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Hardy Friday part 2!!! Who doesn’t need more Handsome Bob? If the answer is you…you should be ASHAMED of yourself.

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“Right… I think we need to talk. I wouldn’t have let him keep you, Pickett. 

Pick, I would rather chop off my hand than get rid of you, after everything that you’ve done for me. Now, come on.”

(…) Pickett sticks out his tiny tongue and blows a raspberry at Newt.

Jimber goes to meet her forever person tomorrow, and I’m very happy for her.
She’s had several interested parties and someone special finally decided that being able to call this precious little creature their very own was worth the high cost of overnight shipping.

I wish her safe travels and I hope her person loves her, even though she is a sassy butt 99.999% of the time.

Happy ever after, Jimber.

Experimenting with realistic style again. ☺️ 

The author of Haikyuu has a knack of turning annoying characters into lovable precious little creatures that you want to protect; I might be over exaggerating a bit. Exhibit A, this four eyed jerk that got under my skin in season 1 slowly crept up to become one of my most favorite characters in the series. So yea, hugs and kisses for you Tsukishima, you lovable bastard. 😙💕💕💕

Your baby falls asleep on him (BTS)

Y/S/N: Your son’s name

Y/D/N: Your daughter’s name

Namjoon: -just your normal nights between the three of you, Y/S/N crawled up onto Namjoon who places the little binky into his boy’s mouth. After that it wasn’t long til Y/S/N had passed out onto his father’s chest letting out heavy breathing. You started teasing that he would be snoring like daddy in no time- “of course he would be, he’s my son. You’re jealous because he doesn’t look or act like you”

Jin: -your daughter crawled into your bed and cuddled right into him without any problems. When Jin woke up he was sorta sweaty from all the heat her little body was producing, letting out a silent giggle- “Y/D/N always so cute, just keep sleeping well”

Suga: -he didn’t like when your son slept on him, he felt sad to say it but your son was a ball of sweat and mover so much in his sleep that it was impossible for him to get comfortable. But he didn’t want to move or upset his baby, so he looked at you- “jagi can you please help me I need you to love and take our son. He’s too sweaty already”

J-Hope: -he was a sucker for his daughter and everyone knew it, especially when she wanted to curl up onto him. He would take her out for special days and by the end she’d be asleep on his back. The others would tease him about how his women had him whipped- “at least I have a women who will bare my children. Y/D/N is my precious little creature, don’t worry maybe someday you’ll have a family too”

Jimin: -he always felt proud when he could put the hyper active 5 year old to bed. Your son was hard to work with at night and he knew it but he would lay down with him and read a story with him til he rolled over into his shoulder and passed out. So he’d walk out cockily to you- “there we go baby out like a light. Now we have time for some mommy and daddy time”

V: -twin daughters were a handful with him, you had no trouble putting them down for bed but him personally did. Every time he put them down for bed they’d get playful so after tonight’s story and allowing them to cuddle up to him passed them right out. He got out of bed slowly still holding the teddy bear he used to tell the story. Soon he received a compliment from you- “thank you baby I tried my best”

Jungkook: -everyone loved talking about the baby’s baby, Y/S/N was voted one of the cutest babies of the year all because he slept so cute and peacefully. But your latest post consisted of Jeongguk bouncing your small boy to sleep to one of their songs before he realized you were watching him and saying- “I look like a dork but he’s asleep finally. I’m very proud of myself this usually takes hours”

Twice: For Beginners

Nayeon: a bonafide princess with a heart of gold and a smile that can make even the darkest of hours much more brighter. Actual Angel ®

Jungyeon: this cool bro is so cool you can feel the cold sweat running down your spine as she skates her way into your heart and, ahem..

Momo: do you have a girlfriend? Well, I’m so sorry, because it’s Momo she would rather date than your sorry ass. Like Beyonce said: “God damn, God damn, God damn.”

Sana: is the most beautiful squirrel in the northern hemisphere. Just like all the precious little creatures, she is too good for us mortal humans.

