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My ever so precious Shamisen passed away in my arms yesterday morning (10 March 2017, at 06:00 PST). RIP 😿

I loved and cared for her as my own feline child.  And, she never failed to show her special care for me, as my trusted and faithful companion, over the years: by always having a cute greeting for me after a long day; by comforting me when I may not have realised that I needed it; and by always seeming to provide a precious, purring fluffball, within arm’s reach. 💔

She was so very brave and dignified throughout this horrible week, and it was heartbreaking to be unable to do anything but keep her comfortable and free of pain.  But, it was time for her to finally be at rest, with no further discomfort or difficulty.  It was time for me to let her go, peacefully and gracefully.

I’m not particularly religious, but I’d like to hope that Shami’s unique life-energy is now freed and at-play, amongst the tendrils of ethereal stardust - stardust alive with the potential to become something beautiful once again, such stardust to which we all must eventually return. 🌟

Helpless (Kurt Wagner x Reader)



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It was a hot summer night. Kurt was sitting on the windowsill of his room admiring the night.

Suddenly, something hit him on his back, startling him. He turned around to see Warren. The boy had thrown a shirt at him and with a smirk, he said: “Get dressed, blueberry. We are going out.”

“Where to?” Kurt asked. “Jean and Scott found a new bar and we are going dancing.” Warren replied and Kurt nodded.

Soon everyone was ready and they were in a car on their way to the bar.

Kurt felt uncomfortable. Jean and Scott were dancing and flirting, Peter and Warren were looking at some girls and Jubilee had found a boy she was now dancing with .

Kurt sighed and his eyes scanned the room. And then he spotted her. She was undoubtedly the most beautiful girl he had seen. She was sitting across the room and shook her head to the beat. Kurt felt his heart drumming in his chest, threatening to leap off his ribcage anytime soon.

It seemed like she was out with her friends but they were all dancing with boys they had met.

Her eyes scanned the room that moment and fell on Kurt. That moment Kurt knew he was helpless for her. He dropped his gaze to the floor and when he raised his gaze she was looking at her friends again.

A pat on his shoulder startled him and he almost dropped his drink. “Spotted someone you like?” Warren asked him. A light blue dust spread across Kurt’s cheeks. “Go talk to her, then.”

“I can’t. I am blue and I have a tail.” And she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Kurt thought as he replied with a sigh.

“Boy, you are helpless.” Warren laughed and made his way across the room to her. Kurt held his breath. He didn’t know what his friend had in mind and honestly, he was horrified.

Suddenly, her eyes land to Kurt and she smiles at him as Warren guides her towards him.

“(Y/N) this is Kurt.” Warren introduced him and Kurt felt breathless. She extended her hand for him to shake and he knew how bad he had it for her as soon as their hands touched.

“I’ll leave you to it.” Warren said and left with a wide grin.

They talked all night and Kurt felt like he had found his other half. Everything they said was in perfect symphony. When she was about to leave, she leaned and kissed him on the cheek and handed him a napkin with her phone on it.

The whole drive back to School, Kurt had that silly lovestruck smile on his lips.

They were texting for about a week now and he was so deep in love that just thinking about her made him blush.

Warren was playing a game on Kurt’s phone when (Y/N) texted him.

From: Precious <3 <3

Good morning, fluffball. How are you?

Warren shot Kurt a sly smile and Kurt knew that he this wouldn’t end well. He struggled to get his phone from his best friend but Warren had already pressed ‘Send’

To: Precious <3 <3

I am great. How about we grab brunch together?

Kurt sighed in despair. “Great. Now you blew it all away.” He said angrily. Warren laughed. “No, man. I planned a date for you. Finally, ‘you’ made a move.”

Kurt looked at his phone.

From: Precious <3 <3

Like a date?

Kurt panicked. “She asks me if it is a date. What do I do?” he asked and Warren fought back his laughter. “Well, do you like her?” he asked the obvious.

“I am helpless.” Kurt said in a dreamy voice. “Shoot, then.” Warren winked at him.

To: Precious <3 <3


From: Precious <3 <3

See you, then. ;)

Kurt squealed and Warren finally released his laughter.

The boy straightened up his clothes and knocked the door. (Y/N) opened the door and looked dazzling as always.

They had decided to go for ice cream instead. They sat on a bench in the park as they talked about their favourite music.

“Oh, you got a little…” Kurt said as pointed to a spot next to her lips, where she had a little ice cream. “Here?” she wiped her mouth but a little ice cream remained.

“No, let me.” Kurt said as he wiped her mouth and before he knew it she was kissing him.

He felt as if he was flying in the sky. They were helpless for each other.

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I am thoroughly amused by critics who try to approach movies like Ratchet and Clank as if they’re supposed to be Deeply Original and Masterful. It’s based on a story that’s over a decade old in a series known for over-the-top characters, cheesy dialogue, and off-the-wall weaponry. It is a movie based on a video game that includes a sheepinator gun, and it includes the sheepinator gun. The movie is clearly aimed at young audiences who don’t know the story beats they decry as stale and overused, and at fans who don’t really care because the characters are endearing and they already know the plot beats that are coming anyway. It’s a movie that set out, to my mind, to be beautiful and lighthearted fluff, and it meets the goal wonderfully. The movie is a simple “what it means to be a hero” journey with the tone and humor that define the game. It’s an action-focused movie with a simple message. Sure it’s nothing special, but a little bit of fluff is good for the soul. And if that fluff is actually a fluffy, goofy Lombax, all the better.

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Just look at this precious fluffball screwup who wants to be a hero.