precious little wolf


“I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones. Sarcasm is my only defense.”

        - Stiles Stilinski

 …yeah. This is the first time when I share my art on Tumblr ( so be easy on me pls) (>人<) So here you go; a digital painting of Stiles.

For some reason my tag page doesn’t work right now so I temporally just dropped this here for the time being.

Problem solved! Ahhhhh- I’m so happy *crying happy tears*

As the moon kindles the night • As the wind kindles the fire • As the rain fills every ocean • With your heart, kindle my heart • Take my heart, take my heart • Kindle it with your heart

B E R E N A 💫

I just love Tyler Posey so much

EXO reaction when they are with someone who is not their fated mate [EXO Wolf]

This is my first reaction EVER! Please go easy on me! I’ll eventually get used to it! 사랑해 <3 ~ Admin Chas

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“No matter what, I will always love you Jagi.” *Precious little caring wolf boy*


“We will never separate. You are mine as well as I am yours.” *Denies the fact that your not his fated mate*


“Let’s change fate Jagi.” *Defies fate*


“I don’t want that one. You’re my mate.” *Refuses to accept it and Sehun Agreeing*


You’re the only one I want. I love you. *Keeps avoiding the topic and fated mate.*


“I am yours and only yours. Not even fate can take me away from you” *Does not want to be with anybody else*


“Let’s run away, so that we can be together forever without having to deal with mates.” *Starts own pack to where they can mate whoever they want*


“Baby, you’re the only one for me” *May seem like his trying to seduce you but in reality he loves you deeply and really does think you’re the only one for him*


“Let’s run away with Baekhyun.” *Joins Baek’s pack*


“I won’t let fate take you away from me.” *Hides you*


*Doesn’t want to lose you, so he keeps you close to him* “I love you so much.”


“I cannot lose you. I would fall apart and break. Stay with me. Don’t let fate take you away from me.” *Never want’s to lose you to someone else*

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When Bernie was facing the embarrasment of the rumour mill because of her sexuality, Serena was on it. She had her back!

Now that Serena is facing the embarrasement of the rumour mill because of her sexuality isn’t it great to know her big macho army medic’s got her……..oh wait 👀