precious dorks though

Baby, love never felt so good
And I’d die if it ever could
Not like you hold me, hold me

‘cause I heard this short but awesome cover and I had to find a full acoustic version of the song

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Haikyuu or Free?

lolol here we go, I knew this one was coming. xD tbh I feel like these two are really hard to compare because they’re both so good for different reasons. In the end though, I can’t deny that Free was my “first love,” the first sports anime that I really got into when it came out before I discovered any others, and I am still so weak for my ultimate brotp. 

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Thanks for asking!! <3 

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There goes the glorious sound of my phone ringing!———
Now that my job for the day is done,
I sit and watch the sunset, smiling to myself
as I dream of building the best shrine for me.
The sun sinks into the horizon,
and a familiar silver crescent rises in the night sky above.

I’ve finally found my friends I can share this bond with
and spend happy days laughing together.
I start rowing this moonlight boat,
wondering where should I go from here.

I was saved more times than I can ever say,
by a fate who could see through me when she normally shouldn’t…
And even though he might be a pain and a brat sometimes,
the one I gave a name to is the second fate I’d come across…

The moment our eyes met,
I felt the subtle shift in the breeze around us.

These bonds that will stay with me and be my strength
gently push my moonlight boat along.
I wonder, just how far I can go from here…?

The reason I live
is because they’re right here by my side.
…I wish with all my heart that I am never forgotten.

The memories and stories of years past
float slowly and fade toward the distance.
All I have to do is keep straining at the oars
that were missing until now, so I can move on.

I finally have friends I can share this bond with,
who believe in me as much as I believe in them.
We may be from two worlds apart,
but drifting along together as one on this moonlight boat…

we can make it anywhere.

If being a ghost means Billy is unable to appear on film or have a reflection,

then how did Spencer get a contact ID pic of him on his phone??

It could be possible that Billy put something of his on Spencer’s phone so that the camera could pick him up, similar to what he did with his plane, Air Cobra, so the autopilot could hear him.

Otherwise I have no explanation than the writers just forgetting this detail alskdfh.


Well, hello everyone! Did you come to see if you’re on my ‘nice’ list?”

cutie sora’s on the naughty list (◡‿◡✿) 


Camsten + ‘Stretch’
(for my-broken-resolve​)


I think that there’s a noticeable difference between season one and two in terms of Carmilla and Laura’s appearances. 

Over the course of season 1 we saw Laura and Carmilla undergo a lot of character development as a result of their cohabitation; Laura learnt that the world is flawed and complex and the reasoning behind decisions made is not so black and white. Carmilla was reminded that with all of the cruelty and harshness of the world comes a balance of beauty and possibility, and that these traits should exist in the foreground and not be forgotten. They learnt from each other and helped each other grow, and now with an established relationship in season two, I think we’re able to see them both in each other’s appearance.

Carmilla’s fringe is gone. Laura’s hair is slightly curled. Carmilla’s eye makeup is a bit lighter. Laura actually HAS eye makeup (although minimal).

I’m sure we’ll see a completely original wardrobe for our heroes throughout the season as well, and we may even find that their clothing slightly overlaps in these respects too.

Or this could all be bullshit, shit to the bull, and I’m just way too absorbed in my gay ship <3