precious lil angels

i just wanna hold donghyuck in my arms for all eternity n tell him everything will pass my lil baby come into my arms it’s okay im so emo im actually crying my boy had his head down someone come hold me

Ok wow i’m still not prepared of Jake’s and Aleister’s idol scene……. Shit is about to hit the fan y'all, and here I am preparing tissues and some tubs of ice cream. We’re all in this together, right? Right.

Cuddle me and tell me repeatedly that the gang will survive, pls.

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i watched an exo music video for the first time exactly 10 months ago today and oh my goodness becoming a fan has changed me so much… and i’m so extremely happy to stan and be biased to minseok ❤️ he’s truly an angel, both charming and adorably sweet, and of course as my ultimate bias i must wish him the best birthday 🎉 ❤️ so here are a few of my favorite gifs of my favorite lil prince… happy xiumin day!! 💖💖💖

생일 축하해요 킴 민섴~~ ❣️

“Dear Instagram trolls, body shamers, and the men and woman who think it’s ok to comment on my weight: I hope that you don’t have children. And if you do, I hope you teach them about kindness and acceptance. I hope they learn that it isn’t ok to make fun of people or call people names. I hope one day YOU learn what it takes to be a parent. A kind selfless parent. A working parent. A parent that puts themselves in someone else’s shoes. Maybe you can’t get it through your thick fucking skull, but nursing a baby for a year (and pumping in a van between takes, in the dead of summer in Georgia) is a lot of work, determination, and scheduling. So before you decide to make a comment about my chest being “too large” or how “fat” I’ve become, just know that this little girl got the best start to life. I wouldn’t have changed it for a second. I would’ve gladly continued to eat enough calories to produce milk for her little bones to grow. Also, grow the fuck up. Your mother should be ashamed for raising such a judgmental bully. I’m sure she knows how “courageous” you must be for trolling and hiding behind your Iphone and computers. P.s. I would LOVE to see any man or woman give birth to a baby, nurse the baby, and then work 17 hour days and NAIL their own stunts. P.s.s. Be kind to each other. We need it now more than ever. ❤️✌🏼️ ” - Alanna Masterson