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Meeting In Secret // Kol Mikaelson // requested .part two

Request - kol mikaelson imagine where the reader is damon and stefans sister and they sneak out to see each other and one day elena catches them and tells damon nd they all turn against her and then when Jeremy kills him she tries to kill him and maybeyou can  use a lot of gifs too ???? sorry if its so long lol

Part One

Requests Are Open. xx

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The past month with the Mikaelsons have been a dream. You wouldn’t expect it, considering they’re the Original vampires but it has. Living with people other than my brothers felt so freeing. My whole life I bounced from Stefan to Damon. Now I’m finally out.

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Fight for Me (Ch.1)

Pairing: Commoner/Knight!Seokjin x Princess!OC
Genre: Royalty!AU, Friendship, Romance, Comedy, & Slight-Angst
Words: 5,677
※ Song(s) That Inspired Me: Jig (The Little Mermaid) | Tour of the kingdom
POV: 3rd Person

Summary: Once upon a time, there was a not-so-traditional kingdom. In that kingdom, the royal family had the freedom of marrying whoever his or her royal highness deems worthy. Now, of course, having that special privilege came with some interesting challenges, but that doesn’t stop a certain head-strong princess from doing whatever her heart’s desire, especially when she has her heart set on marrying her personal bodyguard. Unfortunately, her beliefs might face some hardships when a certain king sets his eye on her. Will her bodyguard continue to fight for her or is it finally her turn? 

Next time: ch.2 | ch.3

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Imagine telling Sherlock something important

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Your head and body laid on the right side, softly sinking into the feather pillow and the bed you and your husband shared. The blanket laid over your frame as your hand laid next to your head. Your eyes glued to the profile of your husband, who had finally came to bed, and was steadily breathing to an inaudible metronome. Before you even knew it, your fingers slowly extended towards his face, which lazily faced you, and stroked from his high cheek bone to his chin. 

It was never your choice to reveal the relationship you both shared, as far as anyone close was concerned you were just another citizen in the busy city of London, but to him you were SO much more then another unidentified face. And only one man could see that…. 

 "Sherlock.“ Your voice was shaky as you slowly walked through the doorway, a Mister James Mortiarty close behind. 

You could see Sherlock’s jaw clench, and his entire demeanor shift as you looked into his eyes. 

 "However did you…” Sherlock started 

 "Oh do you mean however did I find out that the great, heartless, self centered genius Sherlock Holmes was in love with the average minded, yet beautiful [Y/N], whom was once your client? How did I know that you and her were sneaking about all of London, having little dates, slight hand grabs, even the occasional kiss on the cheek. Oh and don’t forget about that one time she kissed you… On the lips, ohhh the scandal.“ Mortiarty taunted. 

"Sherlock I have no idea…” You started as you watched a rage grow in the blue eyes you loved to get lost in. 

 "Ohhh the big boys are talking now darling, why don’t you go sit over there with lover boy.“ Mortiarty instructed before pushing you next to John. 

"Don’t.” Sherlock growled as you stumbled into place. 

“Don’t what, imagine all the naughty things I could have done to her the entire time I have had her. I know you were looking for her, when she missed your little date before all this started you panicked. Then she ignored your calls and texts, not even your good morning sunshine got a response. Bet you never imagined that I had your precious little princess? Tell me where you worried when you figured out she was missing?" 

 "I should shot you right now.” Sherlock replied, his gun trained on Mortiarty’s head as he lifted a finger. 

“I won’t do that if I were you.” And then the red dots appeared all over yours and John’s body, “and I would hope you two weren’t planning to attempt to play hero, cause…" 

And then the dots appeared on Sherlock. 

 After Mortiarty left and you all were safe you raced into Sherlock’s chest, throwing your arms around his neck. In response he embraced you, something not often seen by John. 

"I never meant for this to happen.” Sherlock whispered 

“I see now why you told me on our first date that you were only married to your work.” You replied in a whisper 

“yet I still asked you out on a second date.” Sherlock chuckled. 

“And even though you warned me of the dangers I still agreed.” You slightly pulled away, and moved your hands from his neck to the sides of his face, his arms still tightly around your middle. 

“And I love you because of it.” He said, he had never even said it before. 

“I love you too.” You replied, knowing that now you were never going to be without this man. 

 At the base of his chin your hand curled up beneath it, as your thumb lightly ran over his chin. A smile graced your face as you heard him hum softly at the touch. 

“You know you should make sure one is asleep before you decide to touch their face.” He sleepily hummed as you blushed, his eyes slowly opening towards you. 

“Well I figured you were, however I have forgot that the great Sherlock Holmes is too mighty for sleep.” You whispered in response. 

“Yes, well I am glad it only took two and a half years of marriage to discover that." 

"In my defense for two years you were dead remember?" 

 "Molly, I need your help.” Sherlock whispered, “I think I am going to die." 

"Anything you need, I am here." 


And then they discussed the plan for faking his death, and after all was set Sherlock added, "I also need you to come with me, we need to go to the court house." 


 "I have a woman to marry." 

 ”[Y/N].“ Sherlock whispered as he softly shook you awake, a sleepy groan left your lips as you slowly rolled over to see both he and Molly Hopper in your small bedroom. 

"Sherlock, it isn’t even light out yet, what are you doing in my flat?" 

 "I need you to wake up love, and get dressed in one of the sundresses." 

"Why? This isn’t another one of your attempts at a surprise picnic, cause the last one was a disaster.” You shifted as you slowly sat up and looked at him. 

“Remember how I told you on our first date…" 

"You are only married to your work. I am aware, seeing how you mention it at least once ever couple months." 

"Well I have decided that I want more then just my work… I want to marry you.” Sherlock whispered to you as your eyes widen. 

“Come again?" 

 "I, William Sherlock Scott Holmes, wish to marry [Full Name], right now at the courthouse, that is if you will have me?" 

"I’ll get my dress then.” You smiled, unaware that in less then twelve hours everyone in the world would think you were a widow. But you knew…. And swore to never tell. 

 "Can I ask you something Sherlock?“ You whispered as your heart rate increased. 

"Can’t it wait till morning, it isn’t even…" 

"Sherlock two and a half years ago you woke me up in the dead of night to ask if I would marry you, and then proceeded to marry me. And then after informed me about how I was going to be playing the role of widow for a while. All this occurred before 5am." 

"Fine. What is your question?" 

 "Do you think someday, that you might want to have…. Kids?” Your voice shaked slightly as you asked in a whispered, watching as all traces of sleep left his eyes. 

“You mean repopulate?" 

 "Yeah, you could play the high functioning sociopathic detective father, who isn’t always an ass, and I could be the Sidekick mom who takes care of the kids. And John can be the babysitter, for if we need a date, or a case to cure your boredom.” You answered It was quiet for a while, the panic over the topic growing with each second you watched him process your request. 

“Yes.” He finally replied as you looked at him. 

“Yes.” You parroted as he smiled at your replied. 

“Yes. I would love to repopulate the world with you.” He gave you a rare smile, as your own smile grew. 

“Are you sure? I know this isn’t really something you are comfortable with…" 

"And I know that look in your eye, it is the look that says you are serious, you gave me the same look when you told me you loved me, and when you said I do, and when you agreed to be a widow. Besides at this point we have no choice, seeing how there has been a shift in your behavior since this morning, you were sick for most of the day, your outfit was baggier then normal and you refused wine at dinner, I am guessing you recently found out that you already are pregnant." 

"You saw the box didn’t you?" 

 "No.” He started however after several seconds of silence, “I saw the box and the test in the waste basket this morning." 

"Fuck you William.” You whispered, smiling at how calm he was at the news. 

“That my dear Mrs. Holmes, is how we got in this predicament to start with.”

Alone Time

Request: Can you do a imagine where Y/N is African American and married to Thor and she and Thor have been looking for some alone time but their twins (doesn’t matter what gender) keep crying for her attention so Thor ends up traveling to Earth to have Steve babysit them?? I’m so sorry if this is too long 😬

You loved your children, you loved them to pieces. You would fight all the armies in the nine realms for them if you had to, but as your son got a big handful of your hair and your daughter yanked at your sleeve, you wondered if there was a way to temporarily not have kids. As if your husband could hear your thoughts he came and took your son away from you so that you could deal with your daughter. It had been a year and a half since you even thought about any alone time. From the time the twins were born to now you and your husband, Thor have been completely enthralled with the development of your children. You took the night shift and he took the day back when they didn’t sleep through the night, and when they became mobile the two of you worked together to keep them out of harm’s way. They were rambunctious, and curious, which was adorable until they crawled into places they weren’t supposed to be. You were grateful for your husband’s willingness to work as a team with you in this process. Many other maidens were not so lucky in their choice of husband. However, you have always been aware of your fortune in the husband department.

“You look like you need a break,” He said with a soft tired smile. His hair, like always, was pulled up out of reach of tiny grabbing hands.

You laughed a little, “Yeah, a break would be nice, but I’m not gonna let you deal with them both at the same time. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

“I’ve got another idea.” he began.

