precious little ball of sunshine


Supernatural Cast Members: Rob Benedict
“It’s more fun to be the guy who’s nervous. I don’t even know if I could pull it off. Just like, ‘Okay here’s the deal, um I’m supposed to stab you. Lets just do this real quick, I’ll get this over with.’ For some reason it’s funnier to me to play the guy who’s nervous about being that.”


I know some of you hate Dino’s HAIR this era:

But despite that he still delivers love to every seventeen fan:

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I imagine how he was like this after he saw his new hairstyle:

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and how he playfully did this to his hairstylist:

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But our giant maknae is more than his hair:

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He’s playful:

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He loves his hyungs (okay so he’s basically bullied by his hyungs but the poor kid adores them):

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he’s talented as hell and no one can stop this kid from improving:

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He’s funny and his laugh is just precious:

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He’s just our little ball of sunshine:

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My feels are exploding for this little giant.

I want Shay Davydov to be a precious little ball of sunshine who saw so much violence and fear when she was in the military that when she came home she studied holistic medicine to become a healer to do the exact opposite of what she had been trained to do and she actually loves Cosima and wants to help her.

Precious little ball of sunshine 😍