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The Choi Twins

Pairing: MinhoxKibum with side!MinjungxTaeyeon
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 6899
Summary: She just wanted to look after Minho, to protect him from the harmful people in the world, but in doing so she might hurt him more than any other person ever did.
A/N: the fic of the Choi Twin AU created by myself and thefireismine that I’ve been promising for a long time over on Tumblr, and teased at with two fanarts which are here and here

Also available to read on AFF and LJ!

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon LP, being the little shit he is, get injured in battles a lot and DL is there to bandage him up while CN, being the majestic royalty she is, would makes Add her personal chair the entire day everytime he comes back with new bruises.

I really, really like this.

Is this CN-sama’s way to punish the naughty slave? :>

anonymous asked:

Imagine if CN found DL and LP sitting on the fridge together when CN arrived at home. DL and LP act as if it was normal (CN: what are you two doing? /LP: We're just cooling off after a spar /DL: Haha yeah nothing unusual here) But actually they just found a spider before the spider sudenly disappear and they think it's still in the house.

DL scared of spiders is super win

anonymous asked:

Imagine DL having a bodypillow of LP hidden in his room and one day LP found out and then CN casually walked in and she's like "Oh yeah that's the thing I used to have lol" and LP just stands there (Also after reading your headcanonI imagine RG having MM one too bc he's secretly kinky?)

wait I want dakimakura too

Maybe the two of them should demonstrate what they usually do to their dakimakura hmmmm >:3

also RG’s kink to MM is more like…liiiikeeeeeeee /glances at raelatte/ may I tell them?



school os just draining me…….slowly.

Anywho, fou d these while I was flipping through my book

I drew the fab boy Ryen Rellen who belongs to the fabulous @the-inkling-trio senpai.

Then I have suki planning on hunting down them precious ot3 booties
Suki belongs to the one and only @skyplayssplatoon

Also when @zephyrfuse posted a picture asmotting that casey would eam his squiffler into peoples faces…..

Sorta made me think of souta…..

So yeah…i can see him just….running into ig actually….like he looks up one minute and all of a sudden theres a squiffler in his face. I ran out of room for casey but shhhh probs for the best cause I dont wanna ruin the fabulous child

Oh yeah I also have a drawing of searine.

Enjoy guys.