precious leader

I want more Astro domestic daily life fluff like not readerxastro but just like Astro in their everyday lives living in their new dorm like dongmin waking up a sleepy moonbin bc he’s the alarm clock and moonbin can’t wake up or an exhausted jinjin after having to discuss things bc he’s leader and all the boys tackling him and showing their precious leader how good of a job he is doing or rocky working late hours to practice and choreograph stuff for upcoming songs and sleepy bin staying in the room with him even though he himself isn’t practicing and walking with him back to the dorm or sanha and eunwoo doing their nightly wash their face routines and giggling at how dumb the other one looks with product all over their face or mj teaching sanha responsibility and making him wash dishes with him but ends up with them have a soap suds fight and eunwoo and jinjin have to come clean up after the two giggly soapy boys or eunwoo composing in the middle of the night and jinjin coming into the room with two cups of coffee to keep him company or rocky trying to climb up onto his weirdly placed bunk and almost slipping but luckily mj is there to catch him and help him up or moonbin and sanha and rocky dancing to girlgroup dances and the rest of the boys giggling and joining in I just want more writing about the fluffy friendships these boys share