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I've seen lots of ME:A complaints

Mind you I’m only a few hours into playing because I wasn’t able to crack into it while we had my mother-in-law up visiting, and yeah the game’s obviously got some flaws, but my biggest disappointment is that it seems I still wont get an asexual romance option with a Salarian anywhere besides fanfic I’ll likely have to write my damn self.

Mellow- that adorably endearing one on the Nexus crew that sweet talks control consoles and is excited and ready to fight crewmates over Intergalactic Scout cookies? Professor Herik? Kallo Jath? I’m really not that picky so long as they’re fairly developed characters. I just want a wide-mouthed, thin-lipped, space/science nerd boyfriend is that really too much to ask?

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hello :> I was just wondering if there was a download link for that reading Burn did of Awesome Day? because I only realised it existed after it got took off iplayer (single tear) No problem if there isn't one, but I'd be super happy if there was uvu)/ thank you either way, friend!

Not a problem. Here’s an mp3 of Awesome Day for you and all the other Burn lovin’ folks out there. ENJOY!

There now! No more tears! :)