precious curls


Guys! Liz posted this photo on her Instagram, and while it’s not exactly the same photo Fitz had in his bunk on the Bus (and is now in their room at the Playground), it was definitely taken during the same shoot. They’re wearing the same clothes and are almost positioned the same. Look at them! Look how tiny they are! (Look at the dramatic difference between season 1 and 4 Fitz!) I can’t believe he’s giving her bunny ears. What a nerd.


Rick’s Hair  [requested by @mamagrimes6 ]

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hey! could you do one where the reader has naturally very curly hair and she and dan straighten each other's hair?

- when people thought of you and dan as a couple, they generally thought “hair.”

- both of your had luscious curls and looked like actual gods when standing next to each other with your natural hair

- occasionally, you and dan decided to straighten your hair together as it was fun and you both appreciated the change

- you set out your nice flat iron and heat protectant and a heavy duty hair brush to get through your curls before calling for dan to “hurry his ass up” as you were already restless

- “calm the hell down, i’m here.” he giggles, handing you a glass of water before setting his down and sitting against the foot of the bed so you had easy access to his hair

- plopping onto the bed and draping your legs over his shoulders as you brush out his waves and drench him in heat protectant because you wouldn’t dream of harming his precious curls

- “jesus christ y/n, is that enough product?” he chuckles as you roll your eyes, “careful howell, my hand my ‘accidentally’ slip and burn you!” you joke as he promptly shuts his lips

- brushing through his newly straightened hair, scratching his scalp as you knew he enjoyed it before switching places with him

- “holy hell, i forget how much hair you have sometimes!” he grins, petting your giant ball of frizz before running a brush through it

- dan straightening all of your curls before kissing the top of your head and whispering an “all done” to your as you both stand up and put away the iron

- walking in front of the mirror together and gawking at how hot you both look together and petting each other’s straight hair


- if you were both bisexual, you’d take the opportunity to post a picture together with your straightened hair, captioning it “we’re almost as straight as our hair ;)”

(can u tell i have curly hair lol kill me)

Look at this beautiful bean! Her hair looks incredible, and the fact that she’s wearing minimal make up too gives me serious debut/fearless era feels 😍
@taylorswift it was so kind of you to take part in this video, since you’re still on your break and as you said in the video you’ve never met Russell. This is one of the many reasons why we love you unconditionally ❤

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Hc for Izuku, Ochaco, and Katsuki s/o that keeps stealing their sweats / pajamas / hoodies.

Izuku Midoriya

“(Y/N)? Have you seen my green hoodie?”


With a peek into the living room, he saw the familiar hood over their head. He smiled and sat next to them. Holding their hand, he said, “It looks better on you.”

Ochaco Uraraka

“(Y/N)!!!!!! I need help finding my pink sweatsuit! I’m going to be late for my yoga class if I don’t-” she stopped once she saw her precious partner curled up around her pillow, wearing the said sweatsuit.

The brunette smiled and pulled their blanket over them. She placed a small kiss on their forehead before giving a smirk. “I’ll just steal one of theirs.”

Katsuki Bakugou

Clothes were everywhere.

“Damnit damnit damnit!!!!!!”

Cue a couple small explosions.

“What is it, baby?”

“I can’t find my fucking sweater!”

“I thought you didn’t like it.”

“But my mom’s coming over and she got it for me and no matter how embarrassing it is, I promised I’d wear it for her and I-”

The blonde turned around to see his lover in his bright pink sweater with red hearts and explosion decorations on it. He burst out in laughter, rolling in the clothes. They pouted and threw a shirt at him. He caught it and smiled at them, getting up and kissing their cheek. “You keep it. Mom’ll like it more on you.”