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That question actually hit my feels. I’m gonna do the best I can to explain.

Look, Kate was an amazing character and I loved her more than I could ever put into words. In the pilot, the present her to us as a high qualified agent who takes no one’s bulls**t.

Her chemistry with Gibbs is another thing I adore but that’s another story. So yes, she did her job really well and was proud of it, and given that it was 2003 and there were lots of men there, that’s one thing you gotta admire. Let’s take a moment now to appreciate her gorgeous smile:

The following episodes show how she started to get used to NCIS and Gibbs’ way of doing things. Remember when he was like

Plus, she got on well with the others (Tony, Mcgee, Abby, Gibbs, Ducky). She formed special relationships with everyone.

Another reason for loving her was that she was very kind hearted and always thought the best of everyone (which sometimes led to some people backstabbing her, like 1x03 and 1x10). Bottom line is, she was a really nice person, even if her job meant dealing with all those deaths and murderers. She never stopped smiling and always encouraged her teammates and took care of them.

She also didn’t lack badassery.

She was serious at important times, even when her teammates weren’t.

Also this:

She was willing to make sacrifices for her teammates, or more accurately, family. Remember when she stayed with Tony even if he had the plague to keep him company?

Or when she jumped in front of a bullet for Gibbs?

She was never afraid to speak up, not even to superiors from other agencies.

And she was good with kids too:

Basically I have a lot of respect for that character and I am really hurt about what they did to her (s2 changes, 2x23) which only makes me wanna protect her even more.

And the reason I’ve been blogging about her these past days was that yesterday (May 24th) was the 12th anniversary of her death and I haven’t gotten over it yet. I don’t think I ever will because she was just too awesome.

Tl;dr: Caitlin Todd was a splendid character with numerous qualities who deserved much better and I will always love her.

@onekisstotakewithme @itbloomedforyourlittlegirl @katetoddisnotdead @all of you Kate lovers feel free to add your own reasons. 

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I tried to at least draw u a Victor for ur birthday… But I’m bad at drawing… and this was just a quick sketch ^_^;


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Your art never ceases to surprise me (ha) and so have this badly drawn Viktor along with unballoonlike balloons, because happy birthday! :D
I hope I’m not too late with this lol


The paladins with children HCs

So @ambulancemcclain and I were talking and we came up with these and I need them omg


- Surprisingly really good with babies bc they don’t talk. 

- He does the whole “cradling to the chest, mom bounce thing" 

- lots of forehead kisses and soft smiles. 

- If he’s been around the baby since it was born, then he’s probably good with them as older children 

- in general he’s not good with them past infanthood 

- If someone catches him being soft™ towards babies then he gets embarrassed and puts up that fucking wall





- They probably come to him when they’re so sad and he hugs them and everything is okay again

- I bet you a thousand dollars that it’s not uncommon for him to be with a flock of little kids, teaching them how to cook and giving them each their own bandana to wear *sobs*


- Just…real awkward around children of all ages lol

- Doesn’t really like them, unless they’re her friends’ kids, or her nieces or nephews

- Is definitely a cool aunt

- teaches them how to hack and code, which inadvertently teaches them how to go in and change their grades (oops)


- Not great with babies, bc he’s secretly terrified he will drop/break them

- Once they start walking and are more mobile and stuff, he’s great with them.

- Is already a great space dad so he’s def a great actual dad

- imagine him on the floor, playing trains with his son. He’s not just sitting there, he’s on his stomach, making all the sound effects and getting really into it

- Definitely taught a gaggle of children (4, 5, 6, 7 year olds) how to fight (I’m picturing the scene from Mulan 2 where she teaches all the village girls to fight)

- Everyone is like “ShirO NO” 

- He gets super into playing with his kids and it’s the cutest thing

- He’s the dad who puts them on his shoulders and carries them around 

- Is a human jungle gym with no less than 3 kids hanging onto him at any given time (One hanging onto his leg, one hanging onto his shoulders, another being a monkey and clinging to his arm)


- Idk about Lance.  I bet he’s great with them though? 

- He’s the goofy uncle who all of the kids love 

- Definitely will be in a laughing bundle with kiddos watching cartoons or whatever

- he’s probably that cool uncle to his friends’ kids (or to his literal nieces and nephews) who just love him to pieces

Everyone needs a hobby

A/N: @courtneychicken​ came up with this idea late one night and a recent anon request brought me back to it. Most of these dogs I know personally so feel free to message me question about cute doggos. (Not my photos originally just edited them in snapchat.)

Warnings: Terribly cute and weird

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“What is this?” Nat stood above your comfy spot on the couch curled up against Clint. Both of you squint to look at the image she has open on your phone. 

Your eyes widen instantly when you recognize the url. She had not only found one of your photos, she had unearthed the entire page. You burst out into frantic laughter as Nat’s face plummeted into further confusion and annoyance. Clint began laughing with you too and it took Nat smacking him upside the head to get the two of you to stop. “I want an explanation. This is really weird.”

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BP Appreciation Week, Day One: Favorite Role

Okay, this is a bit of a cop out because technically this is three roles, but I couldn’t decide because all of these characters are special to me.

Doctor Who, Rose Tyler: My love of Rose is obviously no secret. She’s one I relate to on a very personal level – a normal girl, raised by a single mother, who feels like she’s never really accomplished anything. She’s made mistakes – and continues to make them – and she’s so human it’s almost painful. Look at this precious little ray of sunshine. She’s lovely in every single way.

Penny Dreadful, Brona Croft: Obligatory#shedeservedbetter hashtag here. Brona was so precious and so sad and so broken. She was Ethan’s innocence in a world that had suddenly turned mad, and she was wonderful. She deserved so much better than she got.

Penny Dreadful, Lily Frankenstein: Lily is the result of all of Brona’s sadness and pain, who also, of course, deserved better than she got. She was brilliant and ambitious, and probably got in a little over her head, but you gotta give her credit: her “kill all men” plan was still pretty great.


Queer as Folk 30 Day Challenge

Day 10: Favorite Dance Scene
↪2x04 // “Go find a stud, ask him to dance.”