Jihyo: failed your math test? Call Jihyo. Don’t know what to do with your life? Call Jihyo. Your country’s political leaders need help? Call Jihyo. You think this is dumb? CALL HER AND SEE HOW YOUR LIFE GETS BETTER.

Mina: a form of art. Exquisite. The poetry you read that haunts you forever. The moonlight on your lover’s face. The finest work of the finest artists.

Dahyun: “if you don’t like Dahyun, you have some very serious problems.” - Dalai Lama probably.

Chaeyoung: aka THE SLAYER. Whatever she does, she does it better than you, your oppas and your unnies. Better than your moooooooom. SWAG.

Tzuyu: the daughter of ancient gods who kept dragons as pets and had faces so beautiful they made the angels cry. Tzuyu is the prettiest of them all.

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How would all of bts be holding their baby girl for the first time

Jin - holding his precious daughter for the first time would be the highlight of his life. He would stare down at her tiny self, protected by her daddy’s wide shoulders and strong arms, as he coos sweetly at her with adoration and amazement. Amazement because he helped to create this tiny being of perfection, and adoration because he has found the second love of his life. He might get a little teary eyed out of excitement, but he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. He would brag about how beautiful and wonderful she is, even though her life is still so new. He would want to share his feelings with his family, and the members, bragging to high heaven about how he is the luckiest man on earth to have snagged the two most perfect girls in creation. 

Suga - I think he might be a little afraid to hold her at first, just because he is unsure and a little overly conscious of her fragility. But once he finally has the little angel in his arms, he’s never letting her go. He would stare down in amazement at the little being, thinking about what it means to have this child. He would think about all the things he wants to teach, and maybe share things with her that he loves. He will pick out the features that resemble himself, and all the other ways that she looks like you. He would immediately get protective of her, watching her closely as the nurses check her, and then making sure that she is immediately returned to his arms. He will also be right there when it is feeding time, watching his little girl already gathering her strength to take on the world. 

J-Hope - He would have happy tears gathering in his eyes, but try his hardest not to cry on his little creation. He will consider himself the luckiest man alive, holding the one thing that is most important to him. He would just stare in awe at her beauty, and smile at her until his cheeks feel like they are going to crack. He would tell you how proud his is of you for all of your hard work and love, because he knows you are the main champion who contributed to the prize in his arms. He would be extremely gentle, always aware of how light and fragile she is, and hold her close to his heart so she can hear her fathers strength beating in his chest. He will always be the one there to keep her warm, protect her, and provide her with everything she may ever want or need. One thing though, once he has her in his arms, there is a very slim chance that you will be getting her back anytime soon. 

Rap Monster - He is another one that I think will also be nervous holding her. He is the Destruction King after all. But he would sit on the edge of your bed, and gently take her into his arms. He would be more the type to talk aloud about his amazement, talking about how for such a fragile creature, she would probably grow into a strong woman that will do great things, just like her mother. You would be rolling your eyes frequently, cheesed out by the corny, philosophical stuff he spouts. But it will be something that your daughter grows to recognize, and even appreciate about this strong male figure. He would hold the baby close to his chest, and talk to her about how beautiful and wonderful she is, how is so happy to meet her, and with her ear pressed against his chest, she will be lulled to sleep by his deep timbre, much the way you are at night. 

Jimin - He wouldn’t be able to stand still. He would be so excited, so ecstatic, to be a new father, that he wouldn’t be able to contain himself. He has some of the most perfect arms for holding a baby, so strong yet so gentle and affectionate. He would coo at her as she watches him with big eyes, taking in the sound of his soothing voice, and he walks around, maybe to some beat that is playing forever in his head. He would hum to her some music, and tell her how lucky she is to be born to such wonderful parents. He would also talk to her about things like his family, telling her that he wants to make sure that she gets to spend plenty of time with her family, but also about the 6 wonderful uncles that she also acquired. He would explain to her the quirks of each of them, but say that despite it all, she will love them just the same. When she finally smiles at him for the first time, he will feel his heart nearly stop, and the tears gather in his eyes, before complimenting her to the heavens, and kissing her precious little face. 

