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Tolkien characters as memes
  • Me, an intellectual: Gandalf, Elrond
  • She is beauty, she is grace, she will punch you in the face: Éowyn, Lúthien, Legolas (let's be honest xd)
  • The dress: Galadriel (is she blue and black or is she white and gold?)
  • I came out to have a good time and honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now: Bilbo, Déagol (ha. ha.), Túrin (ha. ha. ha.)
  • *shoving breadsticks into the purse*: Turgon
  • okay... that sounds fake but okay...: Thranduil, Manwë
  • perfect men don't exis-: Aragorn, Éomer, Faramir, literally hALF OF THE CHARACTERS HAVE YOU READ LOTR
  • don't talk to me or my son ever again: um, Fëanor??? and like, all Fëanorians and their sons and the sons of their sons what even is this family???

one-go-alone  asked:

For the Prompt-a-Thon: Bagginshield, Space!AU?

“Don’t you think you’re standing a little too close to the window?” grumbles an irritated voice, and Thorin turns to stare impassively at his uninvited guest. The small Hobbit shoots the window, currently overlooking the distant Rhovanian nebula, a rather dirty look that Thorin doesn’t feel it deserves. Beyond that nebula is the Lonely Planet, Erebor, his home – his true home, and Thorin misses it sorely.

“The window hasn’t done me any harm today,” Thorin replies, keeping his amusement out of his voice. It wouldn’t do to upset their Burglar again, especially about his deep and unabiding hatred of everything deep space.

Why he agreed to join Thorin’s quest, which has taken them far beyond the tiny Shire planet and will take them even further, is anyone’s guess.

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Far over the Misty Mountains rise..

Happy Birthday, Selina! <3