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Ozomatli, or Monkey, is the sign of artists. Monkeys are related to Quetzalcoatl, the Teotl of Creation. They are known for playfulness, mischievousness, and creativity. In the glyph, they wear the shell-earring of the Teteo of dance, and their foreheads, which is to say, their thoughts, are adorned with jade and turquoise stones.

Ozomatli is ruled by Xochipilli, the Teotl of art, dance, song, hallucinogenic plants, and the sun in the morning. He is the patron of artists.

Above, appears a young man, fishing in a pond. He sweeps up a fish covered in “jewel” glyphs; he is successful in his endeavors, and the fruits of his labor are precious. He speaks, and his words are flowers and jewels. He has the red and white loincloth of the Teteo of death, for the ability to speak in wisdom is won only through suffering. His hair, which is to say, his Tonalli, his destiny, is adorned with jewels and precious quetzal plumes. The pond in which he labors is filled with sea-shells and jewels. The shells are symbols of darkness, the moon, re-birth, and sexuality. The pond rests upon a crimson axe, which is in flames; this is the axe of Tlaloc, the Teotl of Rain, and symbolizes lightning. The flaming axe paired with the cool waters transforms the whole into an Atl Tlachinolli, “Fire and Water.” In the pairing of the two elements of the cosmos, masculine fire and feminine water, conflict is born, and the cosmos set in motion. Through Atl Tlachinolli, which is to say, suffering, sacrifice, death, and destruction, art and creativity is given the impetus to come into being, as wisdom, as explanation, as balm, and as guide. Below, Xochipilli, the Prince of Flowers, speaks; his words are a chain of jewels, of knowledge and precious wisdom, heeded by the artist born on his day.

Ozomatli, o Mono, es el signo de los artistas. Los monos están relacionados con Quetzalcoatl, el Teotl de la Creación. Son conocidos por ser juguetón, por su malicia y su creatividad. En el glifo llevan el pendiente del Teteo de la danza, y en su frente, es decir, sus pensamientos, está adornado con jade y piedras turquesas.

Ozomatli esta gobernado por Xochipilli, el Teotl de arte, danza, canto, plantas alucinógenas, y el sol en la mañana. Es el mecenas de los artistas.

Arriba, aparece un hombre joven, pescando en un estanque. Lleva un pez cubierto de glifos de “joyas”; Él tiene éxito en sus esfuerzos, y los frutos de su trabajo son preciosos. Él habla, y sus palabras son flores y joyas. Él tiene el taparrabos rojo y blanco del Teteo de la muerte, porque la capacidad de hablar en sabiduría esta ganada sólo a través del sufrimiento. Su pelo, es decir, su Tonalli, su destino, está adornado con joyas y preciosas plumas de quetzal. El estanque en el que trabaja está lleno de conchas marinas y joyas. Las conchas son símbolos de la oscuridad, la luna, el renacimiento y la sexualidad. El estanque descansa sobre un hacha carmesí, que está en llamas; Este es el hacha de Tlaloc, el Teotl de la lluvia, y simboliza el rayo. El hacha flameante emparejada con las aguas frescas transforma el todo en un Atl Tlachinolli, “Fuego y Agua”. En el apareamiento de los dos elementos del cosmos, el fuego masculino y el agua femenina nace el conflicto y el cosmos se pone en movimiento. A través de Atl Tlachinolli, es decir, el sufrimiento, el sacrificio, la muerte y la destrucción, el arte y la creatividad reciben el impulso de llegar a ser, como sabiduría, explicación, bálsamo y guía. Abajo, habla Xochipilli, el Príncipe de las Flores; Sus palabras son una cadena de joyas, de conocimiento y sabiduría preciosa, atendido por el artista nacido en su día.


Today at work we watched Precious Knowledge, a documentary on the banning of ethnic studies programs in Arizona.  The film was really amazing, inspiring, heartbreaking, and so much more, and I highly recommend it.  I have a lot more thoughts and feelings about it, but it feels too soon to write it all out.

There is quite a bit of research in social psychology that’s looked at the relationship between ethnic identity of African-American students and Mexican-American students and academic success. Students who have a strong sense of ethnic self and a high level of racial awareness–awareness of how racism works–are more likely to persist academically.
—  Dr. Christine Sleeter, President, National Association of Multicultural Education in Precious Knowledge

I recently watched this documentary called Precious Knowledge because we’re going to screen this on my campus and have a discussion about it. 
If you can, I recommend everyone watch this. It’s empowering to see how education can take shape in someone’s life, especially students of color. The only reason these students are facing opposition is because people already view them as inferior due to their ethnicity. They are afraid of the scared truths and knowledge they will discover and acquire, which will in turn make them more difficult to marginalize, which is what the majority an those in power want.

This is only the beginning and one example. I’m sure they’ll be more struggles like this, and when there is, I’ll be ready to fight back with them. 

“Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot un-educate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.”  - César Chávez

Precious Knowledge Trailer by Dos Vatos 

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I i just, i was laughing so hard and idk why, what about dai companions reacting to like, ok, so lets say someone is about to burn a bunch of books that go against the faith or whatever and the inquisitor just casually walks up picks all the books up and leaves, no fucks given not a word said, just "fuck off mate ain't no reason to burn perfectly good books"

Context: The Inquisitor simply walks over to the would be bonfire and picks up a stack of books– and moves them ten feet away. This process is continued until all the books are moved and an Inquisition flag is planted in the center of the pile.

Cassandra: Their nonchalance throws her at first, but once she sees what their plan is she keeps the book burners from achieving their goal. And if she sees even a single romance in the ‘burn’ pile she lights them on fire instead. Or at least thinks very strongly about it as she rescues the precious volumes.

Solas: Knowledge is vital to society, and any literature that defies the chantry is certainly even more useful. His magic makes the task easier, and he and the Inquisitor bond over the experience.

Varric: There better not be any of his books in there.But if there are any copies of Hard in Hightown 2 he lets the crestfallen book burners keep them. Not good for much else.

Sera: She’s a little disappointed about the lack of fiery mayhem, but if the Inquisitor wants to save the books then she’s willing to move one or two of them– and help keep the anti-book crowd at bay.

Vivienne: Her disgust at the proposed book fire is plain, and she is content to help Solas with the magical migration– while setting aside any valuable or interesting tomes for transport back to Skyhold. Such an oppurtunity cannot be wasted.

Dorian: He heartily agrees with the venture, but would be far more useful to the Inquisitor if he spent more time actually moving the books and less time trying to sort the books into piles based on genre. He leaves with at least four new titles in his pack for later.

Iron Bull: He can get behind the whole not burning literature train prettily easily, but if help is plentiful he is more than content to intimidate the thwarthed pyromaniacs.

Blackwall: He finds the whole process of burning books to be abhorrent, though he certainly wasn’t expecting the Inquisitor to just randomly walk up and start stealing books from a pile. Still he’s willing to guard that pile until the flag arrives.


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– Mod Fereldone

Ali Ibn Abi Taalib said,

Verily knowledge is more precious than wealth. Knowledge preserves you, while you preserve wealth. Knowledge judges while wealth is judged upon. The possessors of wealth have died, while the possessors of knowledge live on. Their (the scholars) bodies have passed away, but they are still present in the hearts of the people.

Adab Al-Dunya Wa Al-Deen (p.48)

Grimoire Protection Spell

As much as I love the idea of protective sigils to keep a grimoire safe and hidden, it’s not practical for me - my grimoire is digital and I’m still learning how to create sigils! Maybe I will add one someday, but for now I have this intimidation spell written at the beginning of the document.

Use this spell in place of or alongside a sigil, and feel free to tweak the wording to suit your needs. Write or type it so that it appears before the reader finds any sensitive material*, then read it aloud at least three times to charge and activate it. While chanting, imagine your words striking fear into the hearts of those who read it without your permission; know that you are powerful and intimidating, and your knowledge is precious. Once you have finished casting the spell, anyone who opens your grimoire without permission will feel uneasy and think twice about crossing you!

Against intruders, wards arise

To hide this book from wandering eyes.

Heed my warning, ye who pries:

Reading on would not be wise.

*If you are hiding your craft in the extreme, you can try putting the words in white font, or use ink the same colour as your page. An intruder opening to a “blank” first page and feeling a sudden sense of dread could be just as intimidating!


From the DRAMAtical Murder live reading! (source 1) (source 2)
Kisaichi Atsushi (Aoba’s seiyuu) made these badges, and everyone wore them during the evening performance! Iguchi Yuuichi (Sei’s seiyuu) liked them so much, after the performance ended he asked if he could keep them.

The Signs as Force Girls (pt.5 of 12)

Leo - Madame Jocasta Nu (Jedi Chief librarian)

Jocasta has been the keeper of the vastest collection of knowledge - the Jedi Temple library - for a long time. Next to Master Yoda she is one of the most aknowledged and honoured Jedi. To be in charge of the Jedi Temple Archives demands to be self-disciplined, competent and hard-working. As the Chief librarian it is Jocasta’s duty to not let in anybody who’s aim it is to gain knowledge for the sake of claim of power or violence. She is also the one protecting the precious knowledge of the Jedi and their counterparts the Sith, which is stored in Holocrons - force-sensitive storage devices showing holocraphic knowledge - that can only be opened and inspected by a Jedi or vice versa by a Sith. Jocasta is very open to the ones hungry for knowledge. She will guide them through the endless rows of data, knowing exactly where to find what. Her generous nature allows Jocasta to be the perfect one to seek guidance or encouragement at. Only the completeness of the Archives should not be questioned in front of her, for Jocasta is a pride person not used to being offended.

~ New Year’s resolutions for healing ~

Here is a list of resolutions I wrote down for myself for a healthier and less stressful lifestyle. I decided to share some that I thought were the most important. ♡

○ Speak LESS listen MORE.

○ Say what you mean or DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

○ Be aware of toxic behaviors.

○ Spend LESS time on your phone or on technology in general and be in touch with your surroundings more.

○ Be clean and organized with your belongings because mess creates stress.


○ DO YOUR LAUNDRY. Having a nice clean outfit and underwear and panties set every day feels SO GOOD.

○ You can share as much or as little information about yourself to others as you please. Try to have less pressure in social situations.

○ Learn new ways to cope and control your anxiety instead of fighting fire with fire.


○ Literally have an open mind to EVERYTHING. Make no assumptions. Have no expectations. Having a narrow mind is a cruel way to live.

○ Pet more dogs.

○ STAY HYDRATED. Drinking water is very important and it really does make a positive physical difference to your body.

○ Take the time to learn. Knowledge is precious and it is so fun to know so many different things. 

○ Do more art. Create more. Feel good about what you do.

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Hi, many of my friends are curious about your world, but I don't know how to explain it to them. Do you have any advice on how to do so?

🐥: We also have quite a selection of maps, and a fine array of information elsewhere, such as in Zone 1! The Elsen there who harvest some of our precious materials are quite knowledgeable. I’m sure they would be happy to help, as would the other guardians and their feline companions!