precious bunnies


fave jeonlous moments bc anon requested ✊🏻✊🏻❤️ i hope u like this, i cant seem to know how to add pics & gif when answering asks? also i’m doing this on mobile so i’m sorry if the format is messed up.

buuuuuut i rly love jeonlous moments, it just shows how kook is rly affected 😭😂 jeonlous moments are honestly the most iconic moments and i love them!! he’s so obvious im

anyways, here you go anon ❤️


(Here have a silly comic sketch :U)

This is Pebble “No one messes with my krantt or I headbutt them” Ryder-Ama Darav.

Alternatively: Chapter Three of Why Evfra Thinks Ryder Should Watch Her Offspring Better