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“I once had a thousand desires. But in my one desire to know you all else melted away.” 

Random Luciano Headcanons

- Luciano is a workaholic. When he sets his eyes on a project, he will not sleep until it is done. 

- Lazy as fuck when he has no projects.

- Has a stuffed orca he cuddles constantly, especially when sleepy or depressed.

- Loves jewelry.

- When he still had a country, his people would give him gold/homemade jewelry. He often attached them to his wings and hair.

- Hates his curl being pulled and/or touched.

- Major sweet tooth.

- Video game nerd; mostly plays with Kuro.

- Big fan of fedoras.

- Favorite music is classical and rock.

- Can only play the piano. Tried to play the guitar and stopped after ten minutes.

- Favorite color is magenta. Mostly because of his eyes, but enjoys other colors like aqua and maroon.

- Can make himself glow in the dark like a comb jellyfish. 

- He only does this around Oliver, Romano, or Feliciano.

////Its been a while since I posted but real life really sucks right now. Enjoy these headcanons as an apology.////

Twas the night before Christmas. And all through the sea…jellyfish were stinging your entire family!
—  A Christmas carol by Phil Lester (AmazingPhil)

guess who my fav wonderland backgrounders are

at first i thought the boy was just a lion but looking closer at his jacket fringe and shoulder pads (and the print on his shoes look vaguely bird like) he’s the gryphon. also his hair is exaclty how i want my hair, color and all.

the girl might be the duck from the “caucus race” scene, based on her bubbles/water theme, yellow lips (like a duck’s beak?), her sleeves look kinda like wings, and in a lot of shots her headpiece looks like a duck.

honorable mentions: pepe le precious, princess jellyfish & girl i’m assuming to be cari pillar until proven otherwise


Group: NCT

Members: Taeil, Taeyong, Yuta, Chittaphon, Jaehyun

AN: I hope enjoy~~~ My precious jellyfish anon~~


“How do you do this…”

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*The kid is winwin*

“Here eat up eat up!!!”

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“Yeah! Let’s go play soccer!! I won’t be too competitive!”

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“Here’s some candy for the kids!~~”

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“This shouldn’t be too hard right?”

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