precious otp ;;


The evolution of Bellamy’s… wait. Scratch that. Who am I kidding! The loving way in which Bellamy has always looked at Clarke.

destiel love songs: fanfic contest

hello lovelies.

i have taken some time to start listing the love songs that most remind me of our precious otp. because who among us doesn’t hear some singer crooning and have all the destiel feels?

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the deal: so i want to host a little contest about the songs that make you swoon thinking about a hunter and his angel.

the fine print:

-must be otherwise unpublished

-must take its inspiration from a song

-must be a one-shot

-must be less than 10k.

-submit by 15 april

-will select three winners whose work i will post here.

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Those two once defeated an enemy gifted organization overnight. Their alliance was called the devastating rivalry in history. The alliance returns for one night. Let’s take back our lead. It’s our common front against the Guild. The launch of our retaliation.