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Did Rowan say “all” of his cousins were birds of prey, or “most/some”???? (In the special edition story)


Tua: *infuriated about ruined Empire Day*

Inquisitor: Why is this tiny woman screaming at me



Inquisitor: *literally can’t even right now*

I just watched Empire of Corses a few hours ago, and OH MY GOD! that movie is awesome, the art is so gorgeous that must be illegal. And I lost my mind every 10 minutes there, I can’t believe how fast I ended with a OTP in that movie.

The plot was amazing, since my english is very limited I am unable to explain how amazing and perfect that movie was.

Why does it feel like the new canon has gone in real hard for Not Being the EU as much as possible, and yet making it just as bad in other ways? Because the EU totally turned into a shitshow in the end with all the turnings to the dark and characters (lol, Mara and Jacen and Chewbacca) dying/being killed. But the new canon? Doing just as many shitty things, just differently.

Like. In the EU? The trio is, above all, together, while still doing their own things as wanted/necessary. In the new canon? Luke seems to be away basically all the time without talking to his own family (which, I have to point out, is really important to him!), Leia and Han having their issues (after a purportedly happy time, but if Snoke was there from the start and you don’t let the twins be FAMILY then that’s just not good, sorry) and being broken by them. Luke having the new Jedi being wiped out instead of the new iteration surviving even if they’re almost destroyed.

Luke having a family of his own for years, and while he finally loses Mara because shitty writers can’t figure out what to do with most women after they become The Wife, he still has his son - if Rey is his daughter in new canon, he didn’t get to keep her, and one way or another, whatever significant other is out of the picture.

I’m just… going to be even more bitter because fuck you and your ~gritty realism lol~ you could’ve made an adventure story without ruining shit because it’s ~realistic~ (tell me one thing about the optimism (of the Ewoks and the Rebellion winning) and even redemption and forgiveness in RotJ that’s realistic. it doesn’t need to be). Could’ve had a second gen story without breaking everything that came before and basically nullifying RotJ.

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Have you read the comic version of Shadows of the Empire? (Annoyingly, it cuts out all of Vader's introspective fatherly moments) There's a part where Xizor and Jabba the Hutt put a hit out on Luke and frame Vader for it. And when the Rebels catch wind of "Vader's" plot, in the panel Luke just looks utterly dejected. Like you can just imagine he's wondering "does my father actually want me dead?" Though at the end he's like "no, he wouldn't do that" but imagine if he confronted Vader about it

I’ve read the book but not the comic version. I should try to find it.

Poor Luke. :( That would be so hard to deal with… But it has to be a question he was asking himself quite a bit after Bespin. And Vader’s reaction, if Luke had had a chance to ask him… He would feel so disheartened that Luke would think that. Not that Luke doesn’t have a reason to think that, and Vader would probably realize that, but… This poor family.