precious perfection

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*gives sunati hugs and lets her know she is appreciated, wanted, and a perfect precious cinnamon roll to pure for this world

Awww, you’re so sweet <3

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic: nIOooOooOooo don’t hurt Sunati I’m crying she hasn’t even LEFT yet but im sad Sunati is gonna be left behind gwuh ;-;

You’re sweet too! *hugs*
Don’t be sad though ;____;
(Actually please do be sad because that means I’m doing a good job XD)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Rae’s eYES YASSS

Thank you! She had to town down her look a bit for job interviews, but I think her eyes are still pretty awesome :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:I really love Always Human. It brightens my whole week. :) Is there there any merchandise or are you planning on selling anything?

There is an inprnt shop and there may be more stuff in the future? If you have specific merchandise request please let me know, so that I know what people are interested in.

Thank you for the kind words and also for asking, I am super flattered <3333

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:I want austen to punch me in the face

I feel like punching people in the face is more Rae’s thing than Austen’s thing? But hey, if that’s what you really want…

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Are you doing okay? I know you've been dealing with a lot because of people on here...

i am actually doing really good to be honest like i couldn’t lie about that even if i tried. i’m alive, my health is good, my family is doing well esp. considering that my grandfather passed away in december, my bf and i are happy, i have a precious and perfect furbaby, i have a very good paying job, i’m getting a new car, i’m hoping to have my own place by the end of the year…

yeah, i’m good. :)

Second year Mafalda Prewett and fourth year Poonima Shah of Slytherin House c.1994 

“Your last name is Prewett?”

“Yes! Two e’s and two t’s, what is your name?”

“Shah - my name is Poonima Shah-Fenwick.”


“My father was Benjy Fenwick.”

There’s a rebellion brewing down in the dungeons 

Thank you so much for the awesome commission @sadfishkid !!!

Posting chapter six of the manga tomorrow, but until then I need to share this beautiful, beautiful part that sadly wasn’t in the anime.

Firstly, admire their beauty.

Then Odagiri’s, “So you were here all this time,” just how long has he been searching for Miyoshi and Hatano (Hatano’s there with Miyoshi in this part)? This is too precious him calling them for dinner.

But the best part is “If your meal gets cold, Fukumoto will make a fuss.” Mamamoto making a fuss because his children were late for dinner and their meal got cold, why wasn’t this beauty in the anime? WHY DIDN’T WE HEAR ODAGIRI SAYING THIS IN THE ANIME?

Can I just also point out that it’s specifically Odagiri saying this? Can I also add to that by saying Odagiri and Fukumoto are a perfect pair?

Please take a minute and appreciate this beauty.

You know when someone has a nickname that everyone knows them by and usually call them by, like some people don’t even know the full name because everyone uses the nickname, but then that persons significant other uses the full name and it’s just ugh. It’s so cute and precious and perfect when they say the full name that people don’t usually recognize and they say it so lovingly and softly and it’s perfect and I love it