precious diva

Had this idea for quite a while :)
Anyway I think they’re so cute together! And I love this song so much…so…This happened, oh and I mean the version of Seth MacFarlane from the album Music is better than words. Seriously guys, download or buy the album it’s so good! His voice is as the script of Sing described; “Chocolate silk” I think that’s about right…At least I think so :D

If you are really, truly passionate about #GiveDivasAChance, then you want them all to have a chance, not just your favourite.

So you want your precious favorite Diva to have a chance to shine, further their career, but because you don’t like anther Diva, that means they automatically don’t deserve it?

We support the Diva’s Division as a whole. We support every single woman in that ring because we respect what they do, not pick on what they can’t

Every woman who steps in that ring deserves to learn and thrive because they want to. Every woman in that ring deserves the chance to prove they can hold their own, and that it’s not just a manly support. Show them we can do it just as well. 

The Diva’s need our support, so instead of picking a talented division apart and bitching about them, why not support each other and prove that the female fans of the WWE aren’t just here to bitch and whine. We are here because we believe in the product but we want to have our voices heard.

The Black Widow Meets Her Mental Vixen..


AJ Lee the confident and smug former Divas Champion skipped to the back after a win in a #1 contenders match for her precious Divas title. Little did she know that she was going to run into the devious Maryse, who was a master hypnotist..