You stood in the home of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, after Bucky’s rehabilitation the only logical place to put him had been with Steve. They were both really good friends to both you and Thor. However you were still unbelievably uneasy about the plan Thor had proposed. Sure, Steve had encouraged you to let him watch the kids, he was the godfather of your children after all, but it still put you on edge to have someone who wasn’t you looking after your precious babies. You trusted Steve with your life, and you’d seen him with kids, he was great yet here you were anxiously going over the routine you’d wrote out for Steve for the second time.

“Okay and Bucky you might wanna put your hair up. They are vicious hair pullers. Um, bedtime stories are great, and if you need anything, call me,” you looked at your babies who were currently in Steve’s arms.

“Y/N, I’ve got it, calm down. I’ve got a night of fun with Uncle Steve and Uncle Bucky planned it’ll be great!” he smiled confidently. His confidence made you feel a little better. You looked up to Thor for further reassurance.

“Come now, darling, it will be quite alright, I’m sure of it,” he put an arm over your shoulder, and you bit your lip trying to feel as confident as he did. It’s not like you had an overwhelming feeling that something would go wrong, you just knew anything could happen.

“Okay, okay, you guys are right,” you moved forward and kissed each of your babies on the head then willed yourself to turn around and leave. The moment you were out you felt a bit of anxiety kick up in your chest.

“Thor, what if-”

“All will be well. You worry too much. I have a romantic evening planned that will take your mind off of your worries.”

You couldn’t help but to smile at your husband as he took your hand and whisked you away. For the sake of being easy to get in contact with, you stayed on Earth. It felt like years since you and Thor got to talk about anything outside of your babies. He delighted you with tales of battles he had fought in in the brief moments in which you were alone with the twins, and you caught him up on the dealings of Asgard.

“Oh yes, and the warriors three were so shocked I thought they might faint. Think of it, three strapping warriors fainting at the sight of Lady Sif in a romantic setting with someone. Oh she nearly killed them,” You ended your tale, looking on triumphantly as Thor laughed. His laughter died down a bit as he looked at your from across the table.

“You are just as beautiful as the day I met you,” he spoke, still smiling perhaps from more than your witty tale. You felt your body warm at the sudden flattery. You looked down at your plate that was nearly finished, trying to compose yourself.

“Stop it, Thor,” you laughed, “Twins are hell on the body.”

“Ah, your motherhood only makes you more beautiful in my eyes. To see you with a child on each hip ready to seize the day every morning, is a beautiful and highly arousing sight.”

“Well then we might want to get the check and head to that hotel before our alone time is up.”

Steve and Bucky played with the children all day. That meant riveting games of peek a boo and simple little tricks to get smiles out of the children. At the end of the night they all settled down to watch the Princess and the Frog, one of the Disney movies both Steve and Bucky had missed. All four of them were enthralled. By the time you knocked on the door the babies were fast asleep and Steve and Bucky were cleaning up the mess from the day. Steve answered the door and while he looked tired, he didn’t seem too worn out.

“How were they?” You asked, worried.

“They were great. You’ve got some really great kids, Y/N,” he smiled, “I’ve actually never seen Bucky smile so much.”

You were happy that they’d had so much fun, and you were eager to have your babies back in your arms.

“They can come back any time,” Steve said quietly, careful not to wake the twins up.

“Thank you so much, Steve,” you said earnestly. Thor repeated your sentiment and then you went home. The twins were still asleep when you got home and they slept through the night, they too were tired from their day of play with their uncles.

No Match

Kaminari Denki x reader

He was’t what your parents had wanted for you but he was everything you’d ever dreamed of. Even if they had you matched up with Todoroki you were going to fight tooth and claw. Kaminari was your perfect match; he would actually love you.

For the lovely @gozart (it took a while but I’m sure it’s worth it)

Word count: 1610

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Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen, watched their daughter beloved frowning at Rowan. That cunning, little princess turned out that she has her temper. Oh Gods above, she totally has her temper. Furious and fiery, but cold and as hard as a steel, just like Rowan. Even if the little girl is just 6 years old, her temper tantrum might even outmatch Aelin’s. Every now and then, their daughter would burn whatever she held, if she were so much as annoyed.

“I want more!” the princess shouted.

“No, darling.” Rowan warily answered.

“I. Want. More. Chocolate. Papa!! I WANT-” she said.

“You just had 3 plates of chocolate cake, sweetheart.” Rowan sighed. “You will get yourself sick. So, no more chocolate for today, okay?” Rowan glanced at Aelin as if to say: Help me with this offspring of yours!

Aelin did no such thing.

Instead, she looked at the battle of wills in front of her eyes. And smirked to Rowan: ha, your offspring your problem.

“Mama ate like 5 plates!” their princess stomped her foot. Aelin clamped down her lips to prevent howling then and there. She definitely had Aelin’s madness for sweets.

“Oh?” Rowan said.

“Yes! And Mama said she will give me more!”

“Oops, did I say such a thing, darling? Maybe I did.” She replied and winked to her precious daughter.

Rowan sighed again. “Well, you have had enough chocolate for today. Go study with your cousin then. Or else you will have to train 1 more hour with Uncle Aedion later.”

“Oh Rowan, don’t be a monster. She can have more, you know. I don’t mind sharing mine. Go take it, sweetheart.” Aelin mused as their princess folded her hands in front of her chest, knowing that fire would have erupted soon. Fire that shine so brightly, people would think it was Aelin’s.

“See, Papa? I. Will. Have. Chocolate. Mama says so!” she said with stomping her little foot to the ground.


Rowan’s brows were gone. Smokes emerged from his face. Aelin made a little sound like a strangled cat, and burst out laughing so hard. Their precious daughter set fire on Rowan’s brows with her stomping foot. His brows were freaking gone! And Aelin was so proud of her daughter because she didn’t have the chance to do it herself. She saw Rowan’s lips thinned, and before anything could happened, she grabbed the princess hand and pulled her to the kitchen.

On the next day, Rowan appeared at the council meeting browless. Aelin shut her mouth to press her laughter, and she was shaking so bad thanks to her king’s browless. Aedion, who sat beside him was gaping his mouth out and staring at Rowan. Then he was on the floor laughing his ass off, only to be choked by Rowan’s wind. The councilmen were wisely averted their eyes from Rowan, not wanting to be murdered by their king.

Even Lysandra made an unladylike noise when she saw Rowan, her hands shot up to her mouth. And she run like hell, probably was telling the cadre of Rowan’s situation.

Every time someone was mocking him, Aelin and her baby would exchange glances and silently laughed their asses off.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. He will grow another one, so you could burn them again next time”, she winked at the princess.

Rowan merely said, “Ladies, I heard you!“ and sighed loudly.

Forgotten 19th

Requests: “Your boyfriend Kol forgets your birthday, Elijah remembers and buys you the perfect gift and Kol gets jealous: embarrassed he forgot”

It seemed like every friend you had visited your house to say Happy Birthday. Even if you haven’t talked to them in over a year. Your family called about an hour ago and sang Happy Birthday into the phone. 

But the main reason you were excited about your birthday, was because Kol was going to bring you to dinner and had a plan to bring you to the fair that Elena and Bonnie were working at. It would end the perfect nineteenth birthday. 

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Drabble Game Part 3

Drabble Game: 1- Wade Wilson

“I thought you were gone,” your voice was sharp and your tone was a mixture of anger and sadness.
“I know,” Wade whispered, his head down in shame. “(Y/N), if they knew I was alive they would k-”
“I don’t care!” You shouted, your chest rising and falling rapidly with your breathing. There were tears prickling at your eyes, tears that were formed from spending the last three months thinking that he wasn’t coming back, thinking that you’d never see him again. “All I wanted was you.”
“And you have me.” He argued, his arms stopping just short of you. His eyes looked so broken, his tongue peeking out to lick his lips nervously. “You’re,” his voice cracked, “you’re leaving, aren’t you?” His arm dropped, his head mimicking the action. He looked so lost. Your heart clenched as you reached out for him.
“Don’t be stupid, I’m not leaving you.” You stated firmly, lifting his chin so he’d look you in the eyes. “I love you.”

Drabble Game: 5- Foggy Nelson

You felt warm all over as Foggy held you in a sweet embrace, his lips ghosting over your forehead as he greeted you. It was blissful.
“You doing alright?” He asked, keeping his head atop yours.
“Perfect,” you mumbled, snuggling further into him.
“I’ve been thinking-,”
“Oh, dangerous,” you interrupted, prompting a laugh out of him.
“I’ve been thinking,” he restarted, “and I came to the conclusion that I love you more than you love me.” Your eyes flew upon, your hands pushing your body out of his embrace.
“Excuse me?” He had a knowing smirk on his features, his eyes just begging you to prove him wrong.
“You heard me.” He teased.
“Franklin Nelson,” you yelled, a hand over your heart in mock offense.
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N),” he replied, his tone light. You pounced, pushing him down onto the sofa. His smile was bright as he looked up at you, nothing but love in his expression. Sighing, you laid your head on his chest.
“I love you,” you whispered.
“And I love you.” He replied, a hand smoothing down your hair.

