precious gummy bear


i hope he is having a good day … the lyrics are hitting strong with me tonight again … i want to give him a hug and tell him just how loved and talented and respected he is - even if i know it doesn’t always help … so i’ll just send him all the good vibes i have in me …

anonymous asked:

Whos your ultimate bias and why?

Yongguk, my love, my world, the light of my life, the reason I smile, my all and everything, my moon and stars, my precious gummy bear for soooooo many reasons! His beautiful smile, his godly voice, his love towards his members, his love for children, his respect towards the elderly, the fact that he gives so much to charity even though he doesn’t even make much, his passion and dedication for what he does, the fact that he treats all his members like they’re his own children, his tattoos, his strength, his love for his fans, his endless love towards Tigger, the way he giggles when he’s shy, his leadership skills, the fact that he gives it his all in everything he does and there’s so much more reasons. I don’t just love him, I respect him more than anything. ❤