V - This kid was made to have children. The way he handles things is already so adult, so holding and handling his daughter for the first time would be no sweat, except it kind of is. Even though he has experience with precious children in his life, this one is the most important of them all. The one that carries his genes, and even some of his features, watching him with big eyes as he makes funny faces at her. His hold on her will be expert, but he will always stop to check himself, just so he knows that she is absolutely safe. He will walk her around the room, showing her things, maybe even letting her get a look outside for the first time, and tell her all about her life. All the things that he wants to do with her, and all the important people that she will be surrounded with. She will be lucky, because her uncle’s will always be there to love and support her, no matter what, and he will vow to protect her with everything he has. He will also probably have a stuffed animal to give her, her very first toy, one that she will keep with her and sleep with for a long time. 

Jungkook - He will be the most outwardly calm of the group, but will have the most going on in his head. He will smile down at her and tell her that he is so glad to finally meet her in person. He would point out all of the things that are beautiful about her, and kiss her softly until she coos beneath him. He would seat himself in the chair next to the bed, where you can see her well, and hum to her softly. He would pick a song in his head, or maybe even make one up, that will become the soothing melody she comes to love and recognize in the future. It will be something she sings to herself in the future when she needs strength or comfort, and it will be the first important connection he makes with the precious little creature. You would smile as he slowly rocks and sings her to sleep, feeling blessed to have created the most important thing in your life, and knowing that he will always bet here to love, and protect her with everything he has. 

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This moment has been celebrated lately in the form of many a ‘first face this face saw’ joke, which will never fail to delight me. However. I also have feelings about the whole scene which can best be summarised as 'aUGHH BABY.’

The Doctor’s in a vulnerable place here. Eight’s a blank slate until they get their memories back: helpless and confused, lost far away from anyone who might explain or help. And the very first thing they see in this universe - outside of the tiny cold room they have to violently bust out of - is someone so shocked by the sight of them that he keels over. So far, Eight has no idea that they’re really the cutest little fluffbucket in all of creation. All they know is that this guy welcomed them to existence with a look of horror and the words “God, no!” followed briskly by loss of consciousness. A reaction like that is going to damage your self-image at the best of times, never mind if you don’t have any self-image to start with.

And it’s followed up by 'Frankenstein’ on the TV. This is more for us as the audience, because obviously Eight’s not up to date on the parallels being drawn here. But those parallels - comparing this trembling, naked, precious little creature to the monster - it’s an inauspicious start for the poor lamb, put it that way. It reminds me of the pangs I get when I remember Five staring at their lovely new face in the mirror with a look of deep concern and saying, not something appropriately jubilant or even neutral, but “That’s the trouble with regeneration.” The TROUBLE. Son, if I returned from death in the body of 29-year-old Peter Davison, 'trouble’ would not be the first word I’d reach for.

But anyway, back to Eight. It wounds me to my core that something so beautiful and temporarily innocent of the world should be introduced to it in such a hostile aspect, and one that seems engineered to make them internalise its ugliness and terror. Their vocal reaction to seeing their own face for the first time, arrayed in dozens of broken mirrors, is literally “Argh!” 'Frankenstein’ comes back into this in the audio Company of Friends, when Eight runs into a scary reanimated doppelgänger they call Frankenstein/the Monster. Nobody can tell me that link to their regeneration scene is a coincidence, or that the pain of self-ignorance isn’t a recurring theme in their life for this exact reason. When they don’t know who they are, and the world doesn’t know and there are no clues to fill in the blanks, fear of that unknown - of their own self - takes over. This has been a helpless emotional splurge, I’m going to leave it there e__e

08.09.2015// Today while i was having a walk in the woods when i found this cute little precious creature stuck in some brambles,meowing like there’s no tomorrow. And i think you can guess what happened next just by looking at this picture!