Drabble Game: 8- Wade Wilson

The pain was unbearable, another whimper escaping your red-stained lips. Your entire abdomen was aching, the throbbing blooming from somewhere within the middle. “Wade,” you gasped out, looking at his familiar features. He placed a knee down next to you, applying pressure to your wound. A louder sound of pain echoed, a fire searing in your belly.
“You’re going to be fine.” He stated, his hands soaking in the heat of your blood. “This will all be fine. Everything will be,” his voice cracked with emotion, “fine.”
“Wade,” you cried, a fresh round of tears as your heart started slowing. Everything was darkening, Wade being the only one keeping you grounded to this world. You were losing the battle, you could feel it. Tendrils of death were slowly swallowing you, your mind barely able to register anything anymore.
“No, I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you.” He growled into the night air. But it was too late, your heart had stopped and your eyes glazed over. A sob forced its way from his throat, his hands still covered in your warm blood. Why was he the one that always survived? What good was he if he couldn’t even protect you? And with your last breath, his heart shattered.

Drabble Game: 12- Wade Wilson

“Wilson,” you growled, placing your towel back around you.
“(Y/N),” he purred, his eyes hungrily raking down your wet skin.
“We don’t have time for this!”
“Babe… We have a whole hour by ourselves…” He trailed off suggestively, his eyes practically mind fucking you. You felt a hot bout of arousal pool low within your belly, your mind telling you to stop.
“Wade…” You tried, your resolve weakening with each evocative look. He walked closer until he was directly in front of you, heat rolling off his body in waves.
“(Y/N),” he groaned, his body just out of reach.
“Tease,” you muttered, giving in to his want.

Drabble Game: 14- Foggy Nelson

Your heart was beating rapidly in your chest, dread pooling in the pit of your stomach. Your fingernails were digging painfully into Foggy’s back, his breath hot on your cheek.
“It’s okay.” He whispered shakily, fear clearly evident in his voice.
“We’re going to die,” you stated, shocked at the very real possibility. And very real it was. Loud footsteps resonated around the small closet you and Foggy were holed up in, wet splashes each time he took a step. Your body was shaking, your eyes wide. You’d never been this close to death before, and frankly, you never wanted to be again. That is if you made it out. You gulped in precious air, savoring the sweet taste in your lungs. Every breath felt like a miracle, your chances of survival dimming with each moment.
“Shut up, okay? I’m getting you out of here. We’re going home.” His arms enveloped your body, your mind holding onto his words like a prayer. With each inhale, your breathing evened out a little more. You admired Foggy’s bravery, your heart wishing to do the same. Besides, he couldn’t sound that confident unless he had a plan… Right?

Drabble Game: 15- Foggy Nelson

It was probably considered extremely immature, but you didn’t care. You were holding onto Foggy’s arm, practically begging him like you were a five year old asking for candy. He laughed breathily, shaking his head as he took another drink.
“Please, Foggy,” you pouted, “just one more?”
“No, you’ve had enough,” he slurred, his drink sloshing around as he set it back onto the table.
“I think you’ve both had enough.” Matt commented, taking a sip from his own drink.
“Shut up, Matt,” you and Foggy said at the same time, prompting giggles from the both of you. Matt’s hands were held up in surrender, a grin playing at his lips.
“I’m just saying, most adults only drink that much when they’ve got something to forget.” Matt’s voice wasn’t nearly as educated as normal, the alcohol he’d had clearly beginning to show its effects.
“Who says I don’t got something to forget,” Foggy hiccuped, his eyes downcast. You chuckled.
“What could you’ve possibly wanted to forgets.” Your head was cocked to the side, your mind attempting to process your sentence. “That,” hiccup, “wasn’t right.”
“Come on, Fog,” Matt prompted at his silence, “Why would you need to drink?” He mumbled something inaudible over the boisterous sounds of the bar.
“What?” You asked, your voice louder than normal.
“I said,” his voice was purposefully loud, his eyes locked on you. “You don’t know what it’s like to love someone who sees you as a friend…” The noises of the bar were silenced to you, your eyes glued to Foggy. Before Matt could even finish asking what that meant, you launched yourself at Foggy. He caught you sloppily, almost falling back in the action. Placing a kiss on his lips (was it his lips?) you settled down onto his lap, your head resting on his chest.

Drabble Game: 23- Fred Dukes

“Wait… Is that my shirt?!?” You screeched, glaring at the man. Sure enough, stretching across his chest was the pink shirt reading, “princess”. It’s not like you’d ever actually worn the thing, but still, it was your shirt! His entire body jiggled as he laughed heartily before grumbling as Logan walked in. Logan, however, almost doubled over in laughter when he saw Dukes. “Anyone care to explain why Dukes is wearing my shirt?”

“He lost a bet.” Logan explained, still laughing as he watched Dukes.
“I can still kick your ass.” He threatened, his glare not looking nearly as menacing in the pink shirt. Okay, you even had to laugh at that one. Biting your lip to hold in your chuckle, you turned away.
“I’m going to get lunch,” you called. You couldn’t resist. “Oh, and Dukes, keep the shirt.” You yelled over your shoulder, your laughter ringing out around the room.

Drabble Game: 25- Loki Laufeyson

To say you were nervous would be an extreme understatement. You were practically bouncing off the walls, your fingernails digging painfully into your palms. What if he didn’t show? What if he left you there to face them alone? You were supposed to meet Odin and Frigga today. Only, you’d expected Loki to be here by now. With each second that ticked by, your nerves became fear. What if they didn’t like you? What if Loki didn’t like you because his parents didn’t? What if he didn’t bother coming? Finally, finally, Loki walked through the door, looking for all the world like he owned the place. His steps were confident, his voice as smooth as ever as he drawled, “Good afternoon, darling.” He stopped right in front of you, a smirk playing at his lips.
“You needn’t worry; I told my parents you were ill so we might have some time together.” The nerves released your body at once. You felt like you’d just run a marathon, your heart returning to its normal pace.
“I don’t know whether to kiss you or punch you.” You stated. His smirk grew.
“I’d prefer a kiss.” He leaned in, your hands stopping him before his lips could connect with your own. His eyes shone with confusion at your reluctance, his body tense.
“Not here,” you answered, jerking your head towards his chambers. An eyebrow raised, his smile turning feral.
“As you wish.”

Drabble Game: 29- Peter Parker

He’d finished them off and you were alive! He blinked back the tears before you could see them, wasting no time in getting to you. He thought that he was going to lose you, that he’d never see you again. Swallowing his dread, he turned to you.
“(Y/N),” he whispered, your eyes meeting his.
“Peter!” You ran like the world was ending behind you, Peter your only salvation. He caught you effortlessly, stumbling back a bit at the sudden weight. As soon as you pulled back from the hug, his lips were on yours moving roughly. He was like a starved man, leaving no part of your lips untouched. And once he’d thoroughly explored your lips, he moved his tongue to glide against yours. Your hands were lightly scraping his scalp, mouths moving in tandem. All too soon it ended, pulling away so you could catch your breath. You finally had time to examine the scene, your eyes taking in every detail. There were glass shards everywhere, reflecting light off of street lamps. Two unconscious bodies lie piled in the gutter, entirely forgotten about in your fit of passion.
“This isn’t exactly the best place for a make out session, but I’m open to anything.” Peter’s breath caressed your cheek as he laughed, his hands wrapping around your abdomen.
“Then we’ll just have to find somewhere better.”

Drabble Game: 33- Wade Wilson

The room was alive with the smell of sweet love, your sweaty body still entangled with Wade’s. His heart was evening out beneath your head, a hand softly raking through your hair. The two of you were silent as the sounds of nature seeped into your room. It was blissful, your bodies tangled underneath the dim light of the area. There was nobody else around for miles, just you and Wade. His lips were pressed gently to your forehead, you sighing contently at his affection. Each movement put you further to sleep, your eyes drifting shut. Just as you were about to fall into a satisfying slumber, Wade’s words caressed your heart.
“You mean more to me than you will ever know.”

Drabble Game: 34- Remy LeBeau

You were staring into his eyes, trying anything to figure out what he was thinking. He, however, betrayed nothing. The cards in your hand were heavy with doubt. You could almost guarantee he was winning this round once again. Remy had been impossible to beat, even when you were children.
“(Y/N),” he had a knowing smirk plastered on his face, “any day now.”
“Yeah, yeah,” you muttered, laying down your cards. “I forfeit.”
“You’re not even going to try?” He questioned, looking sincerely disappointed.
“What’s the point?” You asked. “You’re impossible to beat at this.”
“You never know…” He drawled.
“I do know that you’re cheating,” you countered, standing from your chair.
“Am I?” He asked airily, the smirk infuriating you more. But also, arousing you? You took a step forward, looking deep into his eyes.
“Yes, you are.” You deadpanned. A hand snaked around your waist, bringing your face level to his, only inches apart. His breath ghosted your lips deliciously, prompting a delightful shiver.
“Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?” His words startled you but you didn’t back down.
“Then do it.” He didn’t need to be told twice.

