precious lake baby

Naïve Cinnamon!Toasters
  • The others can’t help but pity how gullible Genos can be sometimes when it comes to Saitama and the ridiculous things he tells him. (with the Minis being the same.) XD
  • Saitama: So just when it looked he’d snagged the King of the Lake, a HUGE shark had already taken his catch, so I helped him get rid of it.
  • Genos: [-eyes twinkling-] As expected of you, Sensei.
  • -The Minis, who also have stars in their eyes, and clapped in equal adoration. –
  • Fubuki: Honestly. I can’t believe he makes up such things to Genos like that.
  • Mumen Rider: Well, Genos is young, so it's understandable that he's a bit naïve.
  • King: Though I think Saitama-shi isn’t really lying for some reason….