know there is so much more to him than just visuals. He is an angel, a warmhearted person who dedicates himself to everything and everyone. Wonho always tells us that he’s childish and isn’t always the most mature but his kindness and ability to understand people is anything but. He is a beautiful person, inside and out.

ANYWAY remember how Harry Styles showed up to his first award show as a solo artist dressed in a sparkly purple paisley suit with a full set of painted nails and talked about marriage equality during the acceptance speech for his first solo award? Yeah I’m real fucking proud of him.

Order of the Diadem | 1 | TEN

Genre: royalty!au | fluff angst 

Member: Ten / Reader

Word Count: 5,900

Warnings: violence

Part: one | two | three | four

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I am a part of Polish literature which is relatively little known in the world as it is hardly translatable. Comparing it with other literatures, I have been able to appreciate its rich oddity. It is a kind of a secret brotherhood with its own rites of communion with the dead, where weeping and laughter, pathos and irony coexist on an equal footing, history-oriented, always allusive, in this century, as before, it faithfully accompanied the people in their hard trials.
—  Czesław Miłosz’ speech at the Nobel Banquet, December 10, 1980
The Maiden and the Scoundrel

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Prompt: #63 Historical AU: Katniss has been engaged to Peeta’s older brother since they were children, but upon meeting a Capitolite, the groom-to-be breaks the engagement, leaving Katniss devastated and feeling rejected. To avoid more scandal and losing K’s dowry, the Mellark’s hurry to offer a new betrothal to their youngest son. Neither P or K are very happy about the new arrangement, P is a known womanizer and K is too puritanical. They gradually fall in love… make it as smutty as you like :) (submitted by @alliswell21)

Rating: M

Trigger warnings: arranged marriage, mentions of slavery, heavy drinking (drunk!Peeta)

A/N: I had the absolute best intentions to get this story done by the EFE deadline, but alas, it’s not finished. This is the first chapter, more to come. This was an amazing prompt and I have loved revisiting some of my favorite Jane Austen stories for inspiration. I have more in store for these two.

Betaing magic and much needed moral support by the incomparable @xerxia31. @alliswell21, thanks for this wonderfuul prompt, I hope I do it justice. @javistg, thanks so much for this fantastic challenge and opportunity to collaborate!

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Life Hacks Every Lady Should Know

Clever beauty ideas that will make getting dressed quick and easy!

#1 Bobby Pin Storage

It’s sometimes hard to keep bobby pins neatly together, right? Try this idea of storing them in a Tic Tac container. It’s handy especially when traveling!

#2 Slippery Bobby Pins

Do you ever have trouble keeping bobby pin securely tucked in your hair? Spray them with hairspray and your problem is solved.

#3 Scarf Storage

Use shower curtain clips to hang scarves in your closet. Now you’ll see them all easily.

#4 Wire Basket Storage

Save space in drawls by using wire baskets on the inside of doors. Store wardrobe items like purses or any other “easy to access” accessories!

#5 Costume Rings & Jewelry

Avoid green fingers, by painting the inside of your costume rings with clear nail polish. Be careful not to get polish on precious stones.

#6 Bootcut Jeans

Ever wondered how to neatly tuck jeans into knee-high boots? Follow the diagram below!

#7 The Perfect Necklace

Here’s a guide to pick the most flattering necklace for your top’s neckline.


Mozart - Piano Concerto no. 24 in c minor

The second of his two piano concertos in a minor key, the work also has the largest textures of any piano concerto: the orchestra includes strings, winds, trumpets, horns, and timpani. To us, that’s a pretty small orchestra, but at the time, the scale of both the work’s forces and emotional and musical depth must have been shocking to the audience. It was admired by, and a source of inspiration for, both Beethoven and Brahms. And, you know what, there’s something special that goes on in Mozart’s minor key pieces. We lose the sense of a pretty and polished semi-precious gem, of the silkiness of a chocolate truffle…instead we get melodies that are a bit jittery, jagged, course and bleak chromatic climbs and decisions. Because this was being written around the same time as The Marriage of Figaro, some musicologists believe he was channeling darker emotions and sounds into this work to take a break from the joy of that opera. The score itself was unfinished. The orchestral parts were fine, but the piano part was missing several performance notes, several notes in scales are missing, suggesting that Mozart had improvised the work when he first played it. A product of the anxiety, writing out piece after piece to try and keep up with his demanding debt, to remain relevant in the public eye, writing sunny music for entertainment and public approval while at the same time is slowly starving and getting sick. This concerto seems to reflect the stress and pain that Mozart was living with near the end of his life. He hadn’t written a cadenza for the work, which was common at the time, so the pianist has the option of performing one of the cadenzas written by later composers, or to write or improvise their own.


1. Allegro

2. Larghetto

3. Allegretto 

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oi skrub write some monster symmrat stuff and fuel my unhealthy obsessionn with snake symmetra k thanks lov ya

(Sorry that it’s not under a cut. I’m on my phone, not able to sleep again lol)

Spring time.
Finally, when the air is warm, plants are blooming, animals are returning, and the silence of a cold rebirth is coming to an end.

Satya stretched out, being awoken by her den becoming warmer. As her arms went outward and her hair shifted, an odd sensation and sounds of things falling caught her attention. She was leaning back with her arms up, turning her gaze towards the ground. With her arms slightly bent from the stretch, she lowered her left hand to the ground and her right to something popping out of her hair.
Shiny and small stones.
Little colorful papers and pieces of butterfly wings.
There were tons of little things littered about, near her body. She flicked her tongue out. His scent lingered. She smiled thoughtfully.
This strange little mouse. He sure was an intriguing character. She had tried to make him a meal, once, only to be interrupted to save herself from becoming a bird’s meal. Since then, the strange boy has been her companion. She feels sheepish when thinking back on that time and how their newfound relationship came about.