Drabble Game: 35- Erik Lehnsherr

Oh, he really did make it too easy, you mused, creeping further into Erik’s bedroom. He was so involved in his… Well whatever one would call metal manipulation practice, that he didn’t notice you enter the room. Nor did he notice you sneak up behind him. In fact, he didn’t notice a thing until your lips were caressing his neck, your tongue peeking out the slightest bit to taste him. And boy did he taste good. His hands faltered, the metal he’d been levitating previously smashing to the ground with a rather large bang.
“What are you doing?” He hissed, your hands slowly making their way further down his front. Despite the anger in his voice, he still moaned at your attentions.
“What does it look like?” You whispered, nipping at his ear.
“I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me.” He stated, his jaw clenched in a mixture of annoyance and pleasure.
“But Erik,” you whined, your hand cupping his half-hard member through his pants. He groaned, your lips smiling against his pulse point. “There are so much more fun things you could be doing.” You smirked deviously, pulling his back closer against you. “Like me.” He turned to face you, desire written all over his face.
“You asked for it,” he muttered, pushing your body roughly against the wall. Distraction indeed.

anonymous asked:

HC where MC is such an impulsive shopper like they come home with the most random shit ever.

RFA + V + Saeran

Hey anon!! I figured I’d try my hand at writing all of them for this one lol, V is a precious cinnamon roll. 

I hope you enjoy it!!!


     - Don’t worry because he’s the exact same way lol

     - One time he went to the store to pick up milk and eggs

     - And he came back with 3 shamwows and a magic 8 ball.

     - “MC I asked it if I should buy it and it said definitely!!”

     - Maybe you should worry because there’s no one to stop the two of you from going too far. 

     - But so far it hasn’t been a problem so worry about that at a later date is what Seven tells you both.

     - When the two of you go out together there’s no telling what will happen. One guarantee though is that both of you will be dragging the other off to look at something that they thought was interesting, so you end up spending way more time at the store than you intended. 

     - It got to the point where the two of you had to set up a specific limit of things you can get each time you go shopping.

     - “Hey MC!!! I found these really cute matching t-shirts!!!”

     - You two are so adorable


     - He’s kind of a minimalist so all this random stuff all over the place bugs him a bit.

     - Like he’s not annoyed by you, it’s just suddenly there’s a lot more stuff everywhere than there was previously.

     - But the fact that he had barely anything in his house to begin with kind of spurs you on to buy even more things??

     - “Zen look I found this box of glow in the dark stars and wouldn’t they look really good over by the window??”

     - “Bab e it’s okay that’s not really necessary, we have real stars just out on the patio”

     - Eventually he becomes okay with it, and it’s just one of your little quirks that makes you unique and that adds on to why he loves you.

     - He just thinks you’re so cute picking things out to make your house more for the two of you.

     - He does start to accompany you to stores more though so as to curb your purchases a bit.

     - “Babe I’m telling you we don’t need another chia pet.”


     - She’s not as much of a minimalist as Zen is, but she’s not too fond of clutter.

     - So if you come home with something new she’ll try to convince you to give away one of the old items.

     - She thinks it’s adorable though because most of the time you find stuff that’s for her, and even though it might be a bit random and she doesn’t really need a taco holder she appreciates the thought and loves you for it.

     - Sometimes though you’ll come home with something and she’ll freak out

     - Because it’s exactly what she didn’t even know she needed to work on some new recipes for the cafe!!

     - “How did you know I needed this MC??”

     - “Honestly idk I just bought it because I thought it looked cool”

     - She tries to help you establish a firm limit with yourself though because stuff has started to flow into the cafe.

     - “MC, thank you for the egg dicer but could you please return the horse mask?”

     - She’s not even that surprised when you scare her later with it lol


     - Okay SO

     - This guy is a HUGE enabler

     - You want to buy something?? Sure take this extreme amount of cash, anything for my darling.

     - We’re running out of space in the penthouse?? That’s okay, let me just buy this entire system of storage units.

     - He’s also the same way as you in that, if he sees something that he thinks you might like, he’ll just BAM. And suddenly you have like 50 new gifts to look through.

     - He just thinks it’s so cute that you get so excited over these things.

     - Plus he thinks that a majority of the stuff is pretty cool anyways.

     - “MC, would you like to accompany me to this ‘Farmer’s Market’? I here it’s a place that sells a wide variety of many things, I think you might enjoy it.”

     - Expect a lot of guards tho


     - Take how Yoosung is and multiply it by 10.

     - That’s how much he likes buying random stuff too.

     - Although he does it not so much because he can’t help himself, but because he thinks it’s hilarious.

     - It’s become a game between the two of you of who can find the most random thing at any store you guys go to.

     - There’s a scoreboard any everything, although there isn’t really a set prize for the winner. There’s no set end either, it’ll probably keep going on forever.

     - Your house has become so cluttered that Vanderwood entered one time and literally screamed.

     - It’s been a couple days since anyone saw Saeran

     - Honestly it’s just something that he really enjoys doing with you because it’s your thing. 

     - This boy loves you so much

     - “Hey MC, the Defender of Justice wins again!!!”


     - Honestly he’s just pretty confused by it.

     - “Why did you buy this? You don’t need it”

     - “But it could come in handy!! It’s nice to be prepared!!”

     - ….You’re right.

     - Congrats you have now unlocked partner in not crime!!

     - But seriously, other than being confused by it he doesn’t really care.

     - Do what you want and do what makes you happy.

     - Sometimes he will find something too and then he’ll get it because he thinks it’s something you like.

     - You don’t tell him if you don’t because it’s so sweet and he’s trying.

    - “MC, is this something that we might need?”


     - While he might not understand why you buy all this stuff

     - You can bet that he’ll always support your decisions.

     - He’s fairly wealthy (like Jumin) so money really isn’t an issue.

     - He’s started a photo collection where he takes pictures of the stuff you’ve bought and where you’ve put it in the house, because to him it’s pretty interesting to see the results of how your mind works.

     - He doesn’t do the same thing as you, but he always smiles when you come home and excitedly show him something that you’ve bought.

    - He is so soft and pure bless him

    - “Would you mind moving a bit to the right MC?? Raise it a little higher?? I want to get the right lighting to highlight your beauty” SMOOTH

There it is!! I hope you like it!!


Doctor Choi

Summary: You visit Doctor Choi at the hospital to surprise him, and things turn out better than you hoped.

Genre: Smut

Length: 1990

Requested Here

You walked into the hospital, feeling a little nervous, especially in your attire. Everything just looked so clean and sanitized, just like a hospital should. There seemed to be a lull in the amount of patients in the waiting room, which eased your nerves a little. This was the first time you had visited your boyfriend, Youngjae, in the hospital, and you had been worried that you would end up being a bother to him.

Keep reading

captainkaltar  asked:

I'm so happy that you like Voltron and Avatar; two of my favourite things ever on the same, awesome blog! And I love your Voltron Family, they're so precious <3<3<3 I was wondering if Keith and Shiro ever watched atla when they were younger, if so, do they have favourite characters or anything? And do they introduce the show to their kids? What do the kids think of it? Once again, I really love your blog! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Aww thank you 8D Both good shows too!! It was mentioned back then that they love Avatar: The Last Air Bender and they even cosplayed as them during Halloween in Disneyland. But how it all began…

[The Voltron Family] It was after their 3rd time rewatching Sailor Moon that Pidge asked while Daddy Shiro was tucking her in bed.

Pidge: Daddy, are there any English anime shows?
Shiro: *smiles fondly* Then that wouldn’t be called anime, sweetheart. Anime is pretty much just for Japan. But if you’re asking if there’s something sort of like it, then there is of course. I have something in mind but we’ll talk more about it tomorrow okay? Now you have to sleep.
Pidge: *yawns* Okay. Goodnight.
Shiro: Goodnight, cupcake. *kisses her goodnight*

Shiro returns to the master bedroom and sees Keith browsing on his laptop. He joins him in bed.

Shiro: Dude, do you have Avatar?
Keith: *turns to Shiro* Hey, it’s been ages since you’ve called me dude. *laughs* I have to say I am quite shocked, my darling. I have been reduced to a bro. *raises an eyebrow* No kisses for you for a year.
Shiro: *pouts* Keith. *nuzzles*
Keith: *chuckles* I’m kidding. But you talking about The Last Airbender?
Shiro: Yeah. Pidge’s asking for an English anime. Corrected her of course. 
Keith: Of course I have them, Shiro. But I left them in Japan. *frowns* For my little cousins to watch.
Shiro: Oh. *idea pops up* Oh but can you—
Keith: Way ahead of you, my love. *opens Amazon site* *clicks*
Shiro: *rests his chin on Keith’s shoulder* Are they selling a set?
Keith: Hmmm. *places hand under his chin* There are sets but look at these. *points at the screen* The individual covers for each season looks so good.
Shiro: *eyes Keith* Kogane.
Keith: *eyes Shiro* Takashi.
Shiro: *continues the staring contest* *sighs* Ugh fine. Get the individual ones.
Keith: *smiles* On second thought—
Shiro: Just get the damn thing. Oh my god. *rolls eyes fondly* 
Keith: *laughs* Fine, fine, grumpy pants.

