precious jurina


In AKB/149 Renai Sousenkyo, while you go on a date with Jurina, who should show up but the Twin Towers?

From what I see, Jurina gets something stuck in her eye, making her teary. While the player tries to help, the Twin Towers just happened to pass by and saw the two of them. Noticing the tears Jurina’s giving, they first assumed that the player did something to make Jurina sad and cry. I just luv how the two act all parent-like, especially Sayaka. She calls Jurina “our precious treasure” and “our adorable little sister”. X3 She also says to the player “I won’t forgive you if you make her cry!” 

Awww~ Now ain’t that sweet?



Speaking of tears…

After the preliminary results, Rion cried.

She controlled herself on stage taking im consideration of the fan’s feelings.

That strong Rion, and passionate Rion.

Gotta properly give our support right?

Muto Tomu G+ 2015-10-29


Good evening!

Right now, I’m watching Downtown DX!!
Naana is on \(^o^)/\(^o^)/

観てない人は今からでも間に合うよ( ̄▽ ̄)b
Everyone, are you watching (♡´艸`)??
If not, you still have time ( ̄▽ ̄)b

Since I have to get up unbelievably early tomorrow, I thought I was going to sleep right away, but I’ll watch this first and then sleep ☆

I’m excited (´,,•ω•,,)♡

The photo is with Naana’s favorite, Jurina ♪♪
From SMAPxSMAP 〜(^^)

いい写真ฅ( •ω• ฅ)♡
It’s a good photo ฅ( •ω• ฅ)♡

In the comments:

Komiharu 22:50
I saw SMAPxSMAP in the hotel with Sayaya (o^^o)

Tomu was ridiculously cute (。>ω<。)ノ♡

Tomu 23:02
あーみんも出てきたし( ̄▽ ̄)
Naana is amusing ♪
Aamin came by too ( ̄▽ ̄)

Well, good night 〜☆

Naana 23:28
とむありがとー( ; ; )
Tomu, thank you ( ; ; )
By the way, send me that photo!!!

[Birthday Letter] - Letter from Jurina's mom for her daughter's birthday

Dear Jurina,
Happy 17th Birthday.

You started your activities on your 6th year of grade school, and now you’re already a high school student, aren’t you? Time really flies.

During the first times, you’d do everything recklessly, with all your might, using all your energies, so you very often got ill.
You felt really troubled, thinking whether you caused too much bother to your surroundings, and if it was okay for you to keep working.
It was so painful for me to see you like that, so even though it was your desire, I happened to regret making you enter this world. 
But by looking at how you incredibly shine while you work, is allowing me to change my mind and feel like this was all for the best.

Then, the concurrency with AKB and SKE.
Honestly, what I was worried about the most, was your physical and mental condition. Yet, despite being there so many things happening, you’re going through it with all your might.

From the 6th year of grade school up until now, you’ve had the privilege to experience many things; things that common girls your age cannot do, work, enjoyable things, painful things…really a lot.
By working and coming in contact with many people - great seniors, same generation members, juniors, co-actors, people from the staff - I believe that you will become a much greater person and woman.

There’s something I’ve thought about often, until now.
If only you didn’t enter the entertainment business, you could’ve lived on more freely and enjoyably and maybe it would’ve been better not to allow you to work in the period in which what you wanted to do the most was to play…
Still, when I see you on TV or during Stages and concerts, you shine so brightly…
And seeing how you perform in a way that doesn’t show when you’re not feeling well, makes me realize how amazing you are, and what a pro you became.
So tears start to fall, as I feel really glad about it all.

I always receive a lot of energy from this Jurina.
Sorry if I can’t do nothing aside from listening to your stories and holding you tight.
Jurina, with all the people that are in this world, thank you so much for having been born from me.
From now on as well things are not going to be easy, but please, keep being the very kind, considerate Jurina who can understand people’s pain.
I believe that, running towards your dream, you’ll become a wonderful woman.
Feel grateful to everyone for having been able to spend this wonderful birthday today, okay? 

To my precious Jurina.