She dusted off her shoulders and stretched more. Tiny bits of this and that continue to fall to the ground. She swears for a moment that she’s covered in gold dust as well. She unwinds her tail, shoving a rather shabby blanket aside. The blanket must have been another surprise from him, since she normally never had one, save for a comforter that she set on the floor of her bed.
Uncurling and slowly waking up, Satya sees how many things her little mouse actually brought her.
If presents were currency, she’d be a rich woman.
Small precious stones, polished minerals, different feathers of different shapes and sizes, glittering dusts, pieces of paper shaped into stars, fish scales, shark teeth, sea shells, evergreen sprigs with delightful scents, and a few pieces of jewelry littered her bed and body.
She was taken a back.
He had come so many different times during the cold months, just to do this. And the cold was usually dangerous just because of the adverse weather.
Many other creatures slept during this time or hid, due to the Uprights being much more capable of catching one of their kind.
She was in awe.
She looked over to the shelf that held the opal he gave her. It glimmered in the dim light that peaked in from the front of her den. What was the point of all of this? Why did someone who she almost killed so nice to her? She thought about him, the way he spoke, how his eyes shined when he would tell her about things he had learned. His body language any time she’d look at him with a hard to read glance. His smile, how his whiskers twitched, his ridiculous laughter, and his unusual scent.
She could feel her heart beating a little faster. She leaned on her right and lounged, bringing a hand to her face to prop herself up.

Despite the fact that she had almost killed him and had so many opportunities to do so, she found that she truly had become quite fond of him. She chuckled to herself. A snake and a mouse, being friends. It was like some kind of fairy story. That thought stopped her line of thinking, because most fairy tales had an odd pair like a snake and mouse fall in love, but there is betrayal due to instinct or mistrust. She frowned. If she never saw him again, or worse, she was the reason for him to…
She covered her face in shame.
Fate was a tricky one.
And with a rather unusual sense of humor.
She knows she has to eat to survive, but to have never known him, had the bird not interfered, would she have ever gotten to know someone so incredible?
She sat in silence, grateful that fate had different plans for she and him.

She then heard a shuffling sound by her door and murmuring. Was it an intruder or, could it be…

“Piece'a junk!” He muttered, her metal roof snagging on his tail. He let out a deep sigh and spoke under his breath, “Hope I didn’t wake her, s'gettin’ warm these days.” He made his way carefully down the passage, tail thrown over his shoulder, nursed by his good paw. The silence of the den seemed almost unnatural. Sure, it was quiet as she slept, but it had more of a, something is being quiet on purpose, feel to it. His nerves started to twitch. What if something happened to her? He started scuttling quickly, hoping he wasn’t to late if anything bad did happen.
He looked towards her bed, noticing her missing. “She’s not there..oh please be out lookin’ for food…please-”

She lunged at him, pinning his legs and torso under her tail, with his arms out spread under her hands, in danger of being pricked by her nails.

“Satya! Oh thank God y’re'alright. I was worried something may’ve got you! Oh! I’m sorry if I woke you up! Today was crazy and I wanted to see if you were up yet and I hope you’re not mad about the mess and-”
She silenced him with a kiss, moving her hands from his arms to cupping his face and gently rubbing his scalp. His whiskers tickled her nose.
She slowly pulled away and looked at him with a mischievous glint and a light flick of her tongue, “Hello my little mouse~”
Catching his breath, Jamison began to smile, “Well how'sit going to you to! Whew!”

She slithered off of him, and he sat up, throwing an arm over a propped up knee with an ear to ear grin on his face. She situated herself close to him, “Thank you for all of the lovely gifts! At first I thought I was covered in dirt and dust.” He chuckled, “It’s alright. You’re welcome.”

They sat there in silence, with smiles on their faces.
“It’s so good to see you again, Satya.”
“And it is wonderful to awaken to you, Jamison.”

Whatever fairy tale they had, Satya made sure that they would somehow make it work.

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noctnyx for 56 ^_^

nyxnoct clothes-sharing is the quickest avenue to my heart, i’m sure of it

There was very little in Nyx’s closet.

“Especially since you came out?”

Disturbing, how quickly Crowe’s voice could infiltrate his most mundane of thoughts. Spiritual insertion aside, Nyx’s actual wardrobe was barren in comparison to his metaphorical one.

He had the Glaive’s guard uniform, one other pair of boots, sneakers, sweats, two pairs of jeans, a couple shirts, and a really old leather jacket that he was half-certain wasn’t even his because he couldn’t remember buying it or ever being gifted it. (He did wear it out though. It was a nice jacket, whether it belonged to him or not. Might as well put it to good use!)

Rarely did he have a moment to itemize the articles of clothing in his closet. He tended to just throw whatever was on his person in there at the end of the day and take it to the laundromat once a week. He frequented a whole of two places – work and after-work bar. One demanded uniform, the other was often half out of the same-said uniform. T-shirt and jeans on the weekends if a patron felt like it.

Even when he dated, the spots he steered prospective partners towards didn’t necessitate a particular dress code. He could get away with the shirt, jeans, and boots for most date spots – especially with this mysterious jacket he’d inherited from the void tossed over it all.

“Adds to your rugged charm,” he remembered one old flame saying.

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