The package arrived right on time for their weekend Avatar marathon. They all gathered in the living room and started watching Book 1. Lance adores Zuko, Pidge adores Azula and Hunk adores Aang. 

Lance: No, Hunk! You need to like someone from the Fire Nation Royal Family!
Hunk: What? Why? I like Aang. He’s a good boy. Plus, he’s THE AVATAR! That’s pretty cool!
Lance: But all of us are in the Fire Nation, except you. *huffs*
Pidge: Plus, you’re the only air nomad left, Hunk. You don’t want to be lonely.
Lance: *nods* Good point, Pidge.
Hunk: But Daddy Keith and Daddy Shiro didn’t even pick one yet.
Lance: Because duh! *rolls his eyes*
Hunk: What do you mean duh? *frowns*
Lance: Daddy Shiro is obviously Firelord Ozum.
Shiro: Ozai. *snickers* *eats brownies*
Lance: What Daddy said. 
Pidge: And Daddy Keith is Ursa.
Keith: *jaw drops* Why am I Ursa??? Why can’t I be—
Pidge: Because you’re Daddy Shiro’s husband. You don’t have a choice.
Keith: *falls into Shiro’s lap* WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Shiro: *taps Keith’s cheek affectionately* There, there. 
Hunk: *frowns* But they only have two kids. And you and Lance already took them. That leaves me no one. 
Keith: *eyes widens* *gets up* Nope, nope. Nope. 
Hunk: *looks at Keith* Is there a 3rd royal kid?
Keith: You could say that there is, yes. But he’s in the second series. He’s called Iroh. General Iroh. He’s Zuko’s grandson. He’s pretty awesome to be honest. *smiles pointedly at Hunk* He can fly like Iron Man.
Hunk: *beams* I’ll take him!
Keith: Good. Cause he’s the best. *smiles*
Keith: Oh c’mon, Lance. You already took Zuko. *crosses arms* Serves you right for making me Ursa.
Lance: But Pidge said that! Not me! 
Shiro: Oh my god. *laughs while getting the whole bowl of food to eat more brownies* This is so fricking entertaining. 

What to Expect When Expecting an Amazon Warrior (Part 1/3) (Dean x Reader)

Summary: Reader discovers that she is pregnant with Dean’s baby and is unsure what to do with the news. During a hunt for Amazons, the reader is kidnapped and has a mysterious ritual put upon her which leads to unexpected events.

Word Count: 2492 words

Warnings: mentions of sex, a bit of smut (hardly but its there), swearing, body insecurity

A/N: This story actually got deleted so I had to rewrite it again and I hope you guys like it! I’m going to be working on so many requests that I have and the continuing parts to my other series! Who knew one could have so much to do after a vacation? ;) 

When your eyes opened, you found that you were no longer in the lavish living room where you had been facing the fireplace, entranced by the calm fire that sent a comforting warmth to your cheeks, and that there was a tall, olive toned woman with short hair up to her jaw. She was leaning over a long wooden table that held various trinkets, from pens to odd bottles of herbs and that there was a rather large book opened in front of her. She had not noticed that you were awake and your body was coming back to life, the fingers moving carefully and stiffly and your head began to raise itself from the awkward angle it had been resting in. Your confusion increased as you gathered your surroundings, surprised at the fact that there were numerous women spread around the room, all holding long silver blades in there hands and standing near doorways and windows. Despite your confusion, you understood fully well that they were on guard and you, it appeared, were being held captive. As to why, you were not sure. 

“And so the princess stirs,” a sultry voice said, the source seemingly coming from the woman with short hair. Her eyes never left the book and your vision cleared enough from its blurriness that you could out the small, yet prominent smile on her ruby lips. “I am pleased that you could come back to us. I had wondered if my sisters had been too harsh on your pretty head and we would have lost you.”

Hearing her words, you recalled how you had suddenly started feeling uneasy while searching the large mansion with the Winchesters and that the feeling grew into a pain that had made you sit down on the white couch, gasping as you grasped your stomach and breathed in cautiously. It was the first time a sickness like that had struck you whilst on a hunt and you were so incapacitated for a few minutes that your partner (for boyfriend was too simple and husband was too serious), Dean, was about to call the hunt off. You remembered that you kept refusing and you urged him that you would be alright and that your sickness had passed, and against his protests the three of you decided to finish the hunt. Somehow, you were not sure why you had been in the living room alone but you had became transfixed by the flames burning in front of you and you had your hand covering your stomach gently, pondering how you were going to tell your partner that your sickness was not of a random occurrence but of a mistake. A mistake that created what others thought of as a precious life that brought happiness and an error, that for you, brought dread at the thought of bringing into a child who had hunters as parents. 

The thought that there was a beating heart inside of you, a soul in the making, was the last notion that ran through your mind before you heard a noise behind you as pain erupted in the back of your head, sending you to the ground as the world around you darkened. It seemed that the woman in front of you, with the seductive voice and black hair, was behind it all and you hoped that the brothers would find you soon. 

“I would ask who you are,” you choked out, tugging at the restraints keeping your hands and feet pinned to the chair that was your prison, “but I’ll take a guess and say that you’re the head Amazon?”

The woman laughed, an alluring kind of laugh that would have drawn you in had you been a fan of women or a man, and her green eyes met yours as she straightened her posture. “Close, darling. I’m second in command around here,” she shared a look with one of the women standing on guard, “and filling in for the Head of the clan while she is away. I will admit, she will be pleased with what have found tonight.” 

“What is it that you have found tonight?” You glared at the woman, wanting to know her name so that you could curse at her and demand that she set you free. Dean must be searching the mansion endlessly around now and your phone must have had a collection missed calls. 

“A pregnant woman that will bestow upon us a new member!” the woman replied with glee, clapping her hands while your jaw slightly lowered. “It is truly a gift! I am excited to start the ceremony and begin the ritual that will grant us the beginning of the new generation.”

You were at a loss of words and you attempted to force out protests, but your throat had tightened with fear and your hands were too shaky for another try at freeing yourself from your restraints. 

“Oh, be more alert and happy!” When her moment of glee passed, the woman lifted the large book from the table and set it aside on the floor beside her. She proceeded to clear the table, ushering the other women to help while two of them approached you. 

“What is going on?” you asked lazily as the two women removed the ropes that held you arms and legs and beckoned you to stand up, which you could not muster the strength for. Nevertheless, the women firmly took hold of your arms and practically dragged you to the table, where you were propped up like a rag doll and placed on your back like a corpse on a mortician’s table. You were full of terror as your hands and legs were once again wrapped in tight rope and your shirt was ripped open, exposing your tummy and the protected secret that lay just beneath the smooth plane of your skin. 

“Aishia, we should do the ritual now,” one of the women that stood by your feet said, “before the two men realize that we are in the basement.”

“If you could shut up and keep her restrained, then I can,” the woman, or Aishia as you presumed, snarled at the woman. “Follow my lead and within a few minutes the ritual will be complete.” 

Aishia’s hand roamed over your exposed belly, her green eyes gleaming with the prospect of the gift they would receive and your protest was caught in your throat once more, your body going limp and stiff as if you were frozen. “Now, darling,” Aishia directed towards you as the women around you began to chant at her command, “there may pain or there may not be, but I can assure you that whatever occurs, your precious gift will be…”

You did not hear much of what she had said for your world began to darken and there was a loud, unclear yelling that you were unsure of where it came…but in the moments before your mind drifted to a slumber, you thought you heard the familiar sound of Dean’s voice yelling your name.

Your mistake had happened the night after a successful hunt in which a werewolf was put down and the slaughter of many residents of the small town was brought to a relatively peaceful end. Sam, Dean and your tired self decided to get a relaxing drink at the local bar, and it had been going well until a cheerful and vibrant blonde took a seat beside Dean. You were used to women flirting with him, he was a good looking man who knew how to charm and even his presence garnered attention; he always reassured you that he had eyes only for you and on numerous occasions he proved that, but the lack of clarity in where the two of you stood in your relationship brought worry into your mind every time. You did not consider yourself a suitable partner for Dean and that night it really struck you how much your jealousy and insecurity grew as he chatted with the blonde. When Sam returned from the bathroom, you declared that it was time to return to the motel and you bid your goodnight to Sam with a smile and then entered your shared room with Dean. 

There had been a fairly small argument, the details escaped you and after there was a moment of silence before you stepped forward and passionately kissed Dean. That began a night where clothes were hurriedly removed with such ferocity that you never knew you had in you and there was no time wasted; the two of you fell into the bed and skin brushed skin, lips caressed yours and then trailed down your neck with a soft fierceness that send bursts of pleasure to every corner of your body. You held him close to you and he never let you go; when your steamy and blissful session had finished and your body felt as if it were a cloud, you laid your head on his chest and listened to his heart beat as you drifted off to sleep while he caressed your hair. 

