precious ouji


Let me be your sweet prince~ (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Blouse, shorts, hat, wristcuffs and badge are from Precious Clove’s Singing in the Rain series☆
Wig is from Airily☆
Socks are offbrand☆

At first I wasn’t expecting much from the musical…but then

Dantalion IRL

Sytry & Cookies + fanboys IRL

more Sytry & Cookies + Isaac (in which i assumed isaac is that manga
canon tho coz as far as i remember anime sytry just popped in the screen eating cookies all of a sudden
is the main reason why sytry’s eternity is cookies) IRL

I’ve never been so wrong and grateful to be alive in my whole life


seriously tho I need a solo in which Sytry sings about how cookies and sweets in general changed his life

For you, my precious thing.

@sweet-ouji *Daryun avista o seu doce pequeno rei triste, ele não sabe exatamente o que fazer. Ele caminha até Arslan que parecia com lágrimas nos olhos, seu jovem coração parecia partido e o moreno não aguentava o ver assim.* - O que está te deixando aflito? Conte para mim…