precious kingston


(via Alex Kingston Ottawa Comiccon Backstage)

Oh for real @virginiawolfwolf?

Honey, lemme set the record straight. I am a proud black man who is proud of all of the successful black wrestlers. I was gassed for Naomi when she won her women’s title back after coming back from injury IN HER HOME TOWN. She’s way too talented to have not been a champion sooner.

I was gassed when Cedric Alexander tore the house down in the CWC and I’ll be gassed when he wins the cruiserweight title. Im still waiting on WWE to utilize my boy Uhaa Nation (Apollo Crews) the right way.

I’ve been gassed on The New Day from day one because
1. Kofi Kingston is precious and deserves the world. I’m still bitter that whiny ass Randy Orton killed his push or else he could have been a world champion.
And 2. As a nerdy black kid, seeing someone like Xavier Woods succeed in this business did my heart good.

When have you ever seen me hate on a wrestler of color when they didn’t deserve it? I’m a fan of Roman but his booking pisses me off sometimes. And I just flat out don’t like Jinder as champion. Nothing to do with his skin color, he’s just garbage.

Don’t ever make assumptions about me. Keep my name out your mouth.