The next morning when you awoke and went to take a well needed shower before you departed, it dawned on you that your state of passion the two of you had forgotten to grab a condom from the drawer. You were not worried as much as you should have been because you had been taking birth control and it had escaped your mind until you missed your period the next month. Five pregnancy tests later, your world came crashing and you did not tell Dean out of hesitation. 

The unconsciousness this time around lasted only a few short minutes and you came back to your senses as a result of Dean shaking you madly as he repeatedly said your name extremely loud in your ear. “Dean, shut up,” you breathed, more annoyed at his loudness than anything. 

“Oh, thank god you’re okay!” he chuckled and planted a big kiss on your forehead; you enjoyed every moment of his quick kiss and the comfort it brought. 

“I just want to go home, Dean,” you whispered to him, taking hold of his shoulder as he help lift you from the table. Sam was standing by the doorway, his gun in hand and watching as Dean put your arm over his shoulder and guided you to the doorway where Sam was. 

“You okay there, (Y/N)?” Sam asked, concern etched unto his face as he looked you over, his eyes pausing briefing pausing at your exposed belly. 

“I’m good, just need to get the hell out of here,” you responded, giving Sam one of your grins to let him know you were okay. “What happened to the women?”

“Women?” Dean inquired from your side.

“Yeah, the women! They surrounded me and put me on the table and stuff,” you glanced back and forth between the brothers and they were as dumbfounded as you were. 

“Whether or not the women were here, the house was completely abandoned,” Sam patted your shoulder. “No worries, (Y/N), we’ll get you out of here and that’s the most important thing right now.”

Before you followed Sam up the stairs you glanced back towards the basement and wondered if it had been a dream and if it wasn’t, what had they done to you?

The bunker was an all familiar, comforting home that you had grown to look forward too after every hunt. It was your safe haven and when you dropped your overnight on the floor of your bedroom, you let out a contended sigh and you had decided that you would enjoy your night back at home and worry about the baby tomorrow. You needed the time to yourself and taking off your clothes and throwing the shirt in the trash can, you decided you would take a relaxing bath with bubbles. When you slid into the bath, warmth enveloped your body and you closed your eyes once the bubbles settled around you, the stress of the past week almost washing away and the hesitant thoughts on whether or not tell Dean about the baby were pushed back in the line of thoughts and your mind filled with images of beaches and a pleasant summers day. 

However, your moment of relaxation was cut short by an abrupt flutter of movement in your belly that coerced a shriek to break out of your lips from the shock. There was no pain and nothing hurt, all there was was a discomfort that struck you momentarily and you immediately hopped out of the bath, your eyes wide with panic behind your (Y/E/C) eyes. Was it the baby? Were you miscarrying? What was happening?

Questions danced all around your head as you stepped into your bedroom, water dripping unto floor and small bits of bubble bath were attached to the ends of your hair and there was not a bone in your body that cared in the slightest. Sam and Dean were the hallway just outside of the room chatting as they usually did before Dean retired to your bedroom to sleep; neither of them noticed as you walked past the door, a small towel barely covering your naked body and your mind set on finding that floor length mirror that you hated so much. You were unsure if you truly wanted to see what lay underneath your towel, you pointedly ignored glancing down at your own whilst you wrapped yourself in the towel and now, with your hands shaking, you held back nervous breaths as you let the towel slip down your body. 

“What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck?” It was simply not possible. How? Was it what the women did? “Oh my fucking god…”

You were holding back panicked tears when Sam and Dean rushed into the room, having heard you exclaim upon your discovery. You swiftly gathered the towel and wrapped it around yourself, closing your eyes and hoping it was all a dream.

“(Y/N)…?” Dean’s green eyes were trained on you and you slowly turned around, your eyes gradually opening. He had to have seen, you were not fast enough and the towel had been wrapped seconds after they ran into the room. Oh goodness…how would you tell him? 

“I should probably tell you…” you raised your eyes to meet his and the hand hidden beneath the towel automatically went to the small bump that was your now swollen belly, as if protecting the small bundle underneath. “I’m pregnant, Dean. Those Amazons did something to me and I think that’s why I went from being a month pregnant to being five months along in just a few hours.”

Dean sucked in a breath and blinked several times, and he was about to say something when his eyes rolled back into his head and he fell face forward, startled Sam and making you sigh. This was precisely why you didn’t want to him.  

RFA + V and Unknown: What Pokemon would they have?

So in light of the demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon, coupled with the enjoyment I’ve had of returning to Pixelmon of all things with some friends - I figured I’d do a headcanon post of what pokemon the RFA and others would have.^^ It took a while to decide and I know some of the members have longer stuff than others. Anyway, I figured this would be a good way to getmyself out there for a first post since I have no requests;;;

Without further delay, Enjoy! :) V and Unknown will be under the cut~


  • Obviously all the cat pokemon.
  • Like, his entire team is cat pokemon. *cue Zen sneezing in the background*
  • But I feel like the ‘Elizabeth 3rd’ of his team is most likely Delcatty.
  • Elegant looking, but small enough to be a pet, something cute as well.
  • I already feel sorry for Jaehee. So much C-Fur, you poor woman
  • Delcatty is his precious baby – He’s had her since she was a little Skitty when e was child. Praise lady delcatty!
  • Seven to Jumin in this is fricken Team Rocket to Ash.
  • “I will steal your precious Delcatty”
  • “Seven, please.”
  • “Ah! Defender of Justice is blasting of again!”
  • ….I regret nothing.
  • He has many blurry pictures of his beloved pokemon.
  • He’s not a battler – but I think he’d be a pokemon co-ordinator.
  • You can bet he’s won a ton of ribbons with either Delcatty or something like Meowth.
  • Oh and his Meowth regularly hides his wallet. Delcatty finds it though
  • V has taken professional pics of everyone. They’re all over the penthouse.


  • Unlike Jumin, he is allergic to every cat type pokemon. He sneezes at the mention of a Meowth or Purrloin.
  • Rip Zen if he gets into a pokemon battle with Jumin.
  • Though knowing Jumin that isn’t his thing, so just don’t go to his apartment Zen.
  • He’d obviously have pokemon as good looking as him.
  • So I imagine his closest pokemon is Milotic.
  • He’s had it since it was a feebas. He relates to the poor darling a lot.
  • Milotic is his best friend. But his favourite pics are the ones of it as Feebas.
  • You speak bad about the feebas years, he will fight you.
  • Also I think he’d have Gallade – there’s a reason for this and I’ll get to it more with Jaehee.
  • Gallade is the care taker – makes sure he doesn’t smoke and drink too much, eats proper meals.
  • Gallade is his fucking mother I swear
  • But he loves him.
  • Gallade will also fight a bitch for Zen as well. Especially Echo Girl. /shot
  • Gallade and Mioltic have appeared in several of his jobs.
  • Not only are his selfies spammed in chat, but pics of them too.
  • “Guys, look at how stunning Milotic is today. Nothing can compare to their perfection!”


  • Oh Jaehee~
  • She was hard to decide.
  • I don’t think she’d be the type to want a pet… so that puts out like… 50% of the pokemon population
  • She already hates C-Fur, so I doubt any kind of fur would suffice for her.
  • But then I don’t see her with a dragon type pokemon either because they’d be too big.
  • So what ones? Helpers of course!
  • Her most helpful one is Kirlia. Inspired by Zen’s Gallade of course.
  • Much like how Jaehee looks up to Zen, Kirlia is the same with his Gallade.
  • Referring to the Diamond and Pearl entries – she’s very in tune with Jaehee.
  • So that means getting her coffee, making sure she takes breaks, sleeping well, eating well. This poor pokemon cares so much, so precious
  • Oh and Medicham is another she’d need. This one teaches her meditation to relax when she’s forced to care for Jumin’s team.
  • Medicham and Kirlia are top helpers and care so much.


  • *shoves all the cute pokemon at him* Okay we’re done here.
  • Jk, but seriously the puppy would have a puppy.
  • And as much as I would love to give him Growlithe… I’d feel bad.
  • All those kitchen fires.
  • So I think he’d have Eevee as his main. And he’d be the best Eevee owner!
  • Like seriously “Do you want to be Jolteon or Umbreon? Or maybe you don’t want to evolve. I’m fine with anything.”
  • And if eevee does evolve.
  • Boy will he be so proud of it!
  • And also I feel that with his aspiration to be a vet one day, a similar idea would be with the pokemon – so he’d have one of the nurse joy pokemon
  • Chansey or Audino. Is Gen 6 Audino and Chansey as well? Idk, I haven’t kept up much outside of games.
  • Aw, and just imagine the three of them with little nurse caps.
  • He takes in injured pokemon and nurses them to health.
  • They don’t want to leave him.
  • He doesn’t want them to leave, but he has to.
  • Makes sure they’re adopted to good homes. Some he keeps.
  • Often sends the chat room pics of his team doing daily stuff.
  • He’s so proud and happy for them. He wants the best for them I swear. Protect him and them. Protect them all!


  • Okay, the first one that came to mind was Rotom.
  • You cannot deny him having Rotom.
  • The two would blend so well and spend their lives trolling together.
  • However Rotom is insanely helpful to Seven’s hacker job.
  • Though there have been occurrences of Rotom ‘accidentally’ breaking Seven’s shit.
  • ….Rotom is shoved in timeout for that.
  • Other than Rotom, I think Munchlax would be a good partner.
  • The two could eat Honey Buddah Chips for days on end.
  • Plus laze around together when Seven has a moment.
  • He doesn’t really have a helper pokemon like the others.
  • So Rotom and Munchlax kinda have to tag team in making sure he functions properly.
  • Probably has a robo-skitty in honour of Elizabeth 3rd Delcatty.
  • Robo-Skitty then becomes the helper.
  • Jumin feels sorry for this poor robot pokemon.
  • Lowkey probably has some legendary somewhere in the world.
  • Big or small, idk. I just feel like he has befriended one like Ash… and the RFA don’t know about it yet.
  • It would be amusing if it’s fricken Arceus.
  • ….Would explain his devotion to God.
  • “I’m devoted to God.”
  • “So… Arceus?”
  • “Yes, and he became my friend because of it. I’m a pure soul.”
  • ….Any evil pokemon stealing or world destroying team is terrified of him.
  • It’s still a dangerous job even with his pokemon. Would probably set his pokemon free or send them to Yoosung if he knew something bad would happen.
  • Would take a hyper beam to the face for his pokemon. He can be abused to hell and back – but he will cut you if you try and hurt his team.

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Bucky Barnes ~ No Difference
Warnings: Angst

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

A/N: Listen to Gotta Go My Own Way by High School Musical while reading this. Just. Do. It. 

He had told you to stay away from him, not because he didn’t enjoy your presence but because he didn’t deem he deserved to have someone like you near him. 

Not after all he’s done. 

He has tried so hard to keep you away from him; moving locations, attempting to change his identity, you name it. Giving him credit, he’s definitely been pretty successful with hiding from people in general but you didn’t think he quite understood that your love for him was unexplainable and you would stop at nothing to find him and profess your undying infatuation with him. 


Your soft angelic voice was a hard drug to his ears, it was something he absolutely loved to take in but he knew it was bad for him. Whenever you said his real name, it sent shivers down his whole body because his birth name is rarely ever spoken anymore. 

“Why are you here?” His voice is quiet as he continues looking out his window at the beautiful sunset that began to set above the dark jungle. He couldn’t look at you or else he would fall under your spell, he thought he was far enough away to where you couldn’t find him but deep down he knew you’d find a way.

You always have. 

You wanted to rush over to him, wrap your arms around his exhausted figure and let him know that you’re here, let him know that you love him more than anything in the world and that you’d help him through all of this. 

All you wanted him to know was that no matter how far he runs, you’ll always be a step ahead of him. 

It wasn’t a matter of questioning if he loved you or not, you knew damn well this man loved you just as much as you loved him but you knew he feared he was going to hurt you. You weren’t afraid of him, even if he was under the commandment of Hydra you would never be scared of him. 

It wouldn’t have been the man you were in love with hurting you. 

A fog of silence clouds the little worn out hut he was residing in, it made your heart hurt knowing he was living this way. 

“Come home with me James… we don’t even have to go back to my home, we can go far far away if that’s what you want!” Your voice was pleading and tears were falling, but you couldn’t bring yourself to move towards him. It was as if there was nothing else in the room but him, all you could focus your eyes on was him

His heart softened at the thought of running away with you, but he knew it still wouldn’t help anything. He still had the past of being the Winter Soldier and at any given moment someone could be saying those…. those terrifying words which trigger him.

He didn’t even want to live anymore, but the only reason why he was pulling strong was because of you. 

Even if he couldn’t have you like he used too. 


Your voice caught in your throat and you couldn’t bring yourself to scream out the words you wanted to say to him, instead you sink to the floor and bury your face into your hands sobbing excessively. 

He squeezes his eyes shut upon hearing your heartbreaking sobs, it always hurt him whenever you cried and now was no exception for it. He turned ever so slightly as if he was about to come over to you and comfort you but then he changed his mind. There was no way he’d be able to go over to you, because then he wouldn’t be able to stay away and that’s what he needed. 

That’s what he needed for you. 

Memories flashed through your mind of when you and him were happy together, way before he became the Winter Soldier. You remember back in the 40′s when he first introduced himself to you…

Well aren’t you someone’ else, my name’s Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes and what does a gorgeous doll like you go by? 

Originally posted by hysterekial

Smiling through your sobs, you could remember just how sly he had been with you. You remembered when he had taken you dancing for the first time and spent the whole romantic evening twirling you around under the moon and stars all night long, that had been the first time he had made love to you also.

I am so in love with you darling, you know that? 

Pain stabbed through your mind as you could hear his soft voice speak sweet nothings to you in bed, how he always managed to calm you down when you’ve gone through a stressful day. 

Come on baby girl, relax a little okay? You’re too precious to get all worked up over some bastards. 

You had gone through some deep pain when he had been drafted to fight the war and you were so scared that something may happen to him, but nothing could compare to the pain you felt now. 

The pain knowing that the man you have been in love with for almost a hundred years is letting you go. 

You weren’t going to be selfish though, you knew this was harder for him than it was for you but it hurt immensely knowing that he can’t have you around anymore. 

The thick silence -excluding the sounds of your sobs- was broken when you finally had the chance to hear his beautiful voice clearly. You weren’t quite sure when would be the last tim you got to hear his voice. 

“You know I don’t want to let you go…” His voice was soft and pain struck through each word. 

Getting up from the floor, you don’t think twice before rushing over to him and grabbing at his arm. 

“Then don’t! Please James I don’t think of you any differently, I love you!” You were begging him, trying to read him through his eyes but he was refusing to look at you, tears starting to form in his also. 


“Please James! Please just look at me!” You weren’t going to force him, you wanted him to do it on his own but he wasn’t going to. 

He had no intentions to. 

“Y/n, I love you but I need what’s best for you- 

“You are what’s best for me James! I don’t want to continue living if I’m not going to be with you, what’s the point?” You were still sobbing and hysterical, but you were trying your best to calm down. 

He takes a deep breath before taking his chances and turning his head towards you, his tear filled eyes struggling to look into your heart-broken ones. 

There was so much pain and remorse. 

He grabs your face and leans in, pressing his rough lips against yours for a final kiss. His lips were rough but they were something you’ve missed for a long time and when you felt his lips against yours, you felt at home once again. 

It didn’t even seem to last for ten seconds. 

He pulled away quickly before you had the chance to even touch him, you just wanted to wrap your arms around his neck, pull him into a huge embrace and never let go. 

He turns away from you again, reaching down to grab his backpack. “Stop searching for me y/n.” His voice was demanding but nonetheless you could hint his sorrow. 

Sinking to the floor once again, your crying starts to take over anew as you watch him throw the sling of his backpack over his shoulder and walk out of the hut, not even taking a second look at you.

And like that, he was gone… running away again, trying to prevent you from finding him. 

Deep down you tried to tell yourself that there will be a time when you will be reunited with the man you loved, even if it took a million years you would wait. 

Something told you that was never going to happen. 

He couldn’t allow it. 

You were sure of one thing: Nothing in the world would make your love for Bucky falter. 


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First Date

Request: “Could you do a Barry Allen imagine were they’ve liked each other for a really long time and they’re going on their first date? But then Barry has been at the restaurant for like an hour but she doesn’t pick up when he tries to call her so he goes to check on her and finds her curled up on the couch with really really bad cramps and so he goes and gets cookie dough and snuggles her and they have their first kiss?” 

Ship: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, cussing, cuddling, worry, etc.

Barry’s P.O.V

I watched her, pace back and forth across the lab. I couldn’t help but smirk at how adorable she was.. The way she furrowed her brows in concentration. The way she bit her lip and rested her chin on her head when she was in a deep thought. No matter how casual it was, she still took my breath away. And today would be the day, I finally ask her out. I stood up, placing my hands on each side of her arms. She paused, looking at me. I smirk, laughing a little. “You need to calm down. You’re pacing again.” She huffs, inquiring. “I am?” I nod. “Don’t get me wrong, I could watch you walk back and forth for the rest of my life, but I think you started putting burns on the floor.” She blushed, rubbing the back of her neck. 

I put my warm hands on her cold neck. “Hey why don’t we hang out sometime this weekend? Get away from all this drama.” When she smiled, my heart leaped out of its chest. She was absolutely breath taking. Her voice was full of light. “Yeah I would like that. What do you have in mind?” I take away my hands from her neck, immediately missing her touch. I shrugged. “Dinner?” Her eyes went wide. “Wait like a date?” I looked down, then back up smiling. “Yeah…like a date..” She nodded, walking out. As soon as she left I fist pumped the air, clicking my feet together. 

Originally posted by theamazingspiderman2de

Later that day, I texted (Y/n) the address and time of our date. I couldn’t stop pacing. Iris sat on the couch giggling. “What’s got your panties in a bunch?” I send her a glare, as I continue to pace. “I have a date this Saturday an-” Before I could finish, she jumped up from the couch. “YOU HAVE A DATE?! WITH WHOM!?” I blush, crimson. “(Y/n)..” She grins. “AWE!! That is so cute!! I totally ship it! But why are you pacing?” I roll my eyes. “Because I really like this girl.. I mean like REALLY like her.. And I don’t want to fuck it up.” I stop, rubbing my neck. She gets up, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. I’ll help you pull out an outfit.” I grinned. “Thanks.” She turned, looking at me. “Ya know, you shouldn’t be worried. She said yes to you because she loves your personality. All you do is need to be yourself.” I grin, nodding my head. 

That Saturday..

I pressed my hands down on my pants, straightening out the crevasses. I spray some deodorant on, wafting myself. When I walk out, Iris nods in approval. “You look great! Now don’t forget your wallet, phone and keys.” I roll my eyes, laughing. “Thanks mom.” She smacks my arm, playfully. I rub it, groaning dramatically. “Ouch!” She giggles. “Oh please, that wasn’t hard.” Before I leave, I turn around. “Should I get her flowers? Or chocolate? Or-” She put both her hands on my arms, stopping me. “Barry, you’ll be fine.” She pushed me out the door, shouting. “Go get’em tiger!” 

Originally posted by weliveonarainbow

I shake my head laughing. When I get in my car, I blast some inspirational music to get me going. I sing the lyrics and shimmy to the motion on the way there. When I finally arrive, my heart stops. You’ll be okay.. I tell myself. I waltz up to the door, grinning. “Hi, reservations for Barry Allen?” The little old lady returned with a gentle smile. “Barry Allen, party of two?” I nod, unable to stop myself from grinning. “Yeah! She’ll be here soon though. I just want to make everything perfect.” She giggles. “First date?” I rubbed my head as I followed her. “How’d you know?” She laughs. “Takes one to know one.” I nod. “I hope she likes it. This girl means the world to me.-” I stopped, blushing. “Sorry, I’m like gushing out my secrets to you. It must be boring.” She chuckled. “Darling, young love is so precious. It brightens my day actually. Here are your seats. And good luck.” 

I thank her before taking a seat. I tapped my foot on the ground, checking my watch every so often. Only 7:15. She must have gotten stuck in the traffic. She’ll be here. I play with my utensils. The fork and knife clash at each other. I mutter under my breath. “Ya! You will not get me today haha!” After a few seconds, I realize two kids are staring at me. I set the utensils down, smiling at them. Immediately, they look away, giggling. I then put my focus on my spoon. Lifting it up, I whisper. “I have a spoon.” Without thinking, I burst out laughing. It reminded me of a humorous YouTube video I’d seen recently. After what felt like ages, I check the time again; 7:55. It’s been almost an hour since when we were suppose to meet. 

Immediately, I bolt up from my seat and ran over to the kind lady. “Can you cancel my reservations.” Her brows furrowed. “Is everything okay dear?” I shrug. “I don’t know, she didn’t show up. It’s not like her.” She smiled. “Go get her. I’ll take care of the reservations.” I grinned, thanking her before running out the door. I called Caitlyn. “Hey Caitlyn, do you know where (Y/n) is?” She inquired. “I thought she was on her date with you?” I shook my head. “It’s been an hour and she didn’t show up. I’m worried. It’s not like her. Can you track her phone?” I heard the sound of clicking before I could finish. “Already on it. I’ll call you when I find out.” I nod. “Okay thanks.” 

I jogged down the street, at a normal human pace. My mind fuzzy and worried. I stopped at the walkway, checking my phone again. As soon as I pulled it out, Caitlyn’s contact showed up on my screen. “She’s at her house.” I let out a deep breath. “Thanks Caitlyn.” I shove my phone into my pocket before sneaking off to an abandon ally. After making sure the coast was clear, I bolted over to her house. My heart seemed to be in my throat instead of my chest. It was beating more than I thought humanly possible. When I arrived, I slammed my fist on the door. It was quiet, too quiet. I turned the doorknob; opening it with ease. My brows furrow, as I scanned the room. The tension left when I laid eyes on (Y/n). 

She was curled up awkwardly on the couch. Clearing my throat, I asked. “I hope I wasn’t too much of a bore for you to skip out on me for Netflix.” She turned her head, jumping slightly. At this action, she clutched her stomach, groaning. Immediately, I sat next to her. Concern washing over my features. She croaked. “I would never skip out on a date with you.” My heart fluttered, brows furrowing. She tried sitting up, just to crumble to her same position. “I- umm..I have really bad cramps. Like I’ve never had them this bad before. And I couldn’t text you because I left my phone on the counter.. And I can’t get up..I’m sor-” Before she could finish, I shushed her. “Hey hey hey, you have nothing to be sorry for. The human body has a lot of control over you. It’s okay.” 

She smiled and then grimaced. My brows furrowed. “Is there anything you need? The date is still up for grabs? I could get some food and we could cuddle up on the couch?” She grinned, blushing. “Cuddle?” My eyes widened, cheeks flushing. “Cuddle? What?! No? We don’t have to cuddle?-” She shushed me, laughing. “Barry, I was just kidding. I would love to cuddle with you.” I grinned. “Is there anything you want me to get?” I say, standing up. She muttered, loud enough for me to hear. “I like cookie dough.” I grinned. “Coming right up!” I bolt out of her house, buying the largest tupper ware of cookie dough I could find. When I came back, I grabbed two spoons from her drawer and plop down next to her. She takes the giant container, grinning. My brows furrow. “You look really uncomfortable.” She shrugs. “My pillow fell and I can’t move.” 

I blushed. “Want me to be your pillow?” Her cheeks turned crimson, laughing. “That was really cheesy.” I shrugged. “But it worked didn’t it?” She shakes her head. I get up, lifting her top form up so I can shimmy in. When she rests her head on my chest, my heart beat quickens. We switch on the TV, browsing for a little while until we stumble upon Star Trek. She grins, looking up at me. Her gorgeous eyes made my heart stop. She turns her face towards mine. “You okay?” I look down, giving a short laugh. “I’m just the luckiest person alive.” Her brows furrow. “What do you mean?” I grin. “I’m on a date with the most beautiful woman in the world.” She looks down, shaking her head. “I’m not-” I stop her, before she could finish. “You are. You are absolutely stunning. Every time I look at you, I swear I forget how to breathe.”

I place my palm on her cheek. “You are beautiful. Never ever doubt that.” I look down and then back up. “And if you ever need a reminder, I’m more than willing to inform you.” She looked like she was on the edge of tears. “What?” I ask her, rubbing my thumb over her cheek. She giggles, launching herself forward. Our lips collide for the first time. All of the little feelings I had before multiplied. We moved in a passionate and glorious motion. I knew at this moment, there was nobody else I wanted to kiss more than her. 

Originally posted by feellng

When she let go, she rested her head against mine. Our breaths seemed to fall in time. A few seconds later, we both burst out laughing. “That was amazing. Not bad Barry Allen.” I shrugged casually. “Nothing to it.” Her brows shot up. “Oh okay.” She snuggled her head on my chest. We soon fell into a deep and amazing slumber. 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

viridian green

nsfw, praise kink, xeno, oviposition under the cut!! (ao3 link)

During the seven months he and Eren have been together, Levi’s grown used to his boyfriend’s little quirks. He makes whistling little noises when he sleeps, not unlike a small cat, and physically cannot ingest hot foods or beverages. It has something to do with the atmospheric conditions on his home planet and thus the evolution of their species’ oral cavity, he’d explained once, but back then Levi had still been too perplexed by his long, sharp tongue to listen too carefully. In fact, Eren could live solely on lukewarm water and sunlight if he wanted to, but ever since settling on Earth he’d quickly developed a fondness for vegetables and fruits of all sorts.

“Hang on. So, if you don’t need food to survive,” Levi had said once while watching Eren gobble down a whole watermelon, peels and all, “does that mean you don’t poop either?”

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The Eiffel Tower

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Dean & Sam x Reader (family)

Words: 1416

Summary: Gabriel and the reader spend more time, then the reader tells her brothers what she is really feelings.

Part 10 in Dreams.  Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 herePart 8 here, and Part 9 here.

Here we go! ;)

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The Deal (Sleeping Beauty AU Pt. 4)

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,752

Warnings: Postpartum bleeding (I tried my best to research this as much as possible so if I got something wrong I’m sorry :/) and I think that’s about it  

Summary: Something happens on your birth date that causes the King to do something very drastic, which leads to the reasoning behind why you need to marry so quickly. Sam decides to tell you something rather important. (Sorry I’m not good at summaries lmao)

A/N: A quick thank you too @too-fangirl-to-function because she gave me a good idea and I just went into action from there lol thank sweetheart! :* And I hope you all enjoy this part of the series and feedback is greatly appreciated! :D

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Originally posted by mooseleys

Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

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The Only Rose on Marigold Street – Jumin/MC Angst Fanfic (1/3)

Part 2

Here’s your special something to celebrate the 500+ followers. This fanfic follows Jumin’s route; I advise not to read it if you haven’t played it yet. I have used my character’s name (Sasha) for this. More below the cut